Reasons Why Ricegum is Not a Good YouTuber

The Top Ten Reasons Why Ricegum is Not a Good YouTuber

1 He bullied a girl because she wasn't acting her age

Though I agree kids under 13 should not be using Instagram, RiceGum is still an idiot - B1ueNew

No matter if it's a daughter of a famous person or not. This is rude. RiceGum is pathetic for what he's done. He just bullies for the stupidest reasons. I really feel bad for Alabama.

But it doesn't matter. It was her choice. I'm glad Travis from Blink 182 solved it anyway.

That girl was Alabama Barker, Travis Barker of Blink-182's daughter.

Or son

2 He was accused of assault by the Gabbie Show and then he responds with insults mocking and threats

He is a retard who rapes

3 He bullies and makes fun of children because of what they said about him and have all of his followers harass them

If you're a grown man who cares so much about small things children say about you that you encourage people to harass them, you're pathetic. - RoseWeasley

Like why would you do that?

4 He is accused of damaging property because I quote "she was being annoying"
5 He's been banned from youtube
6 He can't stop flexing

Moans at odd 1s out for telling people he's flexing when he is.

You may have money to buy expensive things, but can you see them if your head is too far up your ass

If you're rich or have expensive tastes, fine. If you constantly shove it in others faces, screw off.

7 He has been permanently banned from twitch

Twitch is awful anyways, just thots with big butts playing fortnite - B1ueNew

8 He has been banned from YouNow 4 times
9 He always makes videos about how someone roasted him and makes a big deal except he roasts other people
10 Roasts a 12 year and puts in title Marilyn Monroe right by her name

The Newcomers

? Frick Da Police - Ricegum

The Contenders

11 He thinks he is an actual rapper

He sucks at rapping he is so bad

12 He's a drama queen and a 2 year old
13 He made fun of a rape victim


I got one question to ask you bro

And what I mean by rape being important is feeling for the victims of rape, and helping them getting through, not making fun of.

Rape is a really important topic, and it's a topic to not make fun of. no one should make fun of rape, race, politics, or anything really sensitive to people who have been through it.

14 He made fun of the Odd1sout for just referencing him.

Then he whines about how "hard" he works, and bashed TheOdd1sOut for only uploading once a month.
Look, buddy. Try being an animator. Try making a good, high quality video. - RoseWeasley

It's not that he made fun of James.
It's the fact that James made FUN of ricegum and ricegum threw a hissyfit

What? I'm not that big of a fan of the Odd1sout, but this is sick. RiceGum needs to grow up and stop bullying everybody. Jeez.

15 He's a Troll

He's worst than onision

16 Its EveryNight Sis - Ricegum

I would rather kiss a person of the same gender as me than listen to this garbage. - Gehenna

At least it's better than everyday bro - B1ueNew

What the hell is this crap? - BlazingParasol

He does great rap. And does not flex on them haters that's liltay.

17 He got upset at Markiplier for a one second clip of his face being shown in a video

What a sensitive idiot - B1ueNew

Yes he got mad over a ONE SECOND CLIP.

18 He thinks he's the best
19 He always says the same crap!

You'll have to agree with this crap =_= he says dumb threats and he don't do them =_= what a child!

20 He tried to eat Alissa violet’s dog

Is Ricegum psycho?

21 Too much drama with other YouTube/social media stars

He’s had beef with bhad bhabie, woah Vicky and the list goes on, when it comes to online beefs, ricegum might be the king of them

22 He values fame and money over his fans
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