Top 10 Reasons Why Ronnie James Dio is Better Than Ozzy Osbourne

Ronnie James Dio is better than Ozzy is so here are reasons why

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Dio is a Better Singer Than Ozzy Is

I actually like Ozzy era Sabbath more, but if we're going by vocal capabilities, Dio wins, no contest. Ozzy's voice seemed to fit Black Sabbath's dark and gloomy, if that's what'd you'd call it, style in the 70s, but still, Dio's voice crushes Ozzy's voice, without a doubt.

This is a curb-stomp in Dio's favor. Ozzy's vocals have never worked for me; he's not bad, but for the most part it comes off as something doesn't strike my attention. Dio's vocals on the other hand, are far more vibrant. catchy and expressive.

Dio's voice is far better than Ozzy's. There's no doubt that Ozzy era Sabbath is some good music, but still, while Ozzy's voice was fitting for 70s Sabbath, Dio's voice is so much better.

Oh yes by far he's a superior singer than Ozzy Is

Dio Has Better Songs

No Dio has a better voice, But Ozzy songs are some of the best Classic Rock songs.

But those Classic Rock songs weren't just written by Ozzy they were written mostly by Iommi Ozzy pretty much only wrote the lyrics

Holy Diver is better than Crazy Train

I disagree, I’d say they’re equal.

Dio Has Better Albums

Almost all of Dios albums are better than Ozzys

That’s really a matter of opinion.

Dio Didn't Sabotage Iron Maiden's Live Shows While Ozzy Ordered Interference with Iron Maiden's PA at the Ozzfest in 2005

This ugly incident is described in Bruce Dickinson wiki page: "In 2005, Iron Maiden co-headlined the US festival tour, Ozzfest, with Black Sabbath. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne's wife, Sharon, encouraged family friends and members of other bands to sabotage Iron Maiden's last performance at Hyundai Pavilion in San Bernardino, California, in an attack which Rod Smallwood criticised as "vile, dangerous, criminal and cowardly", as well as disrespectful to fans who had paid to see the band perform "a full unhindered performance". Osbourne ordered interference with the band's PA, delayed the entrance of Eddie, the band's mascot, and encouraged members of the Osbourne camp to throw eggs, lighters and bottle tops from the front of the audience."

That was Sharon that did that, not Ozzy, and I don’t even think Ozzy knew that Sharon had Maiden sabotaged, plus, like SoldierOfFortune said, Bruce kind of provoked it, and I honestly commend Bruce, because, like me, Bruce just says whatever the hell he wants to without caring about the consequences.

Like I said Ozzy could have stopped that be just let that happen so that means he didn't care about Iron Maiden being sabotaged.

It wasn't Ozzy. Ozzy probably didn't know bruce dissed about him he was probably sleeping. Sharon not ozzy told them to egg Bruce. And Bruce sort of provoked it

That's still not a good thing though because Iron Maiden is one of the most well loves Metal bands and sabotaging a live performance is not a good thing if Ozzy wasn't involved he could have stopped it but he didn't he just let it happen and Ozzy has been known to do some bad things

Dio Never Sold Out

It's not only Mama I'm Coming Home, there are other songs, too. And this reality T.V. show of the mid 2000s -The Osbourne's (very similar to Kardashians)...

Mama I'm coming home isn't a selling out song; it's a ballad. Every band does it one time or another

Now, there are different ballads and I always know the difference between a mainstream and non-mainstream ballad, and where's that thin line beyond which a metal ballad is schlock.

And Ozzy did with songs like Mama I'm Coming Home being very Poppy

Whats wrong with ballads?

It's not just Ballads he made loads of basically Pop songs with Hard Rock/Metal instrumentation

Dio Was Better in Black Sabbath

No, the first 6 and 13 albums destroy Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules.

I disagree but those are good albums I just prefer Dio's albums over Ozzy's

No way I agree with that, this list is very opinionated, you’re a great user man, but sorry, this list kinda sucks.

Only because you disagree with some of the items (some of the items weren't added by me)

Heaven and Hell is Black Sabbaths True best album because Dio is a better singer and Songwriter than Ozzy was and plus this album was their first True Metal album

Dio Has Never Made a Bad Album

Neither has Ozzy, my friend.

Whereas Ozzy has (Scream and Black Rain)

Those Albums aren't bad, they are just weak like Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla

Dio is a Better Songwriter

This is true because Dio writes Metal Songs Ozzy Writes Pop Rock Songs lol

Ozzy Takes Credit for Things He Didn't Do

This reason should be number one, Ozzy always lived off the hits of others, on Black Sabbath he lived off Iommi and in his solo career he depended on his own guitarists.

