Reasons Why "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rosalina" Doesn't Make Sense

If you wanna make a good "Reasons to hate Rosalina", next time bring good evidence of why you hate her.

The Top Ten

1 You can't make anyone hate Rosalina

Wendy is 100% trash - yunafreya648

True - yunafreya648

2 She is more overhated than overrated

Look everywhere on the internet - ParkerFang

Yep its true. - egnomac


Rosalina = trash

3 It was made by a Daisy worshiper

Daisy fans are worse than Rosalina's.

4 She never replaced Daisy
5 The fanbase has nothing to do with the character
6 There's Nothing Wrong With Being 'Girly'/Feminine
7 Doesn't give evidence to why she 'sucks'

"Just Plain Sucks"

Really People? - ToadF1

8 She's not a Peach clone

She Really isn't, if anything, that's Pink Gold Peach, she is a Rubbish Addition - ToadF1

Peach doesn't have a backstory. - ParkerFang

9 She isn't the only one that people thinks she's hot

And Wendy is one ugly girl - yunafreya648

Peach, Daisy, Pauline. - ParkerFang

Wendy is ugly and deserves to be hated

Pink Gold Peach, Toadette (How Come? ), Rosalina, Peach, Pauline and Daisy..
Well, I think the Splatoon Inkling Girl (Even as a Teenager) is Hot! - ToadF1

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10 "Wears a Dress instead of Jeans" is a very dumb reason

True - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Rosalina is not a ripoff of Disney's Elsa

The people who whine about this needs to shut up. Not everyone who says she's a ripoff of Elsa gosh it's not a big deal.

What is with people nowadays? Super Mario Galaxy came out six years before Frozen did. Have they lost their minds?

12 Rosalina isn't trash

People always jack off to Peach. She's Barbie but with a softer voice

13 Rosalina isn't a sexist character

Wanna know who's Sexist?


Because she's a Slutty Fugly Shank who is to Trashy to be a Koopaling - ToadF1

14 Rosalina is not even the most overrated fictional character in existence.

Tifa and Aerith fans are worse than Rosalina's. People like Tifa ONLY for her boobs. They ship her with Cloud because "Cloud deserves a girl with huge boobs" just plain awful. Aerith fans are so rude that they send death threats when you say you hated her.

Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Cream the Rabbit are much more overrated and used in much more awful fan work than Rosalina. (No offense to the Sonic franchise or anyone who likes those characters. It's just that I wish people didn't make so much garbage with those characters that it is hard for other people to see them as what they are as opposed to what they want them to be)

As far as Mario characters go, I think Yoshi and the Koopalings have worse fanbases than Rosalina does even though I like those characters. (at least I'm a sane fan of them)

15 Rosalina Doesn't need to Rival Inky
16 She isn't a Shank
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1. You can't make anyone hate Rosalina
2. She is more overhated than overrated
3. It was made by a Daisy worshiper
1. The fanbase has nothing to do with the character
2. She never replaced Daisy
3. She's not a Peach clone



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