Reasons Why the Problem Solverz is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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1 It Has Better Characters

Teen Titans Go! has characters that always being an a-hole, a annoying Turd and a dumb-ass (Jinx and sometimes Raven aren't like the others.)

The Problem Solverz has Great characters, Alfe one for sure, he isn't annoying, He isn't a giant talking s***,He's funny and likable, Horace is kind of boring but a good character, Roba has a good voice acting of all! Kiss your ass goodbye Teen Titans Go! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

2 Its Animation is More Amazing

Teen Titans Go is awful in almost every way, this one in animation only. - LeetHaterz

The problem solverz, more like the Internet trollerz

The animation is ugly, very ugly


The Problem Solverz it has all types of art! one of the best animation of all time and so creative!

Teen Titans Go! has the worst animation, its lazy, non creative and seizure inducing! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

3 The Problem Solverz is Smarter

Teen titans Go! is always stupid Cyborg and Beast Boy always a dumb-ass.

The Problem Solverz isn't stupid, They can solve real problems (looking at Roba) he's the smartest! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

4 Has Better Writing

Teen Titans Go! has Stupid, non-Plot writing that causes horrendous, stupid jokes, No action but quicker and they repeating catch phrase how horrible is this Satan side of Teen Titans?!

The Problem Solverz Always have better writing to have the plot like about what the problem is and those villains what they do to create the problem. The writing has better joke like Alfe got - TheProblemSolverzRocks

5 It Doesn't Ruin Your Childhood

Teen Titans Was my favorite cartoon of my life until they ruined it because of making the characters stupid, turn them ugly, no action, no Slade, Stupid joke and no plots! God please make cartoon network cancelled this!

The Problem Solverz Doesn't ruin your childhood. its making Cartoon Network Better! The Animation of The Problem Solverz is like in the 2000's drawing and its Funny at times like other good Cartoon Network Cartoons! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

You mean it makes CN worser - atomicboom

Bother shows are equally bad! Burn TTG and TPZ Burn!

6 It Won't Let Kids Brain Rot

I'm 10 years old and almost everyone in my school loves Toddler Titans Go! I hate that show, Teen Titans Go is worse than Sanjay and Craig

Teen Titans Go! let children's brain rot to death by making stupid-ass morals, how to make a child go to jail, and kick its best friends ass, isn't it horrible?!

The Problem Solverz always make kids mind healthy Because they solve problems non-stupid, that kids will learn how to solve problems! Great?! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

Both shows ruin children's minds actually.

No, but your eyes will rot.

7 More Battle

Teen Titans Go! Don't or rarely battle their nemesis, all what they do is just sitting on a couch, injured someone for no reason or stupid reasons for fun, whining out loud and being immature! Wow.

The Problem Solverz Always tried their best on solving problems. Horace as a leader always Find Out problems and they talk about a good plan to battle the problem maker! like Bad Cat and That Ninja King who stole the little girl's mom, Wow, a Great Job of battling problems makers! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

8 It's Child Friendly

Teen Titans Go! isn't child friendly, its child violent however, they kick somebody's ass for stupid or no reason, they care about their selves all the time, they have mental problems and they don't control their temper, ugh!

The Problem Solverz always have a big heart! they care about their teammates / their people, they don't have that much mental problems, they only kick the problem causer's ass and They control their tempers! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

9 It Doesn't Make Eye-Torture

Teen Titans Go! Is creating eye torture to Teen Titans fans by the cause of ugliness, stupidity, violent, boring-ism and bad writing!

The Problem Solverz Doesn't Make eye-torture because they don't make it ugly, making it smarter, fun, safer and good writing! Great isn't it? - TheProblemSolverzRocks

1. The Problem Solverz animation is ugly as hell

2. there on meth

3. it causes eye strain or seizures

4. their stupid

5. their stupid at battling problems

f in al. y our list is a troll - atomicboom

10 They Won't Make It Ugly

Teen Titans Go! always make it ugly like they want their reactions ugly, there close-ups ugly and they want their characters to be ugly

The Problem Solverz Don't make things ugly. They don't treat their graphics ugly because they know that I'll ruined it. So good job! - TheProblemSolverzRocks

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