Top 10 Reasons Why Ronnie James Dio is Better Than Ozzy Osbourne

Ronnie James Dio is better than Ozzy is so here are reasons why

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1 Dio is a Better Singer Than Ozzy Is

Oh yes by far he's a superior singer than Ozzy Is - christangrant

Definitely Dio is much better. - Metal_Treasure

2 Dio Has Better Songs

Holy Diver is better than Crazy Train - christangrant

3 Dio Never Sold Out

And Ozzy did with songs like Mama I'm Coming Home being very Poppy - christangrant

It's not only Mama I'm Coming Home, there are other songs, too. And this reality T.V. show of the mid 2000s -The Osbourne's (very similar to Kardashians)... - Metal_Treasure

4 Dio Has Better Albums

Almost all of Dios albums are better than Ozzys - christangrant

5 Dio Was Better in Black Sabbath

Heaven and Hell is Black Sabbaths True best album because Dio is a better singer and Songwriter than Ozzy was and plus this album was their first True Metal album - christangrant

6 Dio Has Never Made a Bad Album

Whereas Ozzy has (Scream and Black Rain) - christangrant

7 Dio is a Better Songwriter

This is true because Dio writes Metal Songs Ozzy Writes Pop Rock Songs lol - christangrant

8 Dio is a Legend

His legacy will live on fun fact Dio means God so Ronnie James Dio is the God of Metal where as Ozzy is only the Prince of Darkness which I doubt he is dark at all singing songs like Mama I'm Coming Home - christangrant

9 Dio's Best Album is Better Than Ozzy's Best Album

Holy Diver is a far better album than Blizzard of Ozz is and if you want to compare Black Sabbath albums Heaven and Hell is better than Paranoid Master of Reality Black Sabbath Sabotage Vol4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - christangrant

10 Dio Didn't Sabotage Iron Maiden's Live Shows While Ozzy Ordered Interference with Iron Maiden's PA at the Ozzfest in 2005

This ugly incident is described in Bruce Dickinson wiki page: "In 2005, Iron Maiden co-headlined the US festival tour, Ozzfest, with Black Sabbath. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne's wife, Sharon, encouraged family friends and members of other bands to sabotage Iron Maiden's last performance at Hyundai Pavilion in San Bernardino, California, in an attack which Rod Smallwood criticised as "vile, dangerous, criminal and cowardly", as well as disrespectful to fans who had paid to see the band perform "a full unhindered performance". Osbourne ordered interference with the band's PA, delayed the entrance of Eddie, the band's mascot, and encouraged members of the Osbourne camp to throw eggs, lighters and bottle tops from the front of the audience." - Metal_Treasure

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11 Dio is a Better Stage Name Than Ozzy

Not really a reason but Dio (Which Means God) is better than Ozzy - christangrant

12 Dio Has Better Album Covers

Not really a reason but its true - christangrant

13 Dio Didn't Do Drugs

Unlike Ozzy.

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1. Dio is a Better Singer Than Ozzy Is
2. Dio Has Better Songs
3. Dio Has Better Albums
1. Dio is a Better Singer Than Ozzy Is
2. Dio Didn't Sabotage Iron Maiden's Live Shows While Ozzy Ordered Interference with Iron Maiden's PA at the Ozzfest in 2005
3. Dio Has Better Albums



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