Top 10 Reasons Why the Ren & Stimpy Show is Genuinely Extremely Overrated

This is exactly why if you're going to pick a show to watch first between this and Rocko, you should really just pick Rocko instead.

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1 Is considered to be unanimously the best and most interesting show of 1990s Nickelodeon by its fans when it is objectively one of the worst and least interesting by far

Doug was extremely boring and generic but still had quite a lot to teach kids about what hitting puberty was like;

Rugrats was extremely overhyped by its channel but still had quite a lot to teach both kids and adults alike about the sheer power of imagination to transform mundane everyday life into one of the most amazing things ever;

Rocko's Modern Life, in addition to being absolutely hilarious and easily one of THE greatest and (at its time) most criminally underrated animated satire shows of all time, had countless things to "teach" emo hipster teenagers about how much life sucks in the modern-day adult world, and how socially alienating it really, truly is;
Hey Arnold is kind of likewise to Rocko's Modern Life only without the utterly manic insanity and randomness;

Wild Thornberries wasn't exactly one of 90s Nick's more memorable shows but was environmentally friendly at least;

Rocket Power was stupid and pointless and tried way too hard to ...more - xandermartin98

Yeah I would. "Objectively" I love the show. Why is that a big issue with you? I cannot even watch Rocko's Modern Life as the DVD I looked at on Amazon was in a region that I would not be able to watch it. I would like to; but I can't. - iliekpiez

What is the point of this list just watch both it's just that simple, IGN is a game site what would the now about movies or series and if were are talking about 90's Nickelodeon: most would say Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Kablam, Ren and Stimpy, catdog, Ahhh! Real Monsters, and The Wild Thornberrys all of which were good in its own ways with 90s charm - germshep24

This is the 20th time you’ve ranted about Ren and Stimpy. We get it, You think it’s overrated. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Is praised for being revolutionary when it was revolutionary in nearly all of the wrong ways, such as inspiring ongoing generations of cheap, soul-less imitators with no real substance or dignity to speak of (with Rocko being an EXTREMELY rare exception)

And of course, IGN still kicked Rocko off of its Top 100 Best Cartoons list in ridiculously biased favor of R&S regardless (honestly, this is a perfect example of something that gets praised for its innovation factor at the time when it was released rather than being praised for its actual QUALITY; go ahead, try and correct me if I'm supposedly wrong) - xandermartin98

It made 2828282828 shows copy it - iliekpiez

3 Both of its contemporaries (Rocko's Modern Life and the good portion of Spongebob) are objectively numerous leagues above it overall in both the writing department and the humor department

SpongeBob (first 3 seasons) are better received than Ren and Stimpy. - iliekpiez

Be honest; can you really say with a straight face that R&S, of all things, is a jaw-droppingly brilliant suburban ennui satire that would make OK Computer green with envy? Even at its best, it's more-often-than-not just your average gross-out show with a few (admittedly) rather negligible twists here and there - xandermartin98

4 Its creator criticizes good shows in favor of it

For example:

Golden-Age (1990s) Simpsons
Golden-Age (first four seasons) Spongebob
Batman: The Animated Series (do I REALLY need to explain how wrong he is about this one? )

Animaniacs and Rocko's Modern Life (both EASILY god-tier as far as all-ages comedy shows are concerned)

South Park and Futurama (even though the latter IS considerably less interesting than the former)
(to an extent) Adventure Time and Regular Show (despite all of their stupidly forced meme humor)

(case in point, he's a pretentious "back in my day" douche that basically just wants every cartoon on Earth to be a straight-up copy of Looney Tunes and clearly doesn't understand how important good writing actually is in shows, leading us directly into the Radiohead-referencing entry, which of course is simply none other than...) - xandermartin98

And that interferes with the show's quality because...? - iliekpiez

5 Is treated as the more adult-oriented show between it and Rocko's Modern Life when Rocko, in reality, is the more adult-oriented one by far

This should just be:
Ren and Stimpy sucks because I like Rocko's Modern Life more - iliekpiez

Go and actually watch Rocko's Modern Life and this will all make sense - xandermartin98

