Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Shouldn't Get So Much Hate

I only made this because I’m tired of hearing so many Peach haters. They always say that she can never save herself and that she’s super negative. But I’m here to prove these points wrong

The Top Ten

Princess Peach is supposed to get captured

When you are a girl and want to play Mario you want to play as princess peach.

It’s kind of rude to us girls.

The games would be super fast and boring if Peach could save herself
She represents optimism, respect, and humbleness

Look at Super Paper Mario, Sports games, Party Games, Olympic Games, Kart games, and all the times she gets captured. She is very optimistic, sweet, and not negative at all!

Seeing her non-modern dress and grooming makes her give that classic feel and makes you know it won’t be crap

A lot of our modern stuff today is crap, so isn’t it nice to see someone like Peach be very sweet and not like crap like a lot of other modern things?

She can defend herself quite well in lots of games

Look at Super Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros, Mario Odyssey, Mario and Rabbids, Super Princess Peach, and so much more! She can defend herself and has shown to have lots of power, especially shown in the sports games like Mario Super Sluggers. She has a heart element and some pretty good strength. Even in Mario Odyssey she defended herself by rejecting Mario and Bowser (especially Bowser) when they both basically proposed to her at the end of the game! That’s awesome!

She shows care for Mario and her friends in lots of games

Look at Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Princess Peach, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Paper Mario, and so much more! She cares for her friends, especially when they get hurt and need help! She’s willing to help her friends even if she’s not as strong as Mario and Luigi.

Her voice is sweet
She just requires more help than the others, nothing wrong with that
Bowser’s very scary so it's okay she needs help

Who made this one? A 5-year old?

Princess Peach is a hero

Super Mario 3D World and Super Paper Mario are big examples to prove this reason

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