Top 10 Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Princess Anna

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Elsa is more beautiful

Elsa does not have Ginger Hair and Freckles like Anna does. Elsa has blonde hair like the Malfoy's and Anna has ginger hair like the Weasley.

Yup. Not only she is just beautiful but she's also lovely and pretty too.

Why does hans not hit on elsa after all he could become king easier

Elsa is a Blonde while Anna is a Ginger. Gingers have no souls.

Elsa's more interesting

I wanted to vote for all
Elsa os more beautiful
She has power
She shut her life in a room for her sister
She truly loved her sister that's the reason when she kissed Anna, Anna melted from a snow statue to a human.

Magical powers for Anna? Nope. Why? Elsa was the best and deserved them.

Elsa is complex and awesome at the same time

Anna is boring with dumb lovey stuff

Anna is annoying

Hell yeah, she is. But her fans are worse because they crap on her haters. Therefore, they should shut hell up and get a damn life.

Which is why I prefer her (Anna) as another voiceless deaf-mute as opposed to her (Anna) as another canon mouthy extrovert. I prefer her (Anna) as a sister-less only child as opposed to her (Anna) as a canon sister.

For the first time in forever, for the first time in forever, for the first time in forever and it goes on and on so does that show everyone why Anna is annoying.

Which makes her a major insult to Gerda (Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen) and a huge disgrace to classic Disney, agreed with me?

Elsa is calm

Anna is carefree, bubbly, a little tomboyish and excited, awkward and sometimes late; definitely not your average princess with a ladylike manner. Elsa, on the other hand, is calm, graceful, regal, punctual and prompt.

Yeah because out, running away from a kingdom that needs you and freezing it is so calm right? Give me a break! At least Anna knew what to do under pressure. Elsa for 90% of the movie had zero self control.

She slowly and patiently speaks to everyone, unless they were overly annoying (Anna) and at that point they deserve it.

Nobody nor nobody else ever even gets away with pushing her, especially not that impulsive pain in the neck.

Elsa has a beautiful dress

Anna haters: Her dresses are uglier than ever so far so Elsa's dresses are a lot more beautiful than ever so far.

Hey! Anna's dresses are just as beautiful as Elsa's dresses. Are you thinking that Anna's dresses are ugly?

Her dress is literally made of ice, and is just dancing around with plain old cloth.

She has a more beautiful dress but anna has a beautiful dress too

Anna is a worse singer

I’m not saying that Anna is a horrible singer but Elsa just has so much feeling in her songs I feel like her songs are just so much better.

Anna sounds as if someone is pinching her Buttocks.

She can't sing and her songs make no sense.

Anna is terrible at singing stupid for the first time in foreverer

Elsa is the heir

Elsa also should've have siblings (brothers who are true heirs and at least better sisters who are also the heiresses like Elsa), not some annoying, idiotic siblings who are nothing but spares for crying loud, for Pete's sake.

She should've been an only child so that idiot, ridiculous, stupid spare Anna should've been portrayed unrelated to her anyway.

We all love the idea of Elsa being the whole entire center of attention a lot, far more than ever.

I'd like the idea of Elsa being portrayed as a Malfoy a lot, far more than ever.

Anna has a fake boyfriend Hans

That's because Anna and Elsa have been locked up in their own kingdom for all these years since some stupid accident happened in their childhood which is why Anna is willing to marry Prince Hans.

Anna is a Typical Disney Princess.

The new thing about her is that she is a Retard. (Which all the other Disney Princesses thankfully Lack. )

Anna was really foolish enough to marry this jerk after just like an hour

I like how Elsa has more common sense than Anna. Anna is very impatient.

Little Anna brings annoyance to Little Elsa

Anna and Elsa were forced to be separated. It's Jennifer Lee's fault for making that choice.

That's what little siblings do! And Elsa didn't look annoyed now did she?

And these little bugs bring annoyance to Big Stan (aka me)

No Anna was trying to connect with her sister.

Anna is foolish

She wanted to MARRY a man she just met that same day! If that's not foolishness then I don't know what is. Also, Anna should pick more carefully and be grateful. Back in those days the parents and elders chose who you had to marry, so Anna's very lucky to choose who she wants to wed.

But its not like elsa is any better. She nearly froze her whole kingdom, and never solves her problems

I don't like the idea of poor Elsa being forcefully stuck isolated with the likes of her at all.

Really Anna? You want to marry a man who you just met the same day?

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Anna is insufferable

Which is why I'd rather prefer her (Anna) as a sister-less only child as opposed to her (Anna) as a forced canon sister. Which is why I'd rather prefer her (Anna) as another canon voiceless deaf-mute as opposed to her (Anna) as another loudmouth.

Which makes her nothing but a major insult to Gerda (Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen) and a huge disgrace to classic Disney, does it not?

No wonder one sole sister-less only child fits Anna better than a forced canon younger sister.

One sole sister-less only child fits her (Anna) better than a forced canon younger sister.

Elsa is unselfish

Anna is unselfish too! Sure Elsa locked herself in a room for years but Anna died for Elsa!

Elsa's less obnoxious

That's one of the reasons why Elsa's more preferable. Even Hans said that himself.

Thanks for putting this other one on this list too.

I'm glad you put this one on this list.

Yeah, thank you.

Anna is careless

She wanted to MARRY a man she just met that same day! If that's not foolishness then I don't know what is. Also, Anna should pick more carefully and be grateful. Back in those days the parents and elders chose who you had to marry, so Anna's very lucky to choose who she wants to wed.

Any princesses and any other princesses will hate Anna for that.

She should think about work on being more careful.

She didn’t care about Kristoff in any way at first. She stopped hating him, then hated Hans. She doesn’t care about anyone.

Elsa's more ladylike

Elsa is elegent unlike Anna who acts and looks like a peasant

And graceful

Anna should've been raised by childless human ordinary canon peasants who're truly at least opened minded about magic.

Elsa's less reckless

Poor Elsa should've been saved from living in the forced isolation back then before in canon.

Yeah, cause almost freezing your entire kingdom and throwing a tantrum is being so careful.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck should've had her isolated away from Aren-delle back then before.

Anna's hair became white

What's wrong with that? It was Elsa's fault it happened. Now you guys are just being desperate.

Anna's hair became white from being hit by Elsa's ice powers

Its elsa's fault

So what?

Anna is overrated too

Anna totally stole the spotlight from Elsa in the movie. She's definitely my favorite of the two. But I wish the movie focused on Elsa a bit more so I can get to know her better. 

Yeah, no wonder they changed the name from 'The Snow Queen. ' It wasn't about her at all really. I love the idea of Elsa, but really Anna does steal the show. She's so effervescent and friendly, while Elsa is cold and reserved. It makes it hard to love Elsa. 
I mean, I can't hold it against Elsa. I sort of blame her parents for isolating her for her entire childhood. Gosh, can you imagine the psychological trauma that caused her? I have a hard time believing that after the movie is over that suddenly Elsa is cured and back to her old 6-year-old self. You know? I think she'll hold onto some of those scars, which is sad.

She harrassents the poor Elsa and Anna is named "first protagonist" of the movie than Elsa, Elsa who deserved better than Anna.

No she is not. Where do you ever see Anna? She is on merchandise here and there but people hate her.

Elsa needs more appearances, more scenes, more screen time and more bigger roles than ever.

Elsa is more like a little sister than Anna

Periwinkle shares many similar traits with Elsa from Frozen

Both have blue eyes and very fair hair Peri's is white and Elsa's is platinum blonde.

Both have a small bang down their forehead.

Both possess unusually strong powers over ice and snow, frost and sleet, hail and cold.

Both have icy blue motifs.

Both have a dear sister Tinker Bell Anna whom they love and care about very, very much.

Their sisters are the main protagonists of both movies respectively.

Both enjoy playing in the snow with their sister, but are forced into separation as their sisters may be vulnerable to the cold.

Both also appear to be unaffected by the cold. Peri's outfit has no sleeves, and she is almost always surrounded by ice and snow. Elsa, during Let It Go , sings that the cold never bothered her.

In the end, both reunite with their beloved sister to save their home kingdom Pixie Hollow Arendelle from a ravaging snowstorm blizzard.

She is ...more

Elsa's better off an only single, sibling-less, sister-less child, isn't she?

Elsa is hotter than Anna

Huge Elsa fans/lovers/worshippers: Oh my God! It's Elsa! You're my favorite! Hi! Sign my forehead! Your performance was spot on! What is it like being Queen? You're my spirit animal! Elsa, we love you! Elsa, you're the best! Oh my God! I sing 'Let It Go! All the time! Your voice is so amazing!

Elsa is prim, graceful, poised, elegant, regal. Elsa has more makeup. Elsa's dresses are equally pretty.

Elsa is graceful, poised, elegant and regal. Elsa has more makeup. Elsa's dresses are equally pretty.

Anna looks like Yoda when she stands next to beautiful Elsa

Anna's smelly

She jump up out out of bed put her colthes on did not take a bath

This is a stupid reason

Anna's too overly trusting

Not everybody nor everybody else can be trusted. Even that total, major insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen would've been better off as a actual time traveler herself.

Anna has no good sense of humour

Elsa does not have a sense of humour in the first film either..just because the film isn't entirley focused on her...but on the two shorts of frozen...elsa is super funny...especially on frozen fever...she looks like she is drunk...and acts in a way that made me laugh for hours...and also in frozen 2...the directors has said that the film will be entirely for elsa show how much she suffered when she was younger...and also she will be very funny and will act just like a big sister.(I'm not lying go to you tube and you will find chris buck himself say this)

Hello, she does has a good sense of humor. She's funny. How does Anna have no good sense of humor? What makes you think Princess Anna has no good sense of humor?

Anna and Olaf are the funniest characters in the whole movie! Anna is clumsy and sweet but brave and mature too.And she HAS a good sense of humour.

"You could have set me on fire! "
"But I didn't! "
This line ruins the entire movie.

Anna is awkward

Reasons to dislike Anna: she can be awkward.
Reasons to dislike Elsa: she is a coward and a diseased maniac who almost killed her sister. Twice. Not to mention the whole kingdom.

Go screw yourselves, you Elsa-hating liars! It wasn't her fault that she froze her country. All Anna does is act like a spoiled brat.

Poor Elsa never ever even deserves to be portrayed as a coward nor a diseased maniac. Hopefully no offense to Elsa at all.

So what? Awkwardness is cute.

Elsa is more patient than Anna

Anna needs to be more patient too just because she's eager and optimistic.

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