Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Rapunzel Sucks

Princess Rapunzel is a princess who should never exist. She is simple-minded, supremely overrated, an insult, cowardly, confusing and unreasonable. Do not get me started on the Disney version of Princess Rapunzel or the crappy Betty & Veronica version. In other words, fuck you Grimm Brothers!

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1 She's so overrated

Shut up! People who say she is bad have no reason to exist, not Rapunzel. The one who says she carries an annoying hair, are the worst people alive on Earth, for it heals the people and they are being mean to blondes. Belle just poofed back and said 'I love you' when Beast dies, but Rapunzel was born with magical tears and saved Eugene. What is your name, the creator of this nonsense list. You are an offensive and psycho person! Remove Rapunzel out of such nonsense lists now!

No. She is underrated. She has so little merchandise. Rapunzel is accepting, bold, beautiful, creative, outspoken, brave, intelligent, responsible, warm, curious and jolly, not simple minded, overrated, insult, cowardly, confusing and unreasonable. Whoever made this list must be a insane n horrid Tangled hater. Stop telling Rapunzel bad, you don't no what feminism is! I hate this stupid list! It must be removed from Top Tens.

Anna and Elsa are overrated too. Anna and Elsa are just as overrated as Rapunzel the same way Anna and Elsa are just as overrated as Rapunzel too.

I rather even prefer her real, biological, birth mother, Arianna over her maternal aunt, Willow because Willow's rather even too obnoxious.

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2 She needs to be naked or dress modernly

What makes you think Princess Rapunzel needs to be naked or dress modernly?

Rapunzel was born a princess of Corona in Germany, not a modern day girl.

Well that's stupid considering she's not from a modern times. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Wanna hear Princess Rapunzel play guitar nude and simultaneously sing repeatedly about her young ass and overall sexual, feminine body?

3 She has no reason to exist

OK, maybe she does have reason to exist. But they are bad reasons.

I really like Rapunzel's magic hair because it heals the sick and injured, prevents aging, resurrects the dead, grants extended longevity, eternal youth and beauty, and immortality. Don't tell me you hate Rapunzel's magic hair.

4 Princess Rapunzel merchandise

What's so bad about Princess Rapunzel merchandise?

What's so bad about Princess Rapunzel merchandise? What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel merchandise?

I like Rapunzel merchandise as much as I like Frozen merchandise.

5 Disney's version of Rapunzel

Her baby self sucks, her child self is a prat, and do not get me started on her teen self. Her baby/child self is the worst. I do not want to see Tangled! EVER! That movie sucked anyways.

If you hate it so much, then what's the point?

6 Her iguana, Pascal

Yeah, who needs him! He's even dumber than Beavis!

He's not an iguana, Pascal is a highly intelligent chameleon, who I think is an amazing sidekick.


He is unrealistic.

Did you know that he was bitten by a snake that was killed by Rapunzel, died, and decided to live anyway?

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7 Her hair

What?! Princess Rapunzel has the longest hair ever, and it's yellow! Can't it be light brown or white?! Yeah, I am really pissed off now.

I like Rapunzel's magic hair because it heals the sick and injured, prevents aging, resurrects the dead, grant extended longevity, eternal youth and beauty, and immortality. You don't hate her magic hair, do you?

Are you forgetting that she is brunette at the end of the movie, Tangled Ever After, and the new T.V. show, and Flynn likes her better as a brunette. Plus, what's wrong with blondes? I'm blonde, and I'm actually really smart unlike the dumb blonde stereotype. Sheesh people.

8 She doesn't wear shoes

I hate that people take off their shoes. When they enter in an someone's house and they do, I hate it, because too many attributions are taken anywhere besides leaving their smell permeated on the floor. Rapunzel is ridiculous and walking barefoot is unhygienic, unless she washes her bare feet. This caractheristic is good for the foot fetishists. And also to be barefoot always walking on stones, dangerous or dirty floors could damage your feet, but for some reason she always has them perfect and soft (? ) The only good thing of that if she gets lost, Maximus, the horse could trace her scent easily.

Seriously? That's the best you can do?

9 Betty Cooper as Princess Rapunzel

What do you mean Betty Cooper as Princess Rapunzel? I don't understand whatever it means.

10 She's 18 years old

So what? She's older now so what's the big deal and the problem with her age?

I mean as in the movie Tangled. But true story, Princess Rapunzel is now 22 years old.

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11 She got adopted by a ugly villain
12 She hates everything

She dislikes Mother Gothel's lies, Flynn's tricks, being cooped up in the tower, not being able to see the lanterns but that doesn't mean she hates everything.

Whatever makes you say and think Rapunzel hates everything? Huh?

Rapuzel doesn't hate everything.

13 She has no adult brother

Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother too.

What gives you the right to blame Anna and Elsa for not having adult brothers on their own? Huh?

