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1 Instruments Are Played

So much better than that electronic crap that defines pop "music" - Shake_n_Bake13

In pop you just depend on vocals, which aren't that good in most of pop. In rock you are able to hear amazing guitars, bass and drums and it gives a lot more emotion and it's just more touching.

Yeah that's right.. Not hating on pop music here, they use instruments too. But how often do you see a pop group with 4 dudes rocking the stage out while focusing on the instruments, which is really hard. Rock is already hard to record with all the complex guitar riffs and heavy drumming, let alone doing that stuff live in front of a crowd.

Exactly ♡

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2 Pop Today Sucks

Most of pop songs like closer, work, love yourself and other pop songs are the worst and most the worst tracks of the genre today nobody ranks the best metal songs like hardwired by Metallica or dystopia by megadeth they always voting the worst musicians in the world the billboard charts are ruined these days and nobody listens to heavy metal music they think are satanic

No they are absolutely wrong they don't pay attention to the lyrics at all because is not pop song

Who cares what music genre it is they only care those stupid musicians who write songs about sex drugs partying and anything else those songs are satanic you fools.

Pop is messed this genre must self-destruct to listen only metal. Death to all but metal biliebers fans only metal wins no pop

Not all. The most popular songs suck but you can't say that all pop of today sucks.

That is so true.

NaH. Justin Bieber gone uphill. In fact Most have gone uphill. - AlphaQ

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3 Girls Are Getting "Brainwashed" by Pop

This is so true. Especially with Beliebers and Directioners.

Everyone is getting brainwashed by Pop! Everyone in my music class doesn't even know Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven, and Smells like teen spirit!

Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven (even though this is boring and too long), and Smells Like Teen Spirit are the only songs I even know. - Fandomstuck

Not brainwashed by pop. They are brainwashed by Justin Bieber!

Yep. I asked my friend if she knew Three Days Grace or Metallica. You know what she said?


And they listen to this bad music that makes no sense - lonewolfe12345

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4 Rock Is Motivational

Genres of music are not defined by their lyrics. You can not say no pop songs have any motivational lyrics.

It tells you that everything is not ok but you have to move on, while tells you everything is fine when it's not and rpackers always put something motivational in it while poppers say S. like your mother is better than you.

Totally. Like Panic! At The Disco or 5 Seconds of Summer or All Time Low, Green Day, Blink-182, and so on.

Pop is more motivaltional than rock. actualy, this is something I dislike, weather it is in rock or in pop - RecklessGreed

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5 Most Rock Bands Write their Own Music

That's true. Chad Kroeger helps other artist by contributing on song writing, matter of fact he even helps writing songs in films as well!

...did that other person just compliment Nickelback? I'm gonna throw up... - WonkeyDude98

Don't you forget about Taylor Swift write about her ex? - BeaM456

6 Pop Singers Today Have No Talent

The ultimate demonstration is justin beiber

Just voting for this so I can respond to the items on the list, I actually agree with almost none of these. - WonkeyDude98

If they didn't have some talent, they would be successful. I doubt it's easy to be a pop star - RecklessGreed

Michael Jackson was one of the few pop stars to have talent.
What happened now? - yungstirjoey666

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7 Pop Stars Focus More On Looking Pretty and Hot Instead of Writing Quality Music

The people at my school think its gross to listen to music made by people over the age of 40. I find it gross how the girls listen to the annoying pop music

YES! one of my friend keeps saying that all these pop people she listens to are hot or something but when I show her the members of the bands I listen to she always has something to say like "ew, he looks so old, how could you listen to an old guy like that" (that was about Beau Bokan of BlessTheFall) or she compares them to her own "okay fine you might think Chris roe-whatever is good or whatever but harry styles is a lot hotter" it's so dumb

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8 Led Zepplin and Queen Are Gods Compared to All Pop Singers

To be honest, I enjoy pop! I really do. But this is an item I can agree with. I love these two bands. They have fantastic lyrics, and are certainly better than most modern pop lyrics today. - MontyPython

Kanye West is not a god! Kanye "not the best" West mistakenly thought he himself was Jimi Hendrix who is the real God of not only African Americans but of all music! Rock and Roll is the new rap!

Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd stands above all


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9 Pop is Commercial

Pop is made for a single reason: money. Rock is much more meaningful and emotional.

Once upon a time, Rock music was a commercial success during 1960s until 1990s. - BeaM456

Rock was very commercail at one piont, and a lot of it was made for money, and a lot of it sucked - RecklessGreed

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10 Pop Can Influence More Bad Behavior Than Rock

I'm a big fan of rock (hard rock and punk rock mostly) and all I can say that this is 99.9% true. Metal has darker parts that some of you shouldn't probably explore. Satanic (who cares about religion nowadays) and brutal themes. Good. But pop music has more bad lessons to offer.

The truth has spoken right here!

All those Soccermoms say rock and metal has bad messages, like pop is any better! - NikBrusk

Considering the themes of these pop songs today, and as a die-hard rock fan, I can agree with this. I hva done nothing bad related to my taste in music.

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11 Rock Has Meaning

The lyrics in rock music are based on REAL feelings the vocolist might have experienced, pop music focused on how a person looks and that their perfect and the people should worship them. The lyrics in pop mean nothing but teaches people that partying, drugs and alcohol are the right moral people should follow.

There are some rock songs where you can actually hear the emotion in their voice. - NikBrusk

Yeah, like Wake up by Mad season. And lots of blues songs and many more. - Feirceraven

Real meaning not just "believe in yourself" or "don't let the bullies bother you". - PianoQueen

Exactly... Listen to some linkin park songs especially from their album hybrid theory and meteora

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12 Rock Doesn't Rely on Auto-Tune

Autotune is essentially what keeps pop alive. That and the people who think it is actually good music. - PositronWildhawk

I think auto-tune would be a good idea for some metal bands who would use it to make their growls and screams more louder. And louder means better!

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13 Rock Singers Have Better Voices

Rock singers sing with their actual voices on stage. Whats the point of going to a pop concert where singers lip sync most of the time.

Those who listen to pop have hard time coping with reality as almost everything they listen is fake.

Yeah. Why not just instead call pop music "lip music"? Or call pop concerts "lip sync recitals"? - PianoQueen

Pop singers have the worst voices than rock singers

Don't forget about Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. - BeaM456

Not nessacrly. pop singers have to have good voices, but rock singers can have not so good voices, and still be succesful. this is something I like about rock - RecklessGreed

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14 Rock Has Epic Guitar Solos And Bass Riffs

That's right. In pop it just sounds like robots singing kind of slow. A good song with heavy riffs and guitar solos is the way to go.

Nothing compares to a good guitar solo.

Try Paranoid Android - Radiohead, no pop music that can make a better AWESOME guitar SOLO than Jonny Greenwood's Solo

Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas? - WonkeyDude98

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15 St. Anger Is Actually Better Than Every Single One Direction Album

I'd really rather listen to that instead of Nicki Minaj. - NikBrusk

Well, it's better than Midnight Memories, sure, but 4 and Made In The AM are infinitely better, despite both being only decent. - WonkeyDude98

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16 Rock has More Subgenres V 2 Comments
17 Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Madonna Are the Only Good Pop Singers

And Michael is the only one of them that isn't boring!

Michael Jackson was called Disco when I was young ( I'm 55 years old ) and Disco was concidered Anti-Rock. His title as " King of Pop " came later and in my opinion he didn't deserved it. About crap singers like Beyonce and Madonna I even don't want to talk about. LONG LIVE ROCK!

Michael jackson is the " King of Pop", people say, well if that's true since he is dead, please let it make pop dead, shouldn't it be dead - RustyNail

Don't forget about Lorde, Prince, Celine Dion, Adele, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift (Just because she writes songs about brake-up and can't sing, doesn't mean she is sucks. - BeaM456

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18 Pop Fanbases Are Annoying V 3 Comments
19 Even Christians Listen to Bands Like Marilyn Manson

I am Christian and Marilyn Manson is one of my favourite bands

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20 Rock Has Slash, Pop Has Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is stupid and weird. Slash, on the other hand, he's the king of guitar solos and all of the awesome rock. I think Bieber should have stayed in jail.

Rock (along with NWA and 2pac and all other pre 2000 rappers as Rock welcomes them with open arms) has actual real humans being (human is plural and being is singular on purpose by the way)! Pop stars (including the kardashians) are not people don't deserve constitutional rights!

Rock also has Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Sixx AM etc.

Rock also has Axl and Nickelback, so...

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