Top 10 Reasons Why Regular Show and Adventure Time are Equally Good

The Top Ten

1 Both have likable characters

I love this list

Likable AT Characters: Marceline, Jake, Finn, BB, BMO, Ice King and More
Likable RS character: Rigby, Mordecai, Skips, Pops, Marget and ETC.

2 Both have good voice acting

Regardless if you like the characters or not you got to admit the voice acting in both is pretty superb.

3 Both  are funny in their own right

Both shows are hillarious in their own ways. AT's humour is a bit more kid friendly but RS's humor is slightly more teen/ adult orientated.

4 Both have good writing

From what I've seen the writing in both shows is decent.

5 Both can be very creative

Especially Adventure Time, if you're still skeptic watch the episode "Abstract". If you're still skeptic about Regular Show then watch one of their halloween specials enough said.

6 Both have good character progression

Finn starts out as a typical hero, but as the series progresses his overall story arc is improved and his motivation changes. Rigby and Mordecai start off as slackers but towards the end of the show really start to take their job seriously.

7 Both have good action/ fighting

Despite both having a PG rating the action in both shows is pretty decent and not too violent for their overall demographic.

8 Both have good episodes

Honestly both shows have more good episodes then bad episodes but there's still a few duds here and there.

9 Without both Cartoon Network would've never recovered from the live action crisis

Especially considering how the network thought cartoons were dead luckily these shows proved otherwise and helped the network.

10 Both don't overly on toilet humor

One of the most false things I've heard about both shows on this site is that they overuse toilet humor. However this isn't true Adventure Time only makes maybe 1 or 2 of these jokes per episode so it doesn't become overused. Regular Show also only makes maybe 1 or 2 so they're not overused. Now something like TTGO and PPG (2016) now those make too many toilet humor jokes.

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