Ozzy gets credits for inventing metal - the "Godfather of metal", and other ridiculous claims. He invented nothing in metal. Tony Iommy did more for metal than Ozzy, even though Tony Iommy is also overrated in this regard.

He only wrote 10% of Blizzard of Ozz

I think that’s more Sharon doing that than Ozzy, Ozzy already makes millions, I really don’t think he cares about making a few extra dollars off of songwriting credits.

Ozzy should have given credit to the people who wrote the songs because they you know they did the work for him and plus they need to be paid to. Ozzy has enough money as it is

Dio's Best Album is Better Than Ozzy's Best Album

This is debatable. The best Dio album is Holy Diver, and that crushes Blizzard. However, the best Ozzy album is definitely Diary of a Madman. While Blizzard may be more popular thanks to Crazy Train and Mr. Crowley, the Diary has more great songs. Diary vs Diver is very debatable, but today feels like a Diver day.

I disagree, my favorite Ozzy album is No More Tears and my favorite Dio album is Last In Line, NMT is better than LIL in my opinion.

Agree here. Holy Diver > Blizzard of Ozz, although I did like Blizzard of Ozz.

Rainbow Rising > Sabotage, but only slightly.

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Dio is a Legend

Ozzy is a greater legend.

Ozzy is more popular than Dio but this is only because he's a sellout. Meaning, Ozzy is overrated. If you ask me, the most overrated metal musician ever.

Ozzy is honestly a much larger and more well known legend than Dio is, no disrespect to Dio, but Ozzy is just more legendary honestly,

Ozzy is more popular but this doesn't mean he's better than Dio. Ozzy is just a sellout and the most overrated metal musician ever.

His legacy will live on fun fact Dio means God so Ronnie James Dio is the God of Metal where as Ozzy is only the Prince of Darkness which I doubt he is dark at all singing songs like Mama I'm Coming Home

Dio is a Better Stage Name Than Ozzy

Not really a reason but Dio (Which Means God) is better than Ozzy

Not really a reason but I agree.

Shoulda voted for this

Ozzy made a Rap Version of Iron Man with Busta Rhymes

So what? Trying something new =/= selling out. Just because he tried a newer musical genre doesn’t mean he sold out, by that logic Load by Metallica is a sellout album.

This is 100% proof Ozzy Osbourne is a sellout he went as far to make a Rap version of Iron Man with Busta Rhymes

Dio Didn't Do Drugs

So? Drugs can actually make your music better, have you listened to Jimi Hendrix?

Dio Didn't Do Drugs. Do you have a long history with Dio?

Dio Was Around Before Ozzy

Dio started his music career 11 years before Ozzy started his. That's so metal!

Salty ozzy fans need to realize this means dio was more experienced in music


Ozzy Only Wrote 10% of His Best Album "Blizzard of Ozz"

Finally, something that’s unbiased!

Dio Can Sing Ballads Great Unlike Ozzy

Yes, Dio is better. Who wants to hear a very weak nasal voice with limited resonance on a ballad?

Compare This Is Your Life to Changes and tell me which one sounds better

That’s very, very untrue.

No More Tears is a MTV-friendly rock song. Of course every pop fan would like this song better than any metal song, even if it's a Dio song.

Dio Took His Music Career More Seriously Than Ozzy Did With His

Ozzy is a sellout, so yeah.

So? You’re not required to take something seriously,

Dio makes Metal only music, not pop rock like Ozzy
Dio Has Better Album Covers

Not really a reason but its true

Dio Wasn't on Jersey Shore

Wha? Why? Why does him appearing on a reality show make him a sellout? What? That makes absolutely no sense. Him doing something for entertainment that’s not music makes him a sellout? By that logic Bruce Dickinson is a sellout for doing interviews on Loudwire.

You got that right...

Dio's Debut Album "Holy Diver" is One of the Best Metal Albums of All Time Whereas Blizzard of Ozz is a Good but Nowhere Near as Good

Yes. Blizzard of Ozz is a good album but it can't touch Holy Diver.

That’s very debatable.

Ozzy Wrote Pop Rock Songs With Hard Rock and Metal Instrumentals Whereas Dio Wrote Full On Traditional Heavy Metal Songs

Dio wrote poppy songs as well, have you heard Rainbow In The Dark?

Dio Can Play Instruments While Ozzy Can't

This is the worst reason on this list by far, vocals are just a song much an instrument as any guitar or bass or drum set.

No, vocals and instruments are two different things and should be judged differently

Ozzy can't even read notes.

Dio has better lyrics
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