Top 10 Factors Lending to Why Rock is Underrated

The reasons why you may consider rock music, including its subgenres like punk, metal and progressive, to be an underrated music genre.

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1 It's been overshadowed by pop and rap

It really is and we really need to make it mainstream again. - Jester_Spades

False. Other Way Around. - AlphaQ

If you think rock gets no attention anymore, I'd hate to be a jazz fan right about now - cjWriter1997

Pop and rap = two of the most overrated genres ever. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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2 Almost all kids and teens don't listen to it or even don't know about it

That's really sad. - allamassal

Yeah... - Jester_Spades

3 It's rarely played on radio
4 Most kids and teens find it boring

I don't find it boring. - allamassal

Because it is - AlphaQ

5 The music videos tend to have low amounts of views compared to those of other genres

Seriously, Despacito, the worst song ever, has more than 70 times the amount of views of Stairway to Heaven, the best song ever. Despacito is a terrible song with no heart or soul to it, while Stairway to Heaven is the opposite. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Bohemian Rhapsody, Back in Black, Stairway to Heaven, Hey Jude, etc. need a billion views, not crappacito and justin bieber AKA Dustbin Crapber

6 It's an old genre

So New Stuff Is Better Ya Nerd - AlphaQ

7 Most kids and teens prefer pop and/or rap
8 Most kids and teens don't know any rock artists

They do... but they only know classic rock or Emo rock...

9 No good music has been made since the 1920s

Ohh My God Did Msic Even Exist Before 1920 What The Hell - AlphaQ

10 All the kids today listen to autotuned crap like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Autotuned Crap Like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Lol This List Is So Laughable I Can't Take This Idiot Seriously - AlphaQ

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11 Most kids and teens have short attention spans

Like you. - AlphaQ

This is a invalid reason.

12 Rock artists use actual instruments instead of mashing buttons on a computer
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