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1 The ratings are biased

I almost never read critic reviews because most of them time I feel like they have a personal agenda trying to dress up as journalism. Audience reviews however are much more straight to the point and if they have a personal agenda you will know it right off the gate.

, can liberals ever do anything in unbiased, fair way? I don't want to live in their world of propaganda, slanted stories, and the "My way or the Highway" attitude, being either coddled or enraged by other people's comments. They think they and their thoughts are correct and everyone and everything else is not only wrong and needs to be removed from their proximity, but must be eliminated from the face of the earth. It's become a disease that far surpasses narcissism and self-centeredness. I'm done, wiping the dust from my feet!

When a documentary on how terrible trump is gets a good score by the critics and a bad score by audiences (because crapping on trump is original I guess) and a movie comparing trump to Lincoln somehow gets a zero percent by critics and over eighty percent by the audience I'm pretty sure there's a bias here. Also phantom menace was literally adored by critics until fans called them out on that bull crap and pointed out how terrible the story and characters were, then all of the sudden critics realized how crappy the movie really was when they weren't bedazzled by pretty colors.

Although Rotten Tomatoes only collects criticism, I think the critics are HYPOCRITES. Yes, only a horde of hypocrites who love children's movies without much depth, but only selected films as the ascheities that the MCU does. I really hate those partial hypocrites with their premeditated criticism, and also the people with no mind of their own, who pay attention to those rotten critics like their tomatoes. I do not know why they love those simple movies full of CGI, but when the CGI is used by other movies that are not Disney-Marvel, these idiots are like rabid dogs. They do not analyze stories from other movies, they get carried away by children's jokes, pathetic characters, little lights of science fiction, the same story as in Marvel. I clarify, I AM NOT FAN OF DC, NEITHER OF THE HOUSE WITHOUT IDEAS "MARVEL", but I hate these partial idiots with their stupid and crazy hypocritical qualifications, hopefully lose prestige and get a job as janitors, because as ...more

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2 They give good movies bad scores

They gave Ace Ventura a bad score.
What the hell!?

Just watched Alita: Battle Angel; I say it's a pretty good movie but RT is trying to screw it which ticks me off. It's like watching the WWE's Montreal Screwjob in cinematic movie mode! - TechnicallyIDoComics

I agree they give good bad reviews

That's your opinion - B1ueNew

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3 Audiences rate movies better than critics

I agree...the audience ratings are much better. I often wonder where these critics come from or why people would even trust their judgement. Who says their perspectives are "professional" vs a regular audience. I have seen movies the critics rated 100% that are very poorly made and shallow. Everyone is going to be biased in how they rate a movie. It's best to view a movie and decide for yourself.

No, no the audience does not rate better than the professional critics. This is because some of the users on rotten tomatoes are biased themselves. If you want audience scores go to imdb. - Matt3370

The audience is the best and only critic. Period.

The critics are so harsh towards Hotel Transylvania, 44% - darthvadern

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4 Your own opinion matters more

tru - AlphaQ


This is true but why is this a reason rotten tomatoes sucks? - Matt3370

Exactly, I'm not trying to be a RT fanboy here because I'm not - B1ueNew

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5 They give good scores to bad movies

They always give crappy Marvel movies high ratings. - B1ueNew

Get Out was a terrible movie and they praised it just for being politically correct... Also, it is far from being a horror and they kept calling it "horror." Idiots...

If a movie is PC, it generally gets high marks. If it is not PC, it get low marks. Some of the critical reviews are a joke. They aren't judging the acting/story line/plot. If a movie is Pro-US, or conservative, or God forbid, religious in any way, it gets slammed.

Finding dory was good. They gave plan 9 from outer space a 66 rotten tomatoes that is the worst movie ever.

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6 Bad scores hurt the image of good movies


Depending on what you defy as a 'good movie'. - Mrveteran

7 The "Tomatometer" method is terrible

The tomatometer method is terrible because the tomatometer score says nothing about the average score other than how many rated it over or under 6/10 (7.5/10 in the case of "certified fresh" rating, but it keeps that rating until it drops under 75%). What on earth is the point of obscuring the actual average score? I don't get it.

Its basically the ratio of "Fresh" ratings out of every ratings so if 3 critics give a movie 55% or 59% and 1 guy gives it 80% then the movie would end up getting 25% even though the average score is above 5/10 or 6/10.ti - AlphaQ

It only takes a critic giving a movie 60% or above to count as a "fresh," which makes not sense. Who wants to see a movie with a D- score?

The method is that critics with higher importance have more influence on the score than any other people on the site. So if one top critic doesn't like it, the score will drop by quite a bit. That's why it's a bad rating system

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8 The audience reviews can be very mean

IMDB exists. - AlphaQ

IMDB Is Worse On Audience Reviews

The Audience reviews? And you were just saying that audiences review things better than critics. Contradictory statement. - DCfnaf

Clearly you have never heard of imdb - TwilightKitsune

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9 They gave Twilight a 49% when it should have got a 0%

Oh shut up. Not everyone has to hate it.

