Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Peach and Daisy are Better Than Rosalina

I am a male and I do like Princesses, I like all Mario Princesses but not Rosalina.

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1 Peach and Daisy are the only original characters

Please shut up. Nintendo can add new characters to their games like they did with baby Bowser copy-opps I mean Bowser jr, and mix wario & luigi clone-I mean waluigi. Just because she wasn't made back when Mario started doesn't mean sucks

Peach sucks and Rosalina is better than her in every way!

What about BABY peach and BABY daisy - Nateawesomeness

How is Rosalina not original? I’m sorry how is she not original. This list was created by a Daisy fan.

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2 Peach and Daisy's voices are not annoying

This list is pure troll. You know that Rosalina's voice is the least annoying guys. Also Peach and Daisy whine when they lose.

Rosalina talks like a mixture between a valley girl and a princess

1.Nether is rosalina's. Actually, as a peach fan, I HATE her new voice
2. You hate her voice? Hate the voice actor/the people who got that voice for rosalina. Her voice has nothing to do with rosalna's.

Neither is Rosalina's. - yunafreya648

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3 Rosalina is boring

How is she annoying and boring? This list contradicts itself

She is not boring! Sure she doesn't scream like daisy but that's because she isn't used to a lot of stuff yet

She is the only one with a story.

Opinion - yunafreya648

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4 Rosalina appears in everything while Daisy does not

The Daisy Fans are full of crap. - DCfnaf

Daisy appears in more stuff then Rosalina, - Nateawesomeness

Daisy has appeared in more games. Also this has nothing to do with the characters. This list was created by annoying Daisy fans who hate Rosalina. You guys should just accept the fact that Nintendo and Miyamoto do not want to develop Daisy and will only stick to characters such as Rosalina who are actually their characters.

This list was definitely created by Daisy Fans. But don't attack Daisy! Also, I'm pretty sure Rosalina is not Miyamoto's... - DCfnaf

Rosalina is better than Daisy obviously.

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5 They have better voices

It's not true. Peach and Daisy both whine. You are a troll since this is here already.

Isn't this on the list twice?

Rosalina and Daisy has better voices - yunafreya648

Of course Peach and Daisy do!

6 They're hotter

What? I'm not a kid, I am a teen! I only like Princess Peach and Daisy better because they are classic and I really hate modern - bugger

You're list is crap list author. Stop spamming this crap on the internet because this is opinionated.

Lol jr shallow and think looks are everything

Peach is bleh - yunafreya648

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7 They have love interests

Really, I'm glad waluigi isn't her love interest. Rosalina could do better. Really at this point, wario would be better.

Anyways, she more than... 5000? Years old (well she lived longer than most humans) and is mostly focused on taking care of the lumas and the cosmos. A lover in the mix would not work. And there should be more to characters than they are shoved in with someone else anyways.

Rosalina should not have a stupid lover! Rosalina had proved that she is strong and doesn't need a man to help her!

This is wrong. Luigi and Daisy are NOT AN OFFICIAL COUPLE! FYI, there's not a single game anymore with these two having affection. Luigi had a crush on princess eclair of the waffle kingdom and has shown affections for Rosalina. This list is really bad and these lists need to stop.

Rosalina is a strong and independent woman so, she doesn’t need a man.

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8 They have more personality

Peach has less personality than Rosalina. - DCfnaf

Video game protagonists aren't supposed to have personalities. - Drawbox

Peach's personality is boring - yunafreya648

9 They are not overrated like Rosalina

It's absolutely the other way around. A lot of people including me were attacked for liking Rosalina over Princess Peach (ex: from Nathaniel Bandy haters such as SuperMinecraftKid). Sexism FTL! Except no matter how overrated Princess Peach is, she was actually likeable in a few games such as 3D World and Sticker Star's predecessors because there, she was shown to not only be able to defend herself in ways, but she also had her heart in the right place. It's just sad that most people are all like "Rosalina is overrated and you know it! She has no personality, is stupid and is weak! >8(". - The Ultimate Daredevil

I hate hearing the "overrated" bull from people's hate lists, even if it is true. It feels partially filler to me.
While I do agree Rosalina is a tad overrated, this isn't relating to their character. - Qryzx

Rosalina is the most overrated princess, but she’s still pretty good. Daisy is somewhat overrated, and Peach is overhated for stupid reasons

10 They're medium weights in Mario Kart

Heavy Weights are way better. And since Rosalina is taller it tells me one thing: Peach and Daisy are girls. Rosalina is a woman. I prefer a confident hard edged woman instead of two chirpy girls with the verve of a theme park Cinderella.

If I remember correctly, than that means rosalina is hard to knock off and can easily knock down others. Glad not all the princess girls have to be in the same weight.

Rosalina is older than Peach and Daisy. I would say that Rosalina is about 27, Peach is about 21 and Daisy is about 18

Then say hello to low acceleration!

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11 They are retro

So? New characters added in there games makes it so their games are more unique and have more room for creativity.

12 They seem cuter
13 Peach and Daisy gets more hate

Daisy has good support, but peach and Rosalina need help.

I think Rosalina and Peach get more hate to be honest. - Qryzx

14 Peach and daisy are more energetic

Rosalina just has a calmer voice.

15 Peach's dress isn't that bad

yeee mann

16 They aren't hentai characters

Nether is rosalina? She's a Mario character too. Porn on the internet of Rosalina is non-canon to her character. Daisy & peach have pork of them out there too. Does not mean anything.

They're are a lot of porn stuff about Peach and it makes me sick. You just want to see more of Peach porn. - yunafreya648

None of them are stupid. Not everyone thinks Rosalina is "Space Waifu".

Okay Mariotehplumber, you are wrong. - DCfnaf

17 They appear in more games than her.

Peach and Daisy appear in more games than rosalina. Rosalina barely appeared in any mario games. She only appeared in few of them.

18 Daisy is a tomboy

Rosalina isn't. So many people say that rosalina is a tomboy and daisy isn't just because she wears blue and daisy wears a dress and acts sassy.

Does this really go towards Rosalina?

19 Peach and daisy are right for their relationship
20 Peach and daisy are an awesome duo
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