Top Ten Reasons Why Roblox is Better Than Minecraft


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1 More games

Minecraft also has games like pixel painters, but I don't know how to find that game on minecraft and play it. You see, I have been playing for roblox since 2016 (if you want proof, then check out my hacked roblox account called annabellalol3314), and yes, players were nice to me and there is a least amount of people who have bullied me. Roblox has like over 10 million games to play with other people like, murder mystery 2, elemental battlegrounds, and much MUCH more!

*Gets banned from roblox*
Minecraft, here I come.

Most of which are just crap. - neehawgamer

Minecraft only has survival, hardcore, adventure, creative and spectator. Roblox has a huge variety of games like escaping prison, raising a cute baby and building towers. Roblox has a game for everyone.

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2 It's free

$35 dollars Canadian is nothing, especially for such a large and high quality game. Plus, it has no pay-to-win! - neehawgamer

Minecraft sucks

I've been playing for 3 years without robux and it's honestly not that bad. Like sure, I want that cool outfit and some game boosts to make my game a bit more enjoyable, but the free version isn't as limited as you think it is. You can still play games and do stuff. - SnailPony

It is free you don't have to pay robux if you don't want its just a way for them to get some money off roblox

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3 You can have Minecraft in Roblox

Honestly there is not a single one that's good

ROBLOX is the best you never get bored

A low quality version, maybe. - neehawgamer

That's stupid! idiots!

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4 People are nice

People on roblox are kind

No they're not! I was in the lunchroom at school and these girls were talking about Minecraft (I don't play it) they only decided to trash another girl's world because they were mad.

I really disagree with people who complain the Roblox community is trash. I play both Minecraft and Roblox, and nobody has ever bullied me, insulted my appearance/skin/avatar, and constantly made it a laugh-out-loud joke whenever I lose. To be completely honest, the Roblox community isn't amazing, and it could be improved, but so could the Minecraft community. I have a friend from a whitelisted Minecraft server who plays on another server with 20-year-olds who constantly swear and say inappropriate things, so... Minecraft isn't 100% better than Roblox. In my opinion, on a scale of 1-10, Roblox would be a 9 and Minecraft would be a 7 and a 1/2. Whenever you get bored in Roblox, there's always something more to entertain you, always a new game to play, but in Minecraft, it's the same stuff over and over.

Roblox has the worst community the world has ever seen. They are the greediest, and the most money hungry company! THEY ONLY WANT MONEY! - WorldPuncher47592834

Don't make me laugh! The admins are lazy, there's always a spammer, and reporting is useless. - neehawgamer

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5 If you don't wanna sign up for Roblox you can be a guest

Minecraft has a demo version. - neehawgamer

Guests are GONE PERIOD.

U can in mc too - JayJayPlayzzz

If you want to be a guest than play on mobile! Someone video says guests play on mobile now

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6 There are not a lot of annoying players

Ha, most of the community are hackers, spammers, and little kids! - neehawgamer

I LOVE ROBLOX it is way better then minecraft I like minecraft but ROBLOX is way
more better then minecraft because roblox is a old but that means that it has a lot more
time to work on it minecraft is newer and everyone thinks that newer is better but older
is better ROBLOX you can make friends easily and they are not annoying at all

What about salty kids that always type in caps or ro-gangsters?

Well, there are spammers. All they do is SPAM SPAM SPAM, yet nobody reports them. And if someone does, ROBLOX NEVER SEES IT! Well, I may be wrong with the "ROBLOX NEVER SEES IT! " thing, since I never reported someone before. But in Minecraft, hackers always get caught and banned or muted.

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7 Has more detail

Roblox characters look like deformed minifigs. - neehawgamer

Roblox has worse graphics are u serious. - JayJayPlayzzz

Plus in roblox studio you can do all most anything, from changing lighting realism, fog size shape of objects,
models, plugins, audios, rain whether snow different terrains, like water lava stone basalt, scriptings
and the power to paste images from google as your games image, and much much more that a blocky world with just blocks and more blocks.

Minecraft has bad graphics.
looks like it came from the iphone 1

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8 You don't need to do a lot of work building your game on roblox

I disagree. It takes months to learn how to do one thing. You have to script and stuff. - WorldPuncher47592834

People put more effort in Minecraft they have creativity. In Roblox, you have to use what other people built to build your own. - WorldPuncher47592834

Not true. You can make all of your buildings using the possible shapes, materials and colors. - HenkkazoR

You can just use building tools on minecraft

Speed doesn't mean quality. - WorldPuncher47592834

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9 You don't need to download skins you can buy items with in game money

Roblox is cool

How is this even making Roblox better? Roblox isn't free for this one, and Minecraft is.

