Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Underrated

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21 Likes to Have Fun

That's why she's in all the sports, party, and kart games nothing wrong with not caring if she wins. She is just enjoying the sport/game like your suppose to. Just because she's fine with losing doesn't mean she hates to win.

22 Not Lazy

Actually for a princess, she does quite a lot. She is not there to look pretty, she has gone out to help people, helped her people solve problems, get Mario info or items while kidnapped, and at least one time tried to excape from Bowser and his minions.

23 Not Cowardly

Getting kidnapped a lot=/=coward. She has jumped into action plenty of times even against Bowser like in spp, she was going to rush in to save Mario without perry. It was toadsworth who forced the umbrella on her.

24 Receives Untrue or Dumb Bashing from Tons of Mario Fans

Blonde hair, liking pink, 'ugly,' etc... are all STUPID reasons to hate peach.

She also is not rude, bossy, violent, etc...

All this comes from fans ALL OVER THE F-ING INTERNET! Not just here, but on yt, tumblr, the, Mario chat sites, etc... I'm sure that says more than critics who proably count MAYBE about 10% of all Mario fans.

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