Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Rapunzel Sucks

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21 She loves Archie Andrews V 2 Comments
22 Her quotes
23 Her voice sounds strangely low

And this is why I want to bang Mandy Moore.

Because Rapunzel's voice actress is Mandy Moore but there's nothing wrong with it.

24 She needs to be a queen

Before her and Eugene's coronation, Rapunzel and Eugene will be the king and queen of Corona.

25 Her magical hair should be light brown

That's why I'm happy with Princess Rapunzel's hair - it's magical!

Don't tell me you hate her magic hair.

26 Maximus should've been good the whole time
27 She's more famous than Mario (or so Mario is more famous)

You mean Super Mario Bros, right?

28 Tangled is girl-themed
29 Her songs
30 She rips off Knuckles the Echidna

How is Rapunzel ever a rip-off Knuckle the Echidna? What makes you think Rapunzel is a ripoff of Knuckles the Echidna?

31 She's stupid

How is Princess Rapunzel stupid? She's smart and intelligent.

How is Princess Rapunzel ever stupid? Huh? What makes you think she's stupid? Huh? I need and want specific answers now.

32 She is bad-tempered

How is she ever bad tempered? Huh? What makes you say and think she's bad tempered? Huh? So what? Huh? I need and want some specific answers now.

33 Rapunzel lacks an adult brother

So what? Rapunzel's an only child anyway you know so what's the problem? Huh?

Here's why I put that on the list, because Anna and Elsa are her sisters.

Here's why I put that on the list, because Anna and Elsa are her sisters.

34 She mumbled in the climax of Tangled
35 She got adopted by a ugly villain
36 She is overrated

How is Princess Rapunzel ever overrated?

37 Her dress

Princess Rapunzel's dress is pretty.

What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel's dress and what's bad about her dress? Huh? Give me some specific answers now.

38 She loves Flynn Rider

Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert truly love each other. So what? That's not even a bad thing.

39 Her terrible mother

Mother Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel since she was an infant for her hair, due to it being able to heal anything or anyone. Especially use Rapunzel's magic hair to remain young forever.

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40 Her big eyes

What's wrong with Princess Rapunzel's big eyes? I don't see anything wrong with her big eyes.

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