Top Ten Reasons Why Rosalina Is Better Than Baby Mario


The Top Ten

1 Rosalina Doesn't Cry Like a Baby

Baby Mario is a baby, and it is perfectly normal for babies to cry.

Rosalina is a grown human, she never cries.
I do not get annoyed by Baby Mario somehow - bugger

2 Baby Mario Is Annoying

Rosalina is also annoying she wants you to do everything in smg

It's Not Really Baby Mario's Fault Because He Is A Baby - JPK

3 Rosalina Has Powers While Baby Mario Doesn't

Baby Mario is a baby. He has to ride Yoshi and Yoshi has to save Baby Luigi. Mario has powers for stomping - bugger

Rosalina can beat up Bowser - RockStarr

4 Baby Mario Is Always Saved By Yoshi

Yeah right, when Yoshi gets hit by an enemy, Baby Mario will cry in the bubble, the timer will countdown. You don't get the plot in the old Yoshi's Island - bugger

5 Baby Mario Is Ugly

Baby Mario is so ugly and fat. So it makes perfect sense that Mario is fat too.

More specifically he is an ugly fat ass

Don't judge by looks rosalina looks ugly to with ugly hair

6 Rosalina Owns A Galaxy

While baby Mario owns a hat - RockStarr

7 Rosalina Is Hot

Rosa is hotter than any other Mario character - RockStarr

8 Rosalina Is Better At Racing
9 Rosalina Is Awesome
10 Rosalina Has Accomplished More Than Baby Mario

He hasn't accomplished much because he's a baby. If you were to look at things fairly and compare the adults, Rosalina would loose

Baby Mario hasn't accomplished anything - RockStarr

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