Reasons Why Regular Show Is Better Than Adventure Time


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1 Funnier

Yeah! Regular show is hilarious!

Adventure Time is better than Regular Show. Honest opinion.

Adventure Time has kiddish jokes and made-up words while Regular Show on the other hand has cool jokes with REAL words

Adventure time sucks to be honest. Jokes there stink honestly

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2 More Imaginative

This list is so stupid. Odds are if you like one these shows you like the other as well. These two shows resurrected Cartoon Network from obscurity and are recognized as 2 of the best cartoons of the 2010s. Saying that one is better than the other is flat out stupid and whoever made this list obviously has a lot of time on their hands. Adventure Time and Regular Show forever.

How Is It More Imaginative? I... I Don't Even Understand How Anyone Would Make These Types Of Lists. I'm Sorry, I Just Don't Understand.

Whoever said that if you like Regular Show you should like Adventure Time is so stupid! People are allowed to like anything they want! If you like both shows, that's fine, but don't go forcing your opinion on other people!

Seriously. This list is almost as bad as the "Pickle and Peanut is better than Over the Garden Wall" list. There is no comparison between these shows. Adventure Time is better than Regular Show in every conceivable way.

Not really. Regular Show is funnier and the characters are more relatable. - PeeledBanana

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3 Has Hamboning

What the hell - Lunala

What kind of reason is this?

This list is so stupid.

4 Adventure Time Is Annoying

So is Regular Show!

Eh some at characters are annoying but same goes for rs - Lunala

I Think Regular Show Is Even More Annoying.

Nateawesomeness is the worst.Gravity Falls is the best cartoon in the world!

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5 More Interesting to Watch


Yes,way better plot - Nateawesomeness

6 Has Better Adult Jokes

Look at Adventure Time's Top 10 Innuendos. You'd rethink that.

Regular show is more manly then adventure time! - Nateawesomeness

7 References to 1980 Culture

Loverboy, Flock of seagulls, Etc.

I don't watch Evangelion, but that Evangelion reference though in Regular Show. It did a good job parodying Evangelion's opening intro and A Cruel Angel's Thesis.

8 It's More Crazy and Unique (In a Good Way)
9 More Entertaining
10 Adventure Time is Childish

Regular Show is childish. Adventure Time behind its weirdness has masterfully dealt with sensitive adult themes such as suicide, Alzheimer's, and sexuality. What adult theme has Regular Show ever done?

If I had to rate ages,I would say regular show for 9+,and adventure time for 5+ - Nateawesomeness

Adventure time is dumb


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11 It Has Better Characters

Because finn himself isn't good characters

12 Adventure Time Is Full of Inadequate Humor

Regular show has more adult jokes!

13 Better Character Design

Only Thing I agree with. - 445956


14 More Violence

Is That Supposed To Be A Good Thing?

15 More Original

Regular Show is a show I used to like, but now I am realizing how meh it is. - 445956

Regular Show is not a ripoff of Adventure Time.
Adventure Time is a ripoff of Regular Show - BorisRule

16 Regular Show Isn't Extremely Confusing

The plot is easy to understand, even if you don't watch it that much. Basically, there's this bird named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby who work at a park, slack off, and weird things happen. Mordecai is embarrassed when he likes someone (Margaret or CJ). In Adventure Time, it's a really big quest with rapidly changing stories, many characters, and villains I don't know the name of. I still like both shows though. - ethanmeinster

AD has about 100 characters,that's confusing - Nateawesomeness

17 Has Yay Yuh

Hey! Don't forget WOO! - AlphaQ

Yay Yuh is funny - BorisRule

18 Makes More Sense

Adventure time makes zero sense a stupid kid going on adventures with a talking dog that
transforms into crap

19 More Laid-Back


20 More Calm
21 Better Adult Jokes

For real I like both shows but regular shows innuendos are way funnier. adventure times tend to just involve naked people - bashed

22 Adventure Time Doesn't Make Sense

A stupid kid and a talking dog that transforms into crap yea that's great

23 Adventure Time Gets Boring Very Often
24 Adventure Time is Getting Too Dark

Yeah. I totes agree. But I already made my vote lol

25 Better Humor
26 Regular Show has better songs
27 Regular Show Makes More Sense
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