Top 10 Reasons Why Raven Is Better Than Starfire

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1 Raven Doesn't Whine About Her Appearance

No Raven is no better than StarFire

I think that Starfire whines about everything

Sure enough isn't it.

Yup, Starfire complains too much of her appearance

I hate her

But I LOVE Raven and to be honest..She looks MUCH better than her

2 Raven's Design Is Much Better

Raven's beauty is natural while Starfire's not - Crystalsnow

Raven: Dark cloak that hides most of her face, and a Jewel on her collar, it matches her personality. Mysterous, but awesome.

Starfire: Ugh. A top and skirt that shows most of her skin. In real life, that tiny skirt wouldn't be the best coverup. It would show her butt. Big crazy highlighter pink hair. She reminds me of Allie from The Famous Five.

More guys hit on raven than starfire

Everything about raven is great.

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3 Raven Is Stronger

Yeah! - Sugarcubecorner

Raven is stronger than that dumb Starfire

She uses her powers for better reasons than Starfire ever could. No offense to anyone. I like all the characters. ☺

Wow raven power is giving powers, telekienisis, teleportation through holes she makes ( goes inside reached her destinAtion, cool spell books and super strength, WOW WOW WOW JUST WOW. Star fire ummm... Let's say only a little speed and green heat vision coming from hand and eyes and strength ( a little )

4 Raven is More Beautiful

I have a crush on this girl

Raven is smart and cleaver the only thing is that starfire has beautiful hair

Raven's creepy. - AinezoChan

Raven has more beauty inside her than anything

5 Raven Has a Much Better Plot

Her story is way worse than stafires which makes her stronger

6 Raven Is Smarter

Raven also grew up on another planet

Maybe. But remember she came from a different planet, and she is still learning how to do things on Earth. She did say that some things that we do were strange to her.

Star came from another planet. You can't blame Star for not being smart. - 906389

Raven knows lots of things, lots of things... - BillCipher

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7 Raven Has a More Interesting Personality

Yeah I loved star until I heard this

Raven has a really better personality because she is fun and cool because on any time she tries to be cool and fun like, fighting crimes, having pizza and these stuff. But this starfire is nice but really bad at choices like she always says lets play baby stuff like duck duck goose and says like to eat discussting stuff like earthworms and monster and u know...STUFF

8 Raven's Emotions Are Deep

I prefer starfire.f - AinezoChan

9 Raven Is Funnier

Funny? More like cringe! She once scratched her butt with a cheese grater. Hysterical! - AinezoChan

Evil beware we have waffles

"Does this look like a taxi to you? "
(Trouble in Tokyo just so you know)

At starfires wedding:umm..he's cute

10 Starfire is Stupid

It the creator's fault that she is stupid. TAKE THAT BACK YOU...JERKS

I totally agree! - Sugarcubecorner

Starfire is not stupid unless its Teen Titans Go Starfire! Seriously, she was going to be held as a slave and was stuck on a battle ship for who knows how long! They obviously didn't teach her, and she already knows big words and always uses them! Though Raven is smarter than her, that doesn't mean she is stupid!

Starfire is awesome! - AinezoChan

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11 Azarath Is a Decent Planet

Yeah. I don't think it is 'The most beautiful place I've ever seen'

Come to think of it, the creators are always babbling about Tameran and there are few parts focusing on Azarath.

I totally disagree and object to this. What's next? Making a list why Leni Loud is better than Grim Gloom? Or why LoliRock is better than My Little Pony? - AinezoChan

12 Raven Is Much More Useful

Yes, she does have much more useful powers than starfire does.. BUT, everyone has their week spots.

What do u mean by useful

Do you mean her brains or her powers

I really love starfire powers but Ravens so much more. Raven can give superpowers, cool spells, telekinesis, teleportation ( because she can make circles and go inside and she reaches her destination ) WOW. Starfires powers are like only heat vision and speed. THTS ALL

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13 Raven's Father is Trigon
14 Raven is Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind

When raven has a bad feeling about something she says it positively. And not afraid if someone hates her ideas. Starfire is so scared even she has a bad felling or idea she doesn't say anything and follows the other person ( the person starfire has bad feeling ) she is the most negative person I ever saw and thinks everybody hates her and not going to like her. OH MY GOD NEVER SAW A NEGATIVE PERSON IN MY LIFE ( starfire )

15 Raven Has the Most Amazing Father
16 Raven is Cleaner

Yes, because whenever this beast boy drank from the package of milk raven got super discussed, but starfire any mess happens she tries do the same or laugh or even starfire was seriously liking the silky raven wanted to vomit because starfires behaviour. Ravens room look amazing and clean... No mess

17 Starfire is Disgusting
18 Starfire is Funny but Boring Because Every Time She Tries to Make a Joke Its Not Funny and Nobody is Really Amused

Starfire is a great friend but Starfire is dumb, but every time she makes a joke its not funny

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1. Raven Doesn't Whine About Her Appearance
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