Top Ten Reasons Why Progressive Rock Is the Best Music Genre

The Top Ten Reasons Why Progressive Rock Is the Best Music Genre

1 It's relaxing

Sometimes I just lie on my bed and close my eyes, and let the music take me... To the court of the crimson king. - IronSabbathPriest

Nothing more relaxing than some Procol Harum or '70s Floyd. - PetSounds

2 The songs are long but fun to listen to
3 Some bands are flamboyant about it
4 It is popular among TheTopTens

This doesn't matter at all...

Popularity should not have anything to do with why one listens to a genre of music

5 Nearly every song is perfect
6 You absolutely adore these bands
7 It might help you study
8 The lyrics have meanings

Yeah, this may be the thing that sets prog rock apart from other music more than anything else. The wide variety of instruments and long instrumental parts of songs are amazing in this genre as well, but listen to basically any modern song, especially anything popular, and then listen to a progressive rock song. The difference in musical talent is astounding, and instead of some super basic song with an incredibly stupid premise, progressive rock more often than not has deeper meanings and much more varying lyrics. Isn't it nice to see some actual thought go into music? One of the best parts of listening to progressive rock is understanding the abstract lyrics, which are often used to make a point through symbolism and analogies or take you on an incredible journey. Long sections without singing, strange time signatures, and many awesome instruments are all fantastic aspects of progressive rock too, but they aren't necessarily "good things," they just always end up sounding ...more

9 It's creative

It is a genre that really pushes the boundaries of music forward.

The most creative bands of all time are all progressive

Creativity is what provides the fuel for any prog. Song? So how come this one not be first?

10 It's unique

One of the word that can describe prog rock - zxm

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11 It might help you go to sleep
12 It has all sorts of parts to it instead of just a loop of the same few chords.
13 It takes a lot of talent to create

Well, prog rock songs are long, so surely it will take a lot of talent to make good prog rock songs - zxm

14 There isn't a progressive rock song about butts

That's a good thing. Seriously.

But it has a number of album arts that show naked butts though...

It would be interesting if there was one... - Raa396

15 It represents good drum beats and solos

Other genres provide drum solos too, but prog rock/metal are best for it. - zxm

16 The solos are great
17 It's one of the hardest genres to play
18 It’s the most eclectic and diverse sub-genre of rock, combining classical, jazz, blues, electronica, funk, amongst others genres into the sound.

But experimental rock? - JoLeKosovo

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