I don't mind Rapunzel being sister-less at all but I'm much unhappy with the fact that poor Elsa and that Anna are forced sisters in canon.

Rapunzel: I'm an only child you know.

Why are you accusing Princess Rapunzel for not having any adult brothers on her own? Huh?

It can't even be that bad if Rapunzel has no adult brother and neither does Anna and Elsa.

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14 Rapunzel lacks an adult brother

So what? Rapunzel's an only child anyway you know so what's the problem? Huh?

Here's why I put that on the list, because Anna and Elsa are her sisters.

Neither Elsa nor Anna (Frozen) are her sisters at all. Plus, neither Elsa nor Anna (Frozen) are also worthy to be sisters at all.

I'm glad Rapunzel's an only child in canon. I'm not happy with the permanent idea of poor Elsa and that Anna as sisters at all.

Here's why I put that on the list, because Anna and Elsa are her sisters.

15 The story sucks

No romance, bad relations, crappy lines, putting down the brown-haired in favor of the blondes, this story sucks!

I totally agree and I could talk about this endlessly. 1. No romance: Rapunzel's love story is as dull as one a five year old could plot and dream about, it's so childish and undeveloped. She's just ok with the guy, runs away with him, they are friendly to each other, then she likes him more and she kisses him -but it's nowhere as enchanting as Ariel's kiss for instance. It's like their love story doesn't follow a solid script, much like the rest of the movie (sadly, since I expected SO much more from this movie; so much more could have been achieved if the movie had stayed closer to the original Rapunzel story, it would have given us a darker and more enchanting story similar to Beauty and the Beast). 2. crappy lines. Yes, nothing fresh, witty, smart to draw attention. Even the songs are as boring and plain as the rest of the movie. 3. Brown-hair vs. blonde hair: ok this doesn't irritate me as much as they didn't give her a damn braid (or shoes for that matter) and we are talking ...more

16 She makes no sense

What makes you think Princess Rapunzel makes no sense anyway? Huh?

17 Her face

She reminds me of Peggy from the Muppets, maybe it's her nose. And her eyes are too big and down-turned (or I don't know if up-turned too), just a weird shape they have. But yes, her overall face is weird. She doesn't possess the gracefulness of other not only Disney princesses, but Disney female characters.

What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel's face? I don't see anything wrong with Princess Rapunzel's face.

18 She's a leftie

That makes me jealous.

19 She is overrated

How is Princess Rapunzel ever overrated?

20 Her dress

Princess Rapunzel's dress is pretty.

What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel's dress and what's bad about her dress? Huh? Give me some specific answers now.

21 She loves Flynn Rider

Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert truly love each other. So what? That's not even a bad thing.

22 Her terrible mother

Mother Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel since she was an infant for her hair, due to it being able to heal anything or anyone. Especially use Rapunzel's magic hair to remain young forever.

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23 Her big eyes

What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel's big eyes? I don't see anything wrong with her big eyes.

24 Her freckles

Anybody can look cute with or without freckles. Rapunzel looks really cute with freckles.

25 She is the 10th member of Disney princess

What's bad about it? Huh? You owe me some specific answers.

26 Her voice

Her voice actress is Mandy Moore and there's nothing wrong with her voice.

27 She's blonde

Oh wow. That was the stupidest stereotype ever.

I like Rapunzel's magic hair. How can you hate her magic hair? Don't tell me you hate her magic hair?

Don't you like Rapunzel's magic hair a lot more than ever? How can you not like Rapunzel's magic hair?

28 She's for little girls

You're wrong! She's not just for little girls.

29 She loves Archie Andrews

What the heck. That's so not true.

I was talkng about the Betty & Veronica version.

30 Her quotes
31 Her voice sounds strangely low

And this is why I want to bang Mandy Moore.

Because Rapunzel's voice actress is Mandy Moore but there's nothing wrong with it.

32 She needs to be a queen

Before her and Eugene's coronation, Rapunzel and Eugene will be the king and queen of Corona.

33 Her magical hair should be light brown

That's why I'm happy with Princess Rapunzel's hair - it's magical!

Don't tell me you hate her magic hair.

34 Maximus should've been good the whole time
35 She's more famous than Mario (or so Mario is more famous)

You mean Super Mario Bros, right?

36 Tangled is girl-themed
37 Her songs
38 She rips off Knuckles the Echidna

How is Rapunzel ever a rip-off Knuckle the Echidna? What makes you think Rapunzel is a ripoff of Knuckles the Echidna?

39 She's stupid

How is Princess Rapunzel stupid? She's smart and intelligent.

How is Princess Rapunzel ever stupid? Huh? What makes you think she's stupid? Huh? I need and want specific answers now.

40 She is bad-tempered

How is she ever bad tempered? Huh? What makes you say and think she's bad tempered? Huh? So what? Huh? I need and want some specific answers now.

41 She mumbled in the climax of Tangled

Gothel hates the mumbling.

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