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21 She can be a better best friend for Daisy

Well, there's one reason to like her...

Ugh, that bratty poser shouldn't have friends

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22 Her fanbase is far more tame

I love Rosalina's voice. This is why Mario has decent voice acting. But Princess Peach's?! SCREW THAT!

No they aren't! (by the way I'm a daisy fan so I'm not sucking up to one side because I'm part of it)
Rosalina fans are babyish and stupid. They all seem to think 'if we hate on peach, Daisy, birdo and loads of other characters, people will like Rosalina more!
Also, when someone says that they hate her and like another character more, they act like drama queens and use loads of caps.
To Rosalina fans: if you want us to like her, then stop rubbing her in our faces!

Rosalina fans are serious hypocrites.

I agree with DCfanf on this. Rosalina's fanbase is crazy and has gone way to far. I am a Rosalina fan but I don't scream and yell at people who don't like her. All the princess fanbases including the ones for Peach and Daisy have gone way to far. Chill guys!

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23 Mercedes Rose voiced her in Mario Kart Wii

I absolutely love her voice in Mario Kart Wii, heck, I even love her voice in Mario Kart 8 even if she now has a high pitched voice. - MorganChambz

Sorry I voted for the same thing 3 times but Rosalina's voice in Mario Kart Wii is so darn pretty!

I love Rosalina's voice in Mario Kart Wii. Sounds like she's actually in space.

She's way better than her other voice actress in Mario party 10 and mk 8. Those voices made her sound like peach and they sounded extremely girly.

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24 Rosalina can rival Inky from Pac-Man

Rosalina: Yes... I think my home is all better.

Inky (from Pac-Man): Well, I believe everything would be awful later.

Later (at Greater Vancouver)...

Rosalina: I will beat you, Inky.

Inky: Yeah, I would fancy seeing you try.

Rosalina will be voiced by by Laura Faye Smith.

Inky will be voiced by Jay Sean (whose true name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti)

25 Rosalina can play the drums

'because she's tall and is a well-rounder!

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26 She is the best match for Miles "Tails" Prower
27 Baby Rosalina isn't as annoying as Baby Peach or Daisy

Baby peach is the worst baby. A total whinny brat.

Man, I feel bad for Rosalina if she sobs for losing a race (sexy), I don't get annoyed by Rosalina

Baby Rosalina sobs when she loses a race, Baby Peach whines. - MorganChambz

Doesn't matter, Baby Rosalina contradicts the backstory for Rosalina. - DCfnaf

28 Her ponytail
29 She's tough V 1 Comment
30 Her hair is white instead of yellow

What's wrong with yellow hair? Nintendo has a tomboy, Princess Daisy! They should also be aloud to have a a more feminine girl too! Princess Peach! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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31 Her design V 1 Comment
32 She doesn't take advantage of her queenly power

When has peach took advantage of her high power?

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33 She's more kind

Well, their both equally kind in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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34 She has such a beautiful, monotone voice.

Even though this was talked about, Rosalina's attitude is strong. She's calm, even when she's excited. And, as stated in the Super Mario Wiki said she enjoys activities like other characters, but in a humble manner. Peach sometimes isn't calm. And about Peach crying, Super Princess Peach is an example.

35 Her emo hair
36 Her Home

Come on, Space! Rosalina lives in one of the coolest places. They even have two games based off of it. And even if they were milked a bit, it was quite a good game, and people still make videos of it till this day! Peach lives in a stuck up castle and is kind of a pushy person. Daisy... I don't even know. Rosalina is really sweet, and has stars for friends. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

37 She's not childish!

Look at peach running around saying "daddykins is so bossy I wanna spit in his soup" like seriously! Rosealina takes care of like 1000 or more lumas everyday! At even daisy is less childish tge peach! If peach was real I would be her killer!

38 She's not intrusive at all in Mario spinoffs
39 Rosalina has a better dress
40 She gives luck

Every time I play her and every time I win plus in Mario kart 8 she's the hardest to get and the last so that might that she is the best but that's in my opinion!

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2. Rosalina doesn't have a bossy attitude
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