Top Ten Reasons Why Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums List is Far from Being Perfect


The Top Ten

1 It Mainly Represents the Views of One Generation
2 It Mainly Represents the Views of One Nation
3 The List Was Made Based Around Professional People's Opinion, Without Considering Regular Listeners
4 Greatest Hits Compilations are Present on the List
5 Several Artists are Present Very Often on the List, Sometimes with Moderately Important Albums, While Milestones in Popular Music Were Missing
6 Most of the People Having Voted on the List are Associated with Only One Genre: Rock
7 Some Genres Have Been Left Out Completely
8 Samplers Consisting of Previously Released Material are Present on the List
9 Tupac Shakur is Not on the List Despite Being Regarded as One of the Most Important Artists of the 90s.
10 Influential Film Scores are Not Regarded as Albums.
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