Reasons Why Rabbids Invasion Is Awful

Rabbids Invasion is one of the worst and most overrated shows on Nickelodeon. Here I am going to tell you why I hate it. (my mom, grandma, and aunts hate it also).

The Top Ten

1 Life-threatening situations

The Rabbids do stuff like stick their hands in coke machines to get quarters or play around with AEDs.

2 Crude content

In the very first episode, the Rabbids used chickens' butts as egg shooters. Other episodes have been even worse, such as Rabbid Snob, where a Rabbid eats a rotten doughnut out of the garbage can.

It's true

3 Overused settings

They use the exact same settings in every episode. The beach, a farm, the store, the park, and a highway have all been seen in every episode.

4 Animal abuse

Same as crude content. They REALLY abused those poor chickens.

The Rabbid getting hit by a grandma

5 Predictable plots

You can see this show coming from a mile away. Like in Omelet Party, you can tell that cow was about to produce manure after hearing the Rabbids' "song". Or in Rabbid Mollusk, when they hurtle an octopus towards a window that an old man is trying to clean. Meanwhile a fugitive is driving, and the old man kicks the octopus, you can tell the octopus is going to land on the fugitive's car, and that his car is going to crash land into the window.

6 No dialogue

The Rabbids Don't Talk In The Games So What!?

The Rabbids don't even talk! All they say is "Baa, baa, baa".

7 Characters have no names

They aren't named and therefore have no identities. You can't tell them apart! It's like they're clones of each other.

8 It's just a ripoff of Minions

Uh Not Really
The Rabbids Were Introduced To The Gaming Community In 2006

Despicable Me Came Out In 2010

Rabbids are awesome and minons ripped them off...rabbids invasion is pretty bad but the raving rabbids themselves are awesome!

9 It pushes Rayman out of the spotlight

The Rabbids are the worst thing to ever happen to Rayman.

10 It gives a bad name to the video game

The Contenders

11 No plot
12 The rabbids are dumb


13 They scream "baa!"

My mom say that show is anoing and now it is the scream like brats blockheads stupid DUMYS! Wish that show will be KILED LIKE HELL!

14 Not funny
15 Animation isn’t so good
16 No voice acting
17 Boring characters
18 It's Boring
19 Bad Theme Song
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