Top 10 Reasons Why Rogue One is Better Than Frozen


The Top Ten

1 It Has Better Casting

Idina beats Felicity!

Not hard to be better than Frozen. Also imagine being rustled by this list. - Therandom

Frozen has better casting - VideoGamefan5

2 It Has Better Action

These 2 movies have nothing in common. Most of these items aren't even exceptional.

This list just makes no sense.

Frozen isn't meant to have action - VideoGamefan5

Frozen isn't supposed to have action - VideoGamefan5

3 It's A Star Wars Movie

Just because It's star was doesn't mean it's good!

Star Wars =/= Good - DCfnaf

Dumbest reason on this list, - VideoGamefan5

4 It's More Emotional

This is 100% wrong... - DCfnaf

5 Darth Vader Is A Better Villain Than Hans

Darth vader is awesome but still - VideoGamefan5

6 Rogue One Is Directed By Gareth Edwards
7 It Has No Singing

Frozen is a musical, so it has to have singing! - VideoGamefan5

8 It Gets Less Hate Than Frozen

This list makes no logical sense. - egnomac

I hate rouge one with a passion

Who cares? , that doesn't mean it's better - VideoGamefan5

9 No Annoying Characters

Exactly instead rogue one has lame characters! - VideoGamefan5

10 Jyn Erso Is Hotter Than Elsa

That’s a dumb reason

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