See the "contemporaries" entry's description for more info - xandermartin98

6 Relatively speaking, only the first two of its five seasons were good (40% of the show); that's not even counting the extra half-season provided by the show's infamous Adult Party spinoff, which would effectively make that approximately 37%

That, and those two seasons are also pretty much the only good thing to ever come out of John K's career
(much like how Rocko was basically the only good thing to come out of Joe Murray's, I'm well aware, but STILL, whether you personally like it or not, at least THAT show's golden age lasted through the entire series and actually has FOUR seasons as opposed to this pathetic measly two that R&S has; don't you even dare try to preach the classic "quality over quantity" excuse to me either, because I've already heard it ALL too many times before) - xandermartin98

All 5 seasons were good other than the spinoff. - iliekpiez

7 While the art style it uses might be astonishingly gorgeous, the animation of Ren & Stimpy is incredibly stilted and awkward and looks to be easily at least three entire decades behind the time period in which the show was made

I've seen the animation of Rocko's Modern Life by pictures. I prefer the Ren and Stimpy animation. - iliekpiez

The ANIMATION, not the artwork itself (are you actually reading the description here) - xandermartin98

In short, while R&S might be the more elaborately drawn show of the two, RML is by FAR the better-animated in reality - xandermartin98

8 More than 80% of the time, Ren is the only good character present in the show (no, without his whole "duo" dynamic with Ren, Stimpy would NOT count, contrary to popular belief)

Stimpy so good. - iliekpiez

Honestly, why else would the (admittedly classic) Stimpy's Fan Club episode exist?
And for the record, RML and Spongebob actually have a LOT of good characters.
For RML, we have Rocko himself (FAR beyond relatable), Heffer (mostly because of his backstory), Filburt (when the show actually bothers to feature him, that is), Dr. Hutchison (likewise), all three of the Bigheads (most ESPECIALLY Ralph), Spunky (because he's just too damned cute), Really Really Big Man (absolutely spot-on parody of superheroes), the Chameleon Brothers (simply hilarious Mexican stereotypes) and Sheila (despite the fact that she only appears in one specific episode in which the show is already more-than-arguably past its true prime).
For Spongebob, we have Spongebob himself (be honest, you want to snuggle him too), Patrick (clearly smarter than he makes himself out to be, at the very least), Plankton (basically undersea Zim), Mr. Krabs (early-seasons Krabs only, for the most part and for VERY obvious ...more - xandermartin98

9 Rocko's Modern Life gets called a ripoff of it when the two shows have barely anything in common with each other besides the gross-out humor (which Rocko DOES have, yes, but doesn't obnoxiously laser-focus itself around the way that R&S does)

And people seriously call R&S the (overall) more adult show of the two - xandermartin98

No, Rocko's Modern Life is acclaimed. - iliekpiez

10 Most of its "god-tier" episodes get a great deal if not all of their praise just for one or two specific scenes/moments

For example:
Ren threatening to savagely mutilate Stimpy and Sven limb-from-limb in Sven Hoek
Ren becoming President and plotting to horrifically strangle Stimpy to death in his sleep in Stimpy's Fan Club
Ren hallucinating a bar of soap into his "beloved ice cream bar" and Stimpy pressing the History Eraser Button in Space Madness
"Happy Happy Joy Joy" from Stimpy's Invention
Stimpy being forced to extremely fetishistically mouth-vore Ren in The Boy Who Cried Rat - xandermartin98

Nah, I love the golden episodes than more than a few scenes - iliekpiez

The Contenders

11 Isn't allowed to get hated on for using gross-out humor even though it's the show that kick-started the trend

(cough) Oh, but ROCKO totally is, for example (wheeze) - xandermartin98

12 It has a truly horrible case of "style over substance"

Ren and Stimpy has a lot of substance - iliekpiez

13 Show is comically over-reliant on gross-out humor and shock value and has no educational value whatsoever
14 Ren and Stimpy themselves are both ridiculously overrated characters
15 Is easily among the most poorly-aged out of all of the popular 1990s cartoons put together
16 Some of Rocko's worst episodes are legitimately about on par with some of Ren & Stimpy's best
17 Is praised almost entirely for pushing boundaries rather than for actually being good
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