I try not to have religion. I believe God many be real now, but he may not be. I used to be more Atheist, but God makes some sense to me now. Everything has a order that makes since.

I disagree with the old testament Bible. The view point. The teachings. And some of it seems a bit wacko, such as god killed the Egyptians by making a flood out of all blood. How do you make a flood out of all blood? Going back to the basic concept of precipitation, rain or snow occurs when there is a lot of moisture in the clouds. How did all that blood get in the clouds? Were people evaporating blood, and if they did why would they do that and how long ago did they have to start to get enough blood evaporated in time? Better yet, how did the water turn to blood? It would have been a rather confusing process, for it to just happen out of no where, And anyways, how does blood gather in balls of water vapor, clouds?

And the creation of Adam and Eve. Adam was made first by god. God made earth first and then the sun and then the moon. You see where the problem is? How does the earth function without a sun? And there is proof that were more planets, more galaxies, more universes, more nebulas, so many years before this Adam was born, er, created. And this Eve. How do you create a person from a rib? If this was magic, how come more people were not created from ribs? How come there is a proven method that you need two people to make a person.

And Eve. Christianity's Pandora. She had kids before they were banished out of Eden. Because of Eve, women experience pain during childbirth and have trouble with Adam in her relationship. Eve was just tempted and did not know before even if the story was real. What if this Eve person though did not do that, would their be millions of people in Eden. And in 5,000, which is the age of the earth according to some Christians, years how did many billion people descend from two? Poor Eve... The creation of her is also annoying. Adam was alone so she was made from him, later while Adam was doing she does something that creates all of humanities problems, and she causes humanity to no longer have paradise and causes bad stuff to happen for Adam.

The role of women in religion in general, including in the old testament Bible, is generally less important then the role of men which led to stereotypes later on, by ancient civilizations that were christian.

And Jesus, this Jesus. Jesus was gods son. By Mary who was a virgin, so Joseph excepted Jesus as his son. You do not just get pregnant. If god really does exist, I am sorry. Can you prove Jesus was real? I do believe he was real, but was he really divine. And this healing stuff. He could just heal without, leeches, amputation, their little variety medical procedures. And resurrecting dead people, with our semi advanced science now, even that is a bit fuzzy. Now how does this Jesus do it? Could it have been fake? Many scholars do believe the story of his life was fake and there can be a very logical reason for why his body was there if it was real. Someone moved it? Must me a strong someone or maybe they had no rock there, or was it a lot of someones?

I believe in the paranormal. Yes. I do believe they may be signs of presence of a higher being. Not god for me, most likely. I just think you can see homo sapiens as a amazing evolved highly intelligent species that has managed to breed from the first life on earth proven, that is, tiny bacteria.

I don't believe in religion but this is not saying I am against religion, it is that I can't have a religion. Goodbye.


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