Top 10 Reasons Why Rap Music Sucks

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1 It embodies everything wrong with 2010s music

The thing about the hip-hop genre is that it has people who are lyrical geniuses to people who mumble about sex, drugs and murder and then autotune their voices. All sorts of extremes. I'm grateful that hip-hop is getting so much recognition in the 2010s though. Peak - tequila

You can listen to whatever genre you like, but y'all should really catch up on today's music. - Luckys

Songs really aren't NEARLY as good now as they were in the 70s and 80s. - KalloFox34

Mark these words, Rap’s popularity is going to die in the following 5 or 10 years.

2 It encourages negative racial stereotypes

Nah - Fackthapolice

Not really. - EvanWellens

3 Half of the songs are about drugs, sex and/or money

Wrong.Tupac,Immortal Technique and Kendrick Lamar have made songs about political and conscious issues.God this list is so stereotypical. - DarkBoi-X

Same thing as one. - MrCoolC

Also bullying someone else

True - Fackthapolice

4 Talking really fast doesn't count as actual singing

It still takes talent though. - Userguy44

Rapping and singing are different - DarkBoi-X

No it doesn't.. Because it is called rapping. - ParasN2000

I absolutely hate rap! It’s extremely annoying. - ForestFeline

5 Uninspired attempts to look cool
6 Rappers have annoying voices

No way! Rappers who use autotune have amazing voices and they are great! - Userguy44

Bruh,listen to Tupac.None of these apply to him. - DarkBoi-X

7 It tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator
8 Every other word said in these "songs" are the F-bomb or some variant

Those are just swear words, not a big deal at all. - Userguy44

9 It just gets worse every year

Yes it dose every year rap dies liiitle by little

10 The really bad Soundcloud rappers

True but there are non rappers who are bad on soundcloud - DarkBoi-X

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11 People get a pass to say the n word
12 It creates a heavier influence of crime violence on the youth than any other genre
13 Overuse of Auto-Tune
14 It’s hardly music
15 Sexist and misogynistic towards women
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