Reasons Why PS4 Should Play PS3 Games

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1 If You Don't Have a PS3 and Only a PS4 and You Wanted to Buy a PS3 Game That is not on the PS4

Yeah if my ps3 breaks be nice if I could still play the games - trains45

Basically red dead redemption - DarkKnight2005

I Have A PS4, But Not A PS3, and There Are A Lot of 7th Gen Games I've Heard Were Great So I want To Get Them, Which Is Why I'm getting an Xbox 360 soon - VideoGamefan5

I Would Like To Play The First Few Assassin's Creed Games That Weren't On The Ps4 But Were On The Ps3, On The PS4 - VideoGamefan5

2 The Xbox One has Backward Compatibility

This would be nice to have even be able to download digital ps3 games like an xbox one can have digital xbox 360 games - trains45

3 It Would Cost Less Money if You Just Buy the PS3 Games and Not the Console

True it would sure cost less - trains45

4 The Controls of the Games Will Still Be the Same
5 There are More Games for the PS3

Yeah true - trains45

6 For the Memories of Playing PS3
7 It Would Be a Great Improvement for the PS4
8 The Games Will Look Better in HD

The games already are HD - XtremeNerdz12

Backwards complatibility doesn't do that. - Therandom

Trust me they won't! Just beacause the wii does it doen't mean the ps4 will do it as well!

9 It Would Be Cool
10 It Will Be Lots of Fun

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11 It Would Boost Ps4 Sales

Very very true. I am considering buying a ps3 but not ps4 because there aren't as many games but I would if backwards compatable

More ps4s

12 You Could Still Play Your Ps3 Games If Your Ps3 Breaks

Yeah if my ps3 broke then I could play them on my ps4 - trains45

This would be nice if ps4 played ps3 games incase my ps3 broke I could still play my ps3 games

13 Offline Play and Only Pay Once
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