Reasons Why the PlayStation 3 Is Better Than the Xbox 360


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1 Free Online Gaming

why waste 60 bucks for a whole year to play online
60 bucks that almost another game you couldve bought - anthonybecerra831

I personally am an Xbox gamer and this is probably one of the only advantages I see in having a ps3. Most other reasons are just annoying.

people say the connection is better on xbox, the connection is the same, microsoft just wants more money - dylan1321721

Free free free free free free free free free free

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2 Exclusive Games

Uncharted, killzone, little big planet, infamous, metal gear solid. And all Xbox has is halo, halo isn't that great anyways.

graphically, PS3 game exclusives look MUCH better than 360 exclusives - anthonybecerra831

The halo games are failing now. That's all Xbox has. The graphic difference between the 2 are massive. I don't even understand why this would be a debate. Play station fan forever.

To the person that said mgs was a ps exclusive, it's also on Xbox. For PS3, Uncharted, Little big planet, and Ratchet and Clank. Xbox has Gears of War, One of the greatest franchises ever, and Halo, also one of the greatest games ever.

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3 Chargeable Controllers

PS3 controller still feels great, and more importantly, doesn't require batteries like the 360 controllers. this is a big advantage for PS3 owners because, lets be honest, buying batteries is expensive and just sucks. - anthonybecerra831

The ps3 controllers feel more comfy, the battierys last long as durecell, I wont be wasting 40 bucks on batteries everyear now, Sony your amazing - SmoothCriminal

Ps3 controller don't need batteries. It just need charging

Wish the wire was longer though

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4 It's a Blu-Ray Player

a game system dvd player and blu ray player
it only does everything - anthonybecerra831

Xbox can play movies too - Yatagarasu

Lol ps3 is awesome screw Xbox

This what makes graphics PS3 good.Xbox suck!

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5 No Red Ring of Death

I've had my ps3 for about 5 years with no problems at all while Xbox's have always had problems.

red ring of death pssshhh u dont get that with ps3 - anthonybecerra831

My ps3 I've had for 3years and it runs at the same rate even with hi definitely and has never froze or crashed

There's 1% Chance Of XBOX Has Red Ring Of Dead I Know That PS3 Is Better Graphic

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6 Lower System Fail Rate

the ps3 has a fail rate of around 10% whereas the 360 is at like 50%. - anthonybecerra831

I'm not so sure that the Xbox fails ~~50 of the time. I don't have an Xbox, mind you, but I don't think so many people would have it if the system failed half of the time.

7 Better Controller

The PS3 controller is easier to hold, and the control sticks are right next to each other (a huge advantage in fps). It's rechargeable, meaning you won't have t buy batteries for it, you plug in to a computer or the system, and it's good. Its also easier to hold in the hand, and is the perfect size for everyone.

The PS3 is almost perfect. The Xbox 360 controller is larger and not as well layed out. In fact, the controller has the left stick and the directional pad layed out in the wrong way. The PS3 is easier to use.

True and its easier to hold the xbox controller is too big. The ps3 controller is perfect size for your hands

You could store your PS controller easily but Xbox is massive

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8 Xbox 360 Has More Viruses

true true true Microsoft just wants more money - anthonybecerra831

You right bro Microsoft needs money

9 PS3 Is More Modern Than Xbox 360

A ps3 may be older, but still better. I have been having a ps3 for 7-8 years. PRO

Pro? You are not a pro, if you don't know that the Xbox 360 was released in 2005 and the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006. - peaceswagtv

It was rushed, so it has the red ring of death

Xbox360 is 1 Year older than PS3. But PS3 is better forever!

Sure is it sike!

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10 You Get Trophies on PS3

PS3's have a platinum trophy for every trophy achieved in a game, whereas Xbox doesn't. Some Xbox games don't give you achievements as often as other games, whereas with trophies, PS3 does.

On the Xbox 360 you can get tired of games easier because there is nothing to look forward getting, that is why trophies make you want to play more.

You can get trophies on the Xbox 360, too. - venomouskillingmachine

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11 Netflix Is Free

This is a big plus. Xbox requires monthly xbove live subscription just to access

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12 LittleBigPlanet

I am not that big of a fan of littlebigplanet but it is a great game and is clear a Xbox 360 can't handle it

13 It Has a Better Design

Definitely a better design, it is smaller and slick and works better

In my opinion, Xbox 360's design is ugly! Even fat PS2's design is better than that... (I went too far? )

14 Metal Gear Solid 4 Is One of the Best Games Ever, and the Xbox 360 Can't Handle It
15 The XMB
16 Free Online Music and Videos
17 The PS3 Isn't a Custom Coaster Maker

Yea ever tried tilting your Xbox while playing a game? Well, it will turn your game into a useless coaster. never saw that happen on PS3

18 More space on HDD (up to 1TB)

Xbox has 80gb,the ps3 has commonly up to 300gb

19 It does not heat up like the Xbox
20 You Can Upgrade the Memory Amount As Much As You Want

I bought my 80GB console 5 years ago and filled it up within 2 years, upgrading the hard drive to a 1TB was the best thing I ever did, only 4 game saves out of close enough to 50 didn't make it, bayonetta, AC2 and Saints row 2 & 3, Aside from that the transition was seamless and now with a collection near 80 games its good to know I am nowhere near close to filling up my good ol' PS3

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