And that makes the game better? - JayJayPlayzzz

And you can get them both free in Minecraft. - neehawgamer

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10 Has funnier youtubers and friends

HahaahahnhaHAHAAHAH roblox good Minecraft bad

I like roblox a lot and a youtuber follows me


This is very much opinion-based, but I'll put it this way; we have DanTDM, Doni Bobes, ExplodingTNT, Ballistic, and so many others. - neehawgamer

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11 Better death sound

How can anything beat this.

It's just annoying. - neehawgamer

Oof minecraft can't beat this

Oof is just amzing but still why do we even need to hear that most of the time we don't even die

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12 More players

Minecraft has much more. - neehawgamer

You all saying millions of people quit are idiots. There are 10 million accounts making it impossible for 50 million to quit and if 10 million quit in one week you would see the site start shutting itself down. - Mykiur

Get this off the list. Minecraft has 50,000,000 players but roblox has 30,000,000 - Wobblygaming7

People are quitting roblox every day. I saw 10 million quit in one week. - WorldPuncher47592834

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13 Roblox came out before Minecraft

Wrong you dimwit

How does that make a game better? - JayJayPlayzzz

That... that doesn't matter though... - ohhi

That's true, but age doesn't make a game better. Fortninte came out before Breath of the Wild, but Fortnite just sucks. - neehawgamer

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14 Minecraft Minecraft

I rate roblox 10 out of ten and minecraft 9 out of ten

Minecraft is one of the greatest games ever made. It has limitless possibilities, and an endless potential. The community has calmed down a lot after all the squeekers grew up or moved to Fortnite.

Roblox on the other hand is also an amazing game. Its same in the sense that it has limitless potential, the only difference being that it's more focused towards online play instead of singleplayer or small groups like Minecraft is focused towards, and that different things are easier to find and have more variety.

Um Minecraft is just mining its boring...

If you think about it minecraft is revived daily, 10th year anniveersary so many yts from fortnite came back to Minecraft, wont see that happen to roblox

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15 Free app
16 It is rare to find squeakers

Not true. I played Roblox a few times, and each time there were multiple squeakers. I have played Minecraft for thousands of hours, and have only met a couple squeakers. - neehawgamer

The only squeaker I know of that plays Roblox is Super Minecraft Kid.

The only ones I can find hunk of are fgteev and ethangamertv that are both crap


17 Better things to do on roblox

Roblox is a little bit more realistic, since Roblox and Minecraft have the most similar genres, many players attack others for their opinions and say minecraft copied Roblox.

Ok I disagree, in Minecraft, you get to experience real life back in the olden days to modern time in a blocky world. - WorldPuncher47592834

All you do on Minecraft is bulid build build and live but in Roblox you don't have to do all that you can play a lot of fun games different Avatar style and when people say there are oders in Roblox and that's turn but in Minecraft there are oders too and you can say curse words and inappropriate words and Roblox you can't which you can be more safe in roblox.

Roblox isn't safe first of all, there is more things to do in Minecraft, in Roblox its true that there are more games, ROBLOX IS AN ONLINE DATING GAME IDIOT! - WorldPuncher47592834

18 It’s cool

Little kids saying they are cool by putting on all adidas clothing. But the others quit. - WorldPuncher47592834

All the cool people quit roblox. THere is online daters everywhere.From ages 5-8. - WorldPuncher47592834

Roblox is where the cool kids are

All the cool kids quit due to the little kids online dating 40 year olds. - WorldPuncher47592834

Disagree. - HelloMyfriend

19 There is at least decent game music.


Minecraft music is a masterpiece. - neehawgamer

The old Roblox soundtrack is very grand, take a listen yourself.

Minecraft is calm, but boring.

20 Less popular

Nat anymore! - neehawgamer

Roblox has 1B players WAY more than Minecraft

This is actually true if you count active players. Roblox has about 200 million players. Minecraft has about 92 Million. It’s also more than fortnite, with about 125 players. - MegadethFan07

Not true

21 Mining Simulator is in the game

It's garbage compared to the real thing. - neehawgamer

22 Less killing games

Firstly, it is up to you to choose a game. Secondly, Roblox definitely has more. - neehawgamer

Yes cause there is less games of killing than playing

Less killing games please

23 Roblox has more items

Whats the point I like Roblox but there is one thing that is useless TOYS LIKE ALL GAMES don't USE IT(most of the good games)

Overpriced - WorldPuncher47592834

Worthless items cost millions of robux - WorldPuncher47592834

Roblox has more items, but minecraft has items with actual meaning - SlimeyFlames

24 They actually make good updates in Roblox, Minecraft has hardly changed, Roblox is becoming better and better, Minecraft updates are "The green in the grass block is 0.0000001% brighter

First of all your colorblind because the block was light green to a leaf green. - JayJayPlayzzz

