Top Ten Reasons Why Robot and Monster is Better Than Dora

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1 Robot and Monster is funny. Dora is not.

I agree with both users. The hate for preschool shows is getting ridiculous, and neither show is funny. Plus, I don't think Dora was ever INTENDED to be a comedy. R&M is just dumb, boring, and annoying. Read the reviews for it at Common Sense Media. They all agree it sucks. (Note, the one by advocate what's right is mine).

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2 Dora is blind

Nope. - DynastiNoble

3 Robot and Monster are a better group of friends than Dora and Boots

Why don't you watch Liv and Maddie instead? They're friends despite their opposing personalities.

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4 Dora is a show for babies. Robot and Monster is for older kids.

Liv and Maddie is for older kids too!

Please Disney 1994,stop trying to convince us to watch Liv and Maddie. I nevered watched the show,but I heard that it was a bad Disney channel show. Not everybody on the top ten likes Liv and Maddie. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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5 Many people hate Dora

People hate pretty much ANY show! Really! EVERY SHOW has SOME reason to hate it or think it's the worst show ever! I feel like the only way NOT to be a hypocrite about T.V. is to hate EVERY SHOW EVER MADE! That's what they should do: cancel every show still on T.V. and stop making T.V. shows completely! Then we'll never have to hate another show ever again!

6 Robot and Monster are great friends. Dora and Boots are not.

Liv and Maddie are the best T.V. friends EVER!

7 Robot and Monster eat bacon. Dora eats with her mouth open.

You're kidding, right? Why would the way they eat food make one show better than the other? - GamerBoy

I was going to comment about Liv and Maddie but they don't seem to eat a trademark food. Weird. Still, GamerBoy has a point, though I guess the point is Dora is a slob. At least Liv and Maddie aren't slobs.

8 People consider Dora as the worst show ever.

These people clearly haven't seen The Nutshack or Jersey Shore. - GamerBoy

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9 Dora is ugly. Marf is cute.

No offensive but why aren't the Teletubbies considered cute? Instead they're considered creepy. Meanwhile Liv is the cutest fashionista EVER! She replaced Po (the Teletubby) as my favorite T.V. character.

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10 Robot and Monster has nice animation. Dora has lazy animation.

SpongeBob has better animation than either of these shows, even in the worst episodes like One Coarse Meal.

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