Top Ten Reasons Why "Reasons to Hate Princess Peach and Princess Daisy" is an Awful List


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1 The reasons are stupid

Beautiful first list! I have to say, the list is a dumb one. The reasons are definitely dumb reasons to hate the characters. - DCfnaf

This is the main reason - yunafreya648

true - ParkerFang

2 It's rude and offensive

One of the items said that they hang out with girls. Seriously? That is just sexist! Are they saying that its wrong that girls hang out with each other? Honestly, some women are called lesbians because they hang out with their best girl friends. So since this is true (sarcastic), I'm guessing boys are gay for hanging out with their guy friends.

3 They are changing facts

They're lying. They're honestly lying. Princess Peach didn't get angry about the birthday, she is not a bossy moron, and Daisy isn't a poser. - DCfnaf

Daisy is Not a poser! Whoever came up with that is dumb!
Peach howrever is a bossy moron! I hate peach!

AND you prove my point. People like you ruin this website by spreading lies about Peach. - DCfnaf

4 They just prove that the hate is the true cancer

Peach is an idiot! She deserves the hate! (I know I am going to get hate for this comment)

Yep. You sure are. Let's be honest, she's the most hated character. People act like she's overrated...YEAH RIGHT. DAISY is more overrated than Peach, ESPECIALLY on this website. I don't hate Daisy, but stop attacking Peach since nobody likes her. - DCfnaf

Yes. - DCfnaf

5 Peach is not overrated

Super Mario Land is confirmed by Nintendo to be a main game and the DK games are confirmed spin-offs.

Pauline did not show personality and her develop was absent just like Peach in her early years, they also have the same role and they are both nice, Daisy had Peach's role in one game now she changed it, she has a different personality as well, watch her spin-off appearances, she shows a personality in most of them. A recolor? Daisy would be a recolor only if she had the same base as Peach with different colors but she always had her own eyes style, nose, mouth, face form, hair style, what they have in common is a dress, a removable thing, not enough for call her a recolor. "forced tomboy"? Nah, Daisy is confirmed to be a tomboy and she shown it, this is a fact, say anything you want but you will not change it. - DaisyandRosalina

She's the most hated character. - DCfnaf

Mario is more hated than Peach

Well she's overhated - ParkerFang

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6 Daisy is a tomboy

Daisy is awesome! Daisy and Rosalina are the best Mario chracters ever! DaisyandRosalina is an awesome user!

Is obvious - DCfnaf

7 They think their opinions are facts

If they were facts they'd be the dumbest facts ever. - DCfnaf

Because they are sorry not sorry

I know right? - ParkerFang

8 It's full on annoying and bratty haters

Yes. - DCfnaf

9 They think Peach is mean

Peach may have many flaws but she's no where close to being mean. - Rue

Giving Mario a kiss is mean. Wow - ParkerFang

Which is another dumb lie. - DCfnaf

Peach isn't mean. She's just a... CRYBABY MORON!

10 Daisy is not unneeded

Due to Super Mario Land. - DCfnaf

She's needed for many reasons - ParkerFang

Yes she is

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11 They call Daisy a "Poser"

She's not obviously. - DCfnaf

What is a poser? - ParkerFang

12 It had a Reason about Peach's Ass in 2 Games
13 Peach is powerful enough to escape herself but she doesn't

That is correct

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