Minecraft gets updates EVERY Day - Wobblygaming7

Roblox has terrible updates and most of them aren't even updates at all. Minecraft just had the Aquatic Update and you can add coral reefs and even create your own. You now have the ability to swim in minecraft deep. Roblox is adding the Anthro which will waste money because you can't add items to your Anthro character. Plus, it will attract more ODers to the game, Making roblox the world biggest online dating game, oh, wait, roblox right now IS the biggest online dating game. - WorldPuncher47592834

I like both but I will definitely say that Minecraft has WAY cooler and better updates. You also get to vote for updates in minecon! Unlike Roblox who has crappy sucky updates. I voted for guardian blaze because phantom looked ugly, but now, it looks really cool!

Minecraft updates: lets ask minecon fans! They can help us decide!
a few months later...
next update: PANDAS ARE SO CUTE :D

Roblox updates: Oh look, they added STRIKES, what a GREAT idea.
Roblox has been removed for copyright of youtube: reason: strike
Roblox: what I HATE YT
Player: lol get rekt ugly
noob: :(
this is what always happens, they NEVER added a BUYING ADMINS UPDATE TO PREVENT BULLIES FROM BULLYINGause admins have power, if they abuse, roblox can refund admin and Ip terminate the account

so that's why minecraft updates are better then robloxes


-Diamond(Nickname that I use)

25 Minecraft is childish

Neither is. There is no such thing as a childish game. Except maybe Barney - neehawgamer

I mean I love Roblox,but for me Roblox is more childish.

Hi! I'm jimmy. I'm fwee yeaws owd and I will swaughter vis viwwage bwutaawwy! - ohhi

26 Roblox can't be bought out

People are making ripoffs of other games. They are also copying others. - WorldPuncher47592834

Cause it has every game on there - spodermanfan1000

27 Better graphics

Minecraft has 16x16 pixel blocks with detail. Are you being serious? - Headofire

28 No lag

That has to do with your system. Not the game. - neehawgamer

Lol u guys are nobs

Roblox can cause a computer virus. - WorldPuncher47592834

How come the only time I played, I was getting stuck in the floor, ceiling, and walls? - Headofire

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29 Less hackers

Not at all true. Not to mention, Minecraft hackers usually do pretty mild things too! - neehawgamer

Hacking Roblox is more common. I have seen more trolling exploiting videos than on Minecraft - Ohno

OK I seen a lot more hackers in roblox. Roblox doesn't care - WorldPuncher47592834

Bish its easier to hack in roblox. And, hackers take that advantage. - Headofire

30 No salty kids saying that you can do everything on it

Some Minecraft server also can but, you know what roblox also making it hard to write some names because it will turn into '####' instead. But I don't mind because this is for safety

31 More game styles

Ever heard of a thing called a mod? - neehawgamer

There are so many genres in ROBLOX. There are only 3 world types in Minecraft. Roblox beats this one. - WorldPuncher47592834

32 No soccer moms


33 Roblox has more things to do without mods

Depends on the person. I got bored of Roblox in a few hours, and yet I still play Minecraft for such a long time. - neehawgamer

In minecraft, Have you not had a mod and drove a car? No! You need a mod in minecraft to have guns, and cars, but in roblox you don't!

You could consider different games on roblox mods, its practically the same thing - SlimeyFlames


34 Free multiplayer

Same in Minecraft - WorldPuncher47592834

Your free to go chill out with other people and you can find your friends

35 Scripting

*cough cough* command blocks *cough cough* - ohhi

36 More things you can do
37 You Can Make Your Own Audio

There are many Minecraft mods that can do this too. And guess what; they're free! - neehawgamer

Well, this does cost Robux, but at least you can make it. And if the audio is inappropriate, Roblox won't accept it. Unlike in Minecraft. And I know they have music blocks in Minecraft, but it doesn't actually let you create REAL audio. Just using Minecraft's crappy music blocks. - PaperHatPuma

38 Roblox doesn't make you craft things

I like roblox not only because it’s fun but because you don’t have to craft

39 Roblox avatars look more realistic, while Minecraft are not
40 When you're creating a tree in ROBLOX, you don’t need to build leaves.

So this decides which game is better? What a petty reason. - neehawgamer

41 You can make real money if your Roblox game is successful

And you'll lose it all spending it on overpriced items in pointless games that you'll quit after playing a few times. - neehawgamer

42 You can learn to script

In Minecraft the blocks can't even rotate or tilt!

43 Can teach you how to build

So can Minecraft. How stupid are you? - neehawgamer

44 Roblox has funny death sound

The death sound is stolen from messiah. - ohhi


45 Roblox has more stuff

Roblox has everything and it is easier to play with friends

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