Top 10 Reasons Why Rock is Better Than Metal

I DON'T HATE METAL .I love metal bands like Iron Maiden,Judas Priest or Metallica.
But I saw a list of metal better than rock .Anyway now or later someone was gonna made a list of rock better than metal.Well seems like that it's me.

The Top Ten

1 Metal was originated from rock

True, but does this really matter that much? - Music_Lover123

Actually they're both equally good - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

2 More sub-genres
3 Greatest rock bands are better than greatest metal bands

That's not truth. In my opinion Iron Maiden is even better than Led Zeppelin! - Worek

My point was that you cannot win a thing that you're a part of. Metal is a part of rock. So, a lot of people say metal is better than rock. How it can be better than something where it came from. - zxm

4 More influential
5 Rock is for all ages and all kinds of people

Pop fans simply can listen pop-rock - zxm

6 More talented rock-stars
7 Has all levels of loudness
8 Use of more instruments
9 More meaningful lyrics

I don't think so. AC/DC' lyrics are good, but they haven't meaning - Worek

10 Better music
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