RIP Opinions - AlphaQ

Jesus christ, do you people reaize that we aren't in 2010 anymore? Try to watch more movies before making stupid lists like this one - Pato_cargo

DCfnaf is so pathetic that he arguess against every opinion on this site and insults everyone list top 10 reasons DCfnaf is a pathetic loser

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10 Rotten Tomatoes is a dumb name for a critique website

The names sucks lol - AlphaQ

The name sucks. - B1ueNew

This site seems to consist of children who have nothing better to do in life than complain. Sorry, but it's kind true. (I'm not saying everyone here is a child, but all you do is complain). - DCfnaf

Not a good reason, but yeah, this bit is true. - TwilightKitsune

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11 They gave Justin Bieber: Never Say Never a good review

What's wrong with that, there are more people that likes justin bieber more than there those useless haters

It's a waste of cash for a documentary but there are worse - AlphaQ

Just because Its bieber - B1ueNew

It should have got -200%. - CharismaticKat

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12 The Last Jedi Backlash

Worst (by far) Star Wars Movie!

13 The consensuses don't always represent accurate opinions
14 They gave Sharknado an 82%

Whenever I think of this movie, I think of a tornado made up of sharks destroying everything in it's path... - CharismaticKat

This is the worst horror film of all time. - Snackfan

To be honest, Sharknado was a movie that was very self-aware of itself. The film creators knew what they were making and decided to explore every cliche a B- Movie would do and have it very clear how stupid and illogical the film is. As a result, I think the critics knew what Sharknado was up to, which could be a reason why its an 82%. - CrimsonShark

It got a higher score than forrest gump!

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15 People spam the ratings

No only critics - AlphaQ

16 The critics have a bad taste in movies

opinions - AlphaQ

Yeah, no. They have opinions. Who the hell are you guys to say they have "bad taste" in movies. There's no such thing. - DCfnaf

Some youtube critics are better than the ones that write in magazines!

Kinda - JPK

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17 They gave 2016 Ghostbusters a 73%

Blame the feminist crew - AlphaQ

I like all ghostbuster movies

Okay, honestly, people were afraid to give that movie a low rating because of the idiot crew members calling people mysogynists. - DCfnaf

I Even Warned People To See The Secret Life Of Pets(A MUCH Better Movie) Instead Of This Garbage

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18 They gave Suicide Squad a 26%

That film sucked honestly - B1ueNew

It sucked - B1ueNew

Oof rip dc fanboys who suck bawlzzz - AlphaQ

This movie is overrated garbage

Nah not really. I would say overrated garbage is that crap Frozen and maybe TITanic - AlphaQ

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19 They gave Frozen a 89%

It now has a 90 now, it should get a -50

Frozen is a good movie people ;-; you people just don't understand.

No it isn't. That's reason #1 why Frozen is a steaming pile of trash: the fans suck. - Snackfan

Ice Age should’ve get that score, not that garbage!

This movie sucks and is overrated - Neonco31

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20 They gave The Emoji Movie a 6% instead of 0%

It was actually accurate, Norm of the North was way worse than this crap - Pato_cargo

Oh no!, a 6% was too nice for that abomination that should be banned? , oh boo hoo - B1ueNew

It's still a bad score though. - B1ueNew

You guys have a bad taste in the emoji movie

If you get me to hating that film, I'll never agree

P.S. I like norm of the north and the emoji movie, NOW DON'T JUDGE ME

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21 They gave Finding Dory A 95%

Yeah I didn't put this in the list even though I legitimately don't like this movie. I guess people saw something in it that I didn't see. - Mcgillacuddy

That Reason Is Stupid

Oh come on! Finding dory deserves a 100% instead of a 94


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22 They gave Transformers a 57%

That's A Great Movie, Rotten Tomatoes Just Gave It A Bad Review Beacause The Sequels Were Bad, Really? - VideoGamefan5

23 The critics only care about their own opinions
24 They gave Teen Titans Go! To The Movies a 100% when it should've gotten a 0%

Hate the show and the movie

Maybe because opinions opinions opinions - AlphaQ

Yeah I cannot believe it got good ratings but wait are they actually bringing back the original Teen Titans and finally gonna have a season 6 if they are actually doing that then that's great - Lpsgirl

It was a good movie because in the end they bought back teen Titans season six.

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25 The critics are always right

Contradictory haha - AlphaQ

Critics can't be right or wrong. They have a god damn opinion. - DCfnaf

Not always.


26 Their "Top 100 Movies Ever" list is terrible

Black panther nº1...

IMDb'S Top 250 Is So Much Better!, This List Does Not Have:

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
The Dark Knight
Forrest Gump
The Shawshank Redemption
Star Wars: Episode V Empire Strikes Back
And Many More!

What Retard Does A Top 100 Movie List And Does Not Put At Least One Of Those Movies On The List? , - VideoGamefan5

27 They gave Star Wars Episode 7 a 92% which should have got much lower

Better than The Last Jedi

Only decent Disney film - AlphaQ

It's the only good disney star wars movie in my opinion. - B1ueNew

It's the only good movie out of all 4 recent star wars films, so I say it deserves it - B1ueNew

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28 DC fanboys hate it

People cry bo hooo on DC getting trashed. - AlphaQ

Cause they cry over Suicide Squad getting a rightfully deserved score. - DCfnaf

Isn't It Already Obvious

This list shouldn't even exist - Triceratops

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29 They gave Return of the Jedi a 80%

It Should Be In The 90's

30 They gave Disaster Movie a 1% when it should have got a 0%

1% Is Still Really Low, Though That Movie Has No Redeeming Qualities, but still, this item is pointless - VideoGamefan5

Yeah - VideoGamefan5


31 They gave Rogue One an 84%

That movie was boring. - B1ueNew

It sucked but meh - AlphaQ

That movie kinda sucked anyways, but still - VideoGamefan5

It's Actually At 85% - JPK

32 Rotten Tomatoes pays critics to love Disney movies
33 They favor Disney movies

TrRUE DISNEy SUxx - AlphaQ

So true, The Scores they give to them are biased in the level of 9000

Rogue One - 85%
Moana - 95%
Finding Dory - 94%
Captain America: Civil War - 90%
The Jungle Book (2016) - 94%
Zootopia - 98%
Star Wars Force Awakens - 93%
The Good Dinosaur - 76%
Ant-Man - 81%
Inside Out - 98%
Tommorowland - 51%
Cinderella (2015) - 84%
Big Hero 6 - 89%
Maleficent - 53%
Frozen - 89%
Monsters University - 78%
Wreck-It Ralph - 85%
Brave - 78%
Cars 2 - 39%
Toy Story 3 - 99%

I think that's enough examples, now I MIGHT agree with most of those scores but RT Does it on purpose, I'm betting cars 3 will have OVER 90000000%, Because You Know?, RT Favors Disney - VideoGamefan5

34 They gave X-Men Apocalypse a 48%

What why that's a good movie in my opinion - Lpsgirl

35 They gave Fantastic Four a 9%

It deserved it. - B1ueNew

THANK YOU! See I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Fantastic Four isn't that bad. It's mediocre like Justin Bieber. - AlphaQ

They gave to fant4stic a 9% when it should be 50%

36 They gave Interstellar a 71%

Let me tell you, Interstellar deserves to get a much higher score than that. Switch the ratings of Gravity with this film, then it is perfect.

71% is a decent rating but Interstellar is a masterpiece and deserves at least a 90% score. I lost faith in RT when they rated bad movies like Ghostbusters and Gravity higher than masterpieces like Interstellar and Forrest Gump.

Interstellar Is Brilliant! - JPK

Which is why Rotten Tomatoes sucks

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37 They gave Iron Man 2 a 72%

Lol that movie should of gotten a 3%, (the 3rd one should of gotten a 0%), but stop being butthurt over that - B1ueNew

You're right. It should have been higher. - Snackfan

It's 73% Now - JPK

38 Marvel fanboys suck

I'm a Marvel fan and that is offensive to me. - CharismaticKat

Not All Marvel Fans Are Bad

39 They gave Daddy Day Camp a 1%

Hey! I actually sort of liked that movie! - RyanMtheGamer

who cares?

So...? 1% is an abysmal score anyways... - AlphaQ

40 The audience score is useless

This should be the biggest deciding factor. Movies are for all people, not just secluded, artsy, know-it-all critics.

At Least Anti-Bronies Didn't Spam Down The Audience Score For The MLP Movie - JPK

41 They give 7-25 words in their reviews

Only 7-25 words? Weird. - RalphBob

42 They gave Forrest Gump 72% instead of a 95%

70% now

This is the critic consensus for forrest gump: Forrest Gump may be an overly sentimental film with a somewhat problematic message, but its sweetness and charm are usually enough to approximate true depth and grace.


Bad News: Down To 71% - JPK

43 Suicide Squad got a 26%

Sucidie Squad count: multiple - AlphaQ

Yeah it should have gotten 13%

44 They gave Hook a 29%

Its not tHat good - AlphaQ

That's lower than The Room - 445956

That Was A Good Movie
Not A Bad One

45 They gave The Last Airbender a 6% when it should have got a 0%

Lol - AlphaQ

DIFFERENT OPINIONS ever head of them?

So..? - AlphaQ

Lol - Neonco31

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46 They gave Home Alone a 55%

Home Alone is a Holiday classic that I watch every Christmas and they gave it

Critics Consensus: Home Alone is frequently funny and led by a terrific starring turn from Macaulay Culkin, but an uneven script and a premise stretched unreasonably thin make it hard to wholeheartedly recommend.

47 They gave Twilight a 49%

WAAAh! WHY no 0 I'm cAllInG the CahhpPs - AlphaQ

Crap They Should Of Given It A 0% - VideoGamefan5


48 They gave Song of the Sea a 99% when it should have got a 100%

Haha! Just 1% miss is bad enough? - Neonco31

99% is a good score stop being butthurt! - AlphaQ


49 They gave Man of Steel a 55%

It should have been lower. Man Of Steel sucks. - Snackfan

It should have been around 80%,55 is way too low

50 They gave Thor 2 a 66% which should have been much lower
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