Top 10 Reasons Why the Ren and Stimpy Show Isn't That Bad

I am not saying you should watch the show I'm just saying that it is not a horrible show.

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1 Its Legacy

The show was a big influence with future animation. Without the show SpongeBob SquarePants, Beavis and Butt-head, and South Park might not been existed. - CartoonsGirl

It is quite gross, especially in blazing entrails, but it's not that bad

It has lame gross-out humor that is there so the writers don't have to invest time, work and care into the show.

2 It Is One of Nickelodeon's Popular Shows

And probably one of the notable shows. - CartoonsGirl

3 The Characters

If you wanna argue, go watch an episode for your self. - nintendofan126

4 The Animation

The animation is not that bad. - CartoonsGirl

Oh my God, I love the animation! It is smooth, sharp, cartoony and classic!

5 It Is Pretty Popular

They have appeared in "The Front" and "Brother From the same planet" From the Simpsons. - CartoonsGirl

6 The Music

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!. Plus some of the music the episodes used were used in SpongeBob. - CartoonsGirl

7 The Cult Following
8 The Voice Actors

I have never seen Ren & stimpy show - EpicJake

Billy West voiced Stimpy (My Favorite Character) while John Kricfalusi voiced Ren (My Second Favorite Character)

9 The Controversy

The Controversy they caused made a lot of people watch the show. - CartoonsGirl

10 The Quotes

"You Idiot! "! , "Oh, joy", "Happy happy! Joy joy! " and so much more. - CartoonsGirl

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11 It's not the most offensive show out there

That would be Modern Family Guy

12 18+ Jokes
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1. Its Legacy
2. It Is One of Nickelodeon's Popular Shows
3. It Is Pretty Popular
1. It Is One of Nickelodeon's Popular Shows
2. Its Legacy
3. The Cult Following
1. Its Legacy
2. It Is One of Nickelodeon's Popular Shows
3. The Characters

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