Ten Reasons Why Prodigy Math Game is Garbage

Well. I never thought I'd make this, but here we go.

The Top Ten

1 Too Many Similarities to Pokémon
2 Tedious Battles

You progress so fast, soon, you start doing problems you can't understand. - Firemist

3 Unavoidable Battles
4 Can't Flee
5 It's Math
6 You Need a Membership to Do Practically Anything

Me: *breathes*
Prodigy: yOU NEEd tO be a MeMBER TO dO THaT - RoseWeasley

7 It's Corny
8 Ugly Foes
9 Terrible Chat System

Worse than roblox - Pokemonfan10

10 Quests are Way Too Long

The Contenders

11 It Involves Math
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