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1 The ratings are biased

In may cases, the seem compelled to compare a new movie to some old movie that young people have never even seen or heard of. For instance, I'm 69 years old, and have always like "Legends of the Fall".with Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, etc. However, many critics will compare it to the 50s movie "Giant" with Rock Hudson and James Dean. Why? The only commonality is both take place under "Big Sky" country. One's a love story about 3 brothers loving the same woman during the settling of Montana, the other is in an oil field story. it's such a stretch. The 2 movies have nothing in common storywise. And, I'll take the acting in Legends of the Fall. It just seems like critics like to show off their reading and past movie watching.

Rotten Tomatoes aren't the ones reviewing the movies. They just compile a lot of reviews, and that's how they get percentages. - BeatlesFan1964

The ratings sucks. It can actually influence some people to not watch or miss a very good movie just because the ratings tell you otherwise. And vice-versa, it can rate bad movies with very high ratings and therefor influence people to watch ( or even buy! ) a very bad movie.

I honestly am neutral towards rotten tomatoes - VideoGamefan5

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2 They give good movies bad scores

They seriously gave some great movies like The Shack as well. The Shack was a heartfelt movie, why give it a bad score?!

So I guess The Godfather, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2, The Lion King, Toy Story,... are all bad movies because they got a great score.

Based on what? Nothing is objective when it comes to film. - Mrveteran

They hate every movie I like...I'll watch whatever the fudge I want! Screw you rotton tomatoes for giving, Suicide squad, and Yugioh bad reviews and Twilight a 64% twilight was the biggest pile of crap I ever saw! - MJfan119

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3 Audiences rate movies better than critics

There is currently an 8%... for the movie Norm of the North on Rotten Tomatoes. What the heck happened to the initial 0%? Did some critic with bad tastes in movies like the art critic from The Googly Artiste in SpongeBob SquarePants actually give praise to such a poor excuse for a CGI-animated film that can't even hold a candle to Chicken Little! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

So...? 8% is really low. Besides Fantastic Four (2015) got only 9% and it was at least decent. - AlphaQ

Are you serious right now? Fans who judge movies based on pandering references do not judge movies better than professional film critics. What an awful list. - DCfnaf

Difference of opinion? What's that? - Mrveteran

Sometimes - JPK

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4 Your own opinion matters more

Never use anyone else as a base to judge a movie. It's your own opinion that matters. - Mcgillacuddy

You shouldn't ALWAYS take other people's opinions to heart; sometimes they can differ heavily from yours. - alphadan12

The Only Good Entry On This List

Literally, everyone's opinion matters more - VideoGamefan5

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5 Bad scores hurt the image of good movies

Depending on what you defy as a 'good movie'. - Mrveteran

6 The "Tomatometer" method is terrible

The method is that critics with higher importance have more influence on the score than any other people on the site. So if one top critic doesn't like it, the score will drop by quite a bit. That's why it's a bad rating system

Because it's on a 1-100 scale? - Nateawesomeness

How? - DCfnaf

7 They give good scores to bad movies

Finding dory was good. They gave plan 9 from outer space a 66 rotten tomatoes that is the worst movie ever.

They Gave Justin Bieber Never Say Never A 64%, That Is Like One Of The Worst Movies Ever, Why Did They Give It A 64%? - VideoGamefan5

Please Respect My Opinion On Rotten Tomatoes, Its Just A Bad Website In My Opinion, I Just Don't Like The Website - VideoGamefan5

Um...the critics give the scores and rotten tomatoes gives the average score. - DCfnaf

8 The audience reviews can be very mean

IMDB Is Worse On Audience Reviews

The Audience reviews? And you were just saying that audiences review things better than critics. Contradictory statement. - DCfnaf

Clearly you have never heard of imdb - TwilightKitsune

I Wasn't Talking About The Critics, I Was Talking About The General Public's Response To The Secret Life Of Pets.

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9 They Gave Twilight A 49% When It Should Have Got A 0%

Whether or not you liked it doesn't mean it should have gotten a zero, it was a decent movie that several million people loved. I didn't like it either but I would base it on the overall, not my personal opinion, but that just goes to show how unbiased I am! I agreed with you until I saw this one!

To be fair, the original wasn't that bad guys. Certainly better than the sequels, and half of the imitators it spawned at the least. - Mrveteran

Oh for Christ's sake, it's an opinion you morons. - DCfnaf


10 Rotten Tomatoes is a dumb name for a critique website

This site seems to consist of children who have nothing better to do in life than complain. Sorry, but it's kind true. (I'm not saying everyone here is a child, but all you do is complain). - DCfnaf

Not a good reason, but yeah, this bit is true. - TwilightKitsune

It is

Back in prehistoric times, when all entertainment took place on a stage before a live audience, if the actors or the skit or play stank, the audience would throw...wait for it...rotten the stage. Capice?

The Newcomers

? They Gave the Emoji Movie a 6% Instead of 0%

I just added this to see how everyone reacts - VideoGamefan5

? They gