Top Ten Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Rosalina

The Top Ten

1 Elsa is more beautiful

Looking like a clown to be honest - yunafreya648

Okay? - yunafreya648

She is so beautiful

2 Rosalina is stupid

She built a huge observatory when she was a CHILD. How is that stupid? - Spicygarlic

Evidence? - yunafreya648

She is very stupid

3 Elsa is more smart

Okay so running away from everyone is a smart thing to do? Wow I guess so - yunafreya648

Smarter you mean!

Ok, we need Rosalina's Lumas to punch, slap, and kick Elsa
I'll call it the Luma Storm where All Lumas charges to attack an evil person - bugger

"Elsa is more smart"
"Is more smart"

4 Rosalina can't show her other eye

So... That doesn't mean that Elsa is better than Rosalina, Rosalina's hair makes it better so that's possibly why - bugger

Okay? - yunafreya648

5 Rosalina sucks

Oh you gotta be kidding me, ROSALINA IS HOT! Elsa looks nothing hot, like I mean that Elsa isn't hot at all! - bugger

Your right and don't dislike my comment

It's Also A Vice Versa - Devonchi

Opinions stupid Elsa fangirl - yunafreya648

6 Rosalina is boring

At least she's smart - yunafreya648

Vice Versa.

7 Elsa is fun

Okay? - yunafreya648

Aaand vice versa.

8 Rosalina is dumb

Rosalina: My IQ is higher than her so I need all my Lumas to take down this list! - bugger

Okay? - yunafreya648

Vice versa.

9 Rosalina is irritating

Elsa is irritating due to her Let It Go Song. Rosalina is not irritating at all, give it a taste to Rosalina's Voice - bugger

Elsa fans are irritating - yunafreya648

10 Elsa has a sister. Rosalina is sister-less

So what? Peach and Daisy are like a sister to her - ParkerFang

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