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1 Rosalina Has Better Voice Actresses

You are so right. I'd rather listen to Justin Bieber that hear Deanna Mustard voices Princess Daisy. Rosalina's beautiful, sexy voice can rival Michael Jackson's special voice.

Daisy is my favourite but I agree

Rosalina's voice is really calm.

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2 Rosalina Has A Story

I'm still waiting for Daisy and Peach to get a story and a real one. I know, Peach has a story. Being Kidnapped and what I mean is to make a story about Peach's childhood. - MorganChambz

As far as I'm concerned, Peach is the prime candidate for a refresh. We already had the year of Luigi, now we need the Year of Peach. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite emotion is being a princess. Sadly, I don't think Daisy will get more development. They JUST released Daisy and Waluigi amiibos, so that means they are the two characters Nintendo is kinda trying to get rid of. Kinda a shame, but at least it's not one of my favorites. - DCfnaf

Actually, if some effort and research went into this stupid article, you will find that Daisy has a name origin and backstory. Daisy's kingdom name, Sarasaland, comes from a textile which was imported in the olden days called "Sarasa". The fabric (often used in things such as rugs, curtains and towels) is adorned with flowers, thus, Daisy's name was Daisy. Now, tell me how Rosalina got her name? Oh, you don't know? That's right, doesn't have any story besides it's a nice name.

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3 Rosalina Doesn't Scream

Well she kinda does but not all screechy and loud. - MorganChambz

Part of Daisy's personality IS loud. Besides, I'd rather be loud than a quiet little nothing (*cough cough* Rosalina)

Ya she does she go ah in Mario party and the spinoff games she apars in

Its part of daisy's character.

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4 Rosalina's Dress Is Much More Beautiful

I...actually think this true. Daisy's dress is yellow and Cinderella like. Rosalina looks like someone celebrating their sweet 16 with an emo haircut. But either way, it doesn't make Rosalina better than Daisy. It judges people based on looks, and while I have been a jerk and done that in the past, I don't think it's okay now. - DCfnaf

Her hair stylist and her clothes choices are the only thing that Rosalina is better at when it comes to Daisy

Since when did a dress make her a good character?

Wow... People like her for that?

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5 Rosalina Has Pretty Hair

They both have pretty hair but I like Rosalina's better. - MorganChambz

I wouldn't call that platinum blonde rat tail that she has pretty.

Nope princess peach does -mandy

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6 Rosalina Has Better Abilities

Daisy has no abilities really. Her stupid flower thing is only for show

Rosalina can do stuff like gavatational pull, and luma launch and, what ever, and daisy is jest a little princess who is left out, TOOO BAD!

7 Rosalina Is a Tomboy

Rosalina has purple nails, a hairstyle that probably took her ages to make and wears sparkly tights in M T ultra smash. Also, blue is the most popular female colour as well as male.

You Rosalina fan girls say that the Daisy fan base is stupid because we think she's a tomboy just because Nintendo said so. Well, you guys think she's a tomboy just because she wears blue.

Don't get me wrong, - I don't think Daisy's a tomboy either but she's sassy, energetic, lively and competitive- all to my liking.

"The heck? Daisy is a full-out tomboy, no question! "

LOL no. You mean she's full-out poser. And I got PLENTY of questions if you really meant that.

1. How are air-kisses tomboy?

2. How is unnecessary wearing a dress everywhere except at some sport & kart games tomboy?

3. How is screaming for a whole three lines of text when someone walks up tomboy?

4. After the incident above, how after slapping the guy is using the excuse 'he was in my way' tomboy?

5. How is throwing temper-tantrums like a bratty child tomboy?

Anyways, NO rosalina is NOT tomboy ether. But she's still a lot better character than princess poser

Just because someone is not feminine, does it mean she is tomboy? No.

Neither are tomboys... - DCfnaf

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8 Rosalina is mature

Daisy is just a childish poser who plays sports not in her kingdom. Rosa however took in lumas who where in need, built them a house/ship and takes care of them by herself.

I honestly prefer less mature characters. It's all down to the person.

The reason Daisy is not in her kingdom is because the king rules...Rosalina is the lumas' mother, that's why she bothers to do it...Never Mind.Anyway, bye.

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9 She Has Actual Breasts

Daisy's just flat chested! Rosalina looks voluptuous and tall, you cannot deny that she's more attractive!

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10 Has actual personality

Daisy is competitive, sassy, lively, fun loving and doesn't waist her time with being polite.. Rosalina is perfect in every way.

This is not true. Daisy has a ton of personality being sassy and competitive. Rosalina is kind, motherly, and wise. If you think about it, BOTH have personality. Got it Daisy and Rosalina fanboys? - DCfnaf

So what? Daisy is loud and full of life.

Daisy has no personality besides bratty sore-loser. Rosalina on the other hand is kind, playful, motherly, wise, and helpful.

She's tomboyish and sassy. And even if she's a bratty poser this still a personality. HA! - DaisyandRosalina

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11 She's Been Helpful

Daisy she just got kidnapped didn't g I very Mario any help in his quest to rescue her, then just went to play sports for the rest of her days. Not caringt about her best friend and cousin who continuously gets kidnapped, or even the world/ the mushroom kingdom being in danger.

But rosalina has helped Mario twice, to rescue peach from Bowser in mg (1) and helped him if he was struggling in mg2.

12 She Is Better In Spinoffs
13 Her Fur-Lacking Sexy Appearance Can Rival Amy Rose in 2020's by Teenage-Bratwurst

A good thing to vote for if you hate all the other reasons!

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1. Rosalina Has Better Voice Actresses
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1. Rosalina Has Better Voice Actresses
2. Rosalina Has A Story
3. Rosalina Doesn't Scream
1. Rosalina Has Better Voice Actresses
2. Rosalina's Dress Is Much More Beautiful
3. Rosalina Has A Story



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