Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Better Than Princess Daisy

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21 Pink is better than Orange

Peach is hot, Daisy is awesome, and Rosalina just plain stinks.

Eh. - ToadF1

22 She's prettier

Yeah because she has a bright smile that will brighten up any ones day - mariofan3345


23 She is more sexy

You guys are acting like Rosalina fans now. - yunafreya648

24 How Leslie Swan/Asako Kozuki voiced her

Come on Nintendo! Stop it with the stupid high pithed voices, and bring back Leslie Swan!

Leslienswans performance in super Mariob64 lacked emotion but wasntnas high pitched in my opinion! Her performance in super princessnpeach was exactly the same as peaches high pitched voices in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

25 Peach is courageous

In Rpg she choose by herself to go with Mario and co. To help them even when the toads told her it was dangerous. Also in spp, she was going to save Mario by herself till toadsworth shoved perry in her face. When has daisy should any courage? Oh right, she just screamed the first time she saw Bowser lol.

Daisy too - ToadF1

26 Peach can be wise

Peach can snack around to get Mario items and information he needs to defeat Bowser. Daisy with that useless alien? Nope too stupid to be able to do that lol

I agree that peach can be wise, unlike Rosalina.

27 Peach does things for her own kingdom

Hosts events, tries to solve peoples problems, goes out to help people in need, and partispates in her sporting events. When can u say ANY of that for daisy? I can say ALL of them for peach.

28 Princess Peach is a hero

Princess peach has her own game Super princess peach ;) and she saves Mario and along Mario and his bro and toad peach saves more then just her friends but whosoever is in troble ;D

29 Peach is sexy

I agree. Rosalina is not sexy, by the way.

Eh. - ToadF1

She's bleh - ParkerFang

30 She's strong

Ok, she might not be physically strong, but she's really strong in character

Toad is - ToadF1

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