Reasons Why Ronald Reagan Was the Best U.S. President

Ronald Reagan was an amazing president. I honestly think he was the best! Here's why...

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1 He fixed the economy

Ronald Reagan was an amazing president! - B1ueNew

Not exactly. He did triple the defict. I'm not saying he was a bad president, I think he was still good overall, but still, he wasn't perfect.

2 He created 20 million new jobs
3 He ended the Cold War

He didn't end the Cold War. Every President since Truman has done something to help end the Cold War. While Reagan's policies may have accelerated the Soviet Union's demise, it's wrong to say that he ended it single handedly. - Alpha101

4 He lowered taxes
5 He lowered inflation
6 He survived a gun shot and returned to office 3 weeks later

He got shot and recovered. That's it. - iliekpiez

That shows true toughness. - 2storm

7 He exempt low income Americans
8 He stabilized the economy for small businesses
9 He was very skilled in politics

He was a really good politician - 2storm

10 He was a nice guy

You mean a complete monster - iliekpiez

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11 He helped tear down the Berlin Wall

Technically George HW Bush was president when the Berlin Wall got torn down - iliekpiez

12 He met Michael Jackson

and...? - iliekpiez

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1. He fixed the economy
2. He created 20 million new jobs
3. He ended the Cold War


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