Top 10 Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Princess Anna

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81 Elsa's less klutzy
82 Elsa's more responsible

Ugh. I'll never ever even forgive that insufferable Anna at all.

83 Elsa's less insufferable

Go screw yourselves, you Elsa-hating liars! It wasn't her fault that she froze her country. All Anna does is act like a spoiled brat.

Thank you for putting this one on this list.

84 Elsa's less obnoxious

That's one of the reasons why Elsa's more preferable. Even Hans said that himself.

Thanks for putting this other one on this list too.

I'm glad you put this one on this list.

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85 Elsa's less retarded V 1 Comment
86 Elsa's less bratty

She deserves better than ever, doesn't she?

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87 Elsa's less annoying

Poor Elsa never ever even deserves to have any/other siblings who are rather easily annoying and irritating at all either, does she?

Poor Elsa never ever even deserves to have any/other siblings like this/that at all, does she?

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88 Elsa's more likable

Poor girl has a lack of screen time and I don't like that at all.

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89 Elsa's more favorable

She's one of my most all time favorites.

90 Elsa's more preferable

Even Prince Hans said that himself.

91 Elsa's single
92 Elsa's more serious
93 Anna got more screen time than Elsa

Elsa was such an intriguing character. I know people were upset that her screen time is less than Anna but that is part of the mystery of The Snow Queen. Even in the original fairy tale she is mysterious. For what Jennifer Lee did to develop a more human connection with Elsa, she did a great job.

I'll never ever even in my whole entire life care if that's part of the mystery of The Snow Queen at all. Poor Elsa's screen time never ever even deserves to be less than total pain in the neck at all, does it?

No they deserve all the/other grudges against them for poor Elsa's lack of screen time, don't they?

No I could never ever even easily forgive the creators/writers of Frozen at all, could I?

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94 Elsa's less awkward V 1 Comment
95 Elsa's even tempered
96 Elsa's less wild
97 Anna's reckless
98 Anna's lame
99 Anna's insensitive

Ugh. Her insensitivity towards Elsa's insufferable too, isn't it?

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100 Anna's rude
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