Top 10 Reasons Why Rosalina, Peach, and Daisy Rock

I thought this list was needed when I saw the stupid list to hate the three of them. So here it is!

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Mostly Rosalina and Peach. Peach usually sends you 1ups or information to help Mario defeat Bowser/whoever while captured. Rosalina she tried to help Luma find her mom and when she couldn't do that she took it upon herself to take care of it and build them a home and took in a lot of Lumas. Not only that she let Mario use their ship to rescue Peach and stop Bowser. - Mariosprincessesfan

I wish people could like all three of them. I mean, most people have a favorite, but hate on the other two. I personally respect all three. They're not clones, and have their own reasons for being liked and disliked. People hate on Daisy because she doesn't really do anything; how would we know? Nintendo doesn't bother to put her in main games.

I don't see why everybody else is just incapable of having more than one Mario princess favourite and just hating the other two! Even if you have a favourite, why do you have to hate all the others as well?!

I love all the females in Mario, including these three princesses. They’re all different:
Peach - The sweet, caring, and girly damsel in distress.
Daisy - The outgoing, cheerful, and strong tomboy.
Rosalina - The calm, nice, and wise goddess of the galaxy.
They all serve a different purpose and aren’t all the same. I only support Peach a lot more than Daisy and Rosalina because she’s overhated. In reality, Peach is a good princess and deserves more credit for what she really does in the series. She’s not just the “damsel in distress” guys

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2 Beautiful

They all have nice eyes and hair and have pretty faces. And They all have unique hairstyle too! Rosalina has a nice beautiful blue dress. - Mariosprincessesfan

I've always found people who "like" video game characters to be sort of creepy. It just seems weird liking a mesh of polygons. - AngryByrd

I agree though I'd say it includes any fictional character not just games.

But yea I just think they're really pretty characters I'm not saying I'm attracted to them lol - Mariosprincessesfan

True. I'd always use to comment on how beautiful Rosalina is. - RockFashionista

I may not like Peach as much but she is pretty

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3 Strong

With Peach she always has a positive attitude despite getting kidnapped all the time by Bowser. Daisy can send Bowser flying with a punch. And Rosa is so strong focused on helping Luma while she has to deal with losing her family. - Mariosprincessesfan

Daisy and Rosalina are strong. Peach is not because her skills are very weak and she always gets kidnapped by Bowser!

Dudes peach has a syndrome thingy so she can't help it if she gets kidnapped. But I don't think there is anything she does that hints a positive attitude when she gets kidnapped. I don't blame her though. What would you be like if you got kidnapped a 100 times?

Peach is really strong. In SPM, she has a sassy attitude and helps the other heroes in lots of other games. Rosalina has great wisdom and awesome mental strength. As as for Daisy in MP3, POW! Bowser's dead.

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4 They have personality

I love these 3 and their personalities! )

Peach- The sweet one that is kind, caring and girly. She wouldn't hurt a fly! Easy to talk to and tell your worries to.

Rosalina- A bit serious sometimes. She's very clever and motherly. Also a bit girly, but mainly in the middle.

Daisy- She's a full on tomboy these days. She's also headstrong and isn't posh like Peach and Rosalina.

I say Daisy has the most unique personality along with Rosalina. Peach has too but the others are better in my own opinion - ParkerFang

I like all three of them, But Peach has always been my favorite.

I love all three of them because of the personalites they have! They're all so distinctive and everything.

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5 Courageous

Even when Peach is always kidnapped by Bowser in SPP she was going to rush out to save Mario by herself before Toadsworth stopped her, went out with Mario in 3D world and ignored everyone who said stay to help out Mario and co. in RPG, Daisy didn't run away from Bowser even though he scared her in MP3 and smacked him, and Rosalina went after Bowser with no fear. - Mariosprincessesfan

6 Sweet

Peach always invites Mario over even for no reason like just to hangout at the castle or for cake, stopped a fight with tea, befriended Mimi despite how mean Mimi was to her, Daisy politely introduces herself, and Rosalina cares for a lot of Lumas with nothing in return and lets Mario use her ship to help rescue Peach. - Mariosprincessesfan

Peach is veey nice even when she is in the toughest situations.

I had a crush on Rosalina as a kid. Now I know she's just a bunch of T.V. pizxels. - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 Cheerful

Daisy is cheerful even with her 'hi I'm Daisy' Peach is always cheerful, and so is Rosalina even when trying to help out Luma. - Mariosprincessesfan

8 Smart

Peach always gets around Bowser and his minions to get info and stuff for Mario, Rosalina with the help of Luma built a home/ship for themselves and knows a lot about Luma's and the universe, and fingered out where Bowser was and what his plans are. - Mariosprincessesfan

9 Cheer People Up

At least with me Peach always makes me smile with her cute remarks, and Daisy's 'hi I'm Daisy' I think it's cute probably the only one. And I always liked Rosalina as a kid in her story she was cute and loved some of her responses to Luma. - Mariosprincessesfan

10 Able

Daisy with her flower power and fist is a force to be reckoned with, Peach's funny attacks in SSB, her useful glide ability, and her healing in RPG, and Rosalina/Luma's spin ability was pretty unique and cute! - Mariosprincessesfan

Lol this is supost to be abilities - Mariosprincessesfan

Lol this is supost to be abilities - Mariosprincessesfan

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11 Different powers
12 Have Unique Friends

Peach the ditzy sweetheart, Daisy is the tough tomboy, and Rosalina is motherly and wise. Amazing combination of BFF's! - Mariosprincessesfan

13 They helped a lot with the Mario Series

Without Peach we can't have any game since Super Mario Bros, without Daisy we can't have Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, Wario, Wario games and Waluigi, without Rosalina we can't have Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and impart Super Mario 3D World. - DaisyandRosalina

I can see with Daisy and Rosalina. They're more courageous than Peach

Peach does lead lots of the sports events and even made the baseball stadium island in Super Mario Sluggers. She is very brave still

14 They rule their own different kingdoms

No, Rosalina is NOT a princess!

Blah I'm a dog

15 They actually can fight the villains on their own

While Peach and Daisy have their damsel moments, they can still kick the villains' butt in some games, one way or another. All three girls are Super Smash Bros. fighters. (although Daisy appears in the game as a palette swap for Peach) Unlike Nala in The Lion King who can't fight villains like Scar without Simba's help, or Fuli and Jasiri in The Lion Guard who can't fight the show's villains without Kion's help.

16 They are girls

Well, sort of sexist - gemcloben

Sexism machine:ITS OVER 9000!


They maybe girls but for those three princess, they are amazing. I'll describe those princesses

Peach- cute, girly, tough and pretty

Daisy- sassy, outgoing, cute, and tomboyish

Rosalina- casual, cute, stylish, and friendly

They are all so cute together.

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17 They don't steal Cloud from Tifa

I agree. Crossover ships suck and are impossible.

Let's not forget that Lyn from Fire Emblem doesn't steal Cloud from Tifa (or Aerith) either.

18 They don't dress like sluts
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