Reasons Why Rockstar Games Are the Best

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1 Good Storylines

The best storylines... None other games can match the rockstar games

2 Great Open World Games

Even though they make outstanding story lines and amazing graphics to me it's the open world that makes rockstars games so amazing from escaping the cops to hogtieing a civilian or hunting. Even staring out in to the sunset, this is what makes rockstars games so amazing!

3 Good Graphics

GOOD?! Are you insane? The graphics are insanely accurate. Midnight Club LA Complete Edition is so realistic it's like they filmed it. :D

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4 Cool Logo
5 Lots of Imagination
6 Funny Humor
7 Cool Characters
8 Making Sequels Out of One Game
9 Cool Music Soundtracks
10 They Make Best Video Games

They have best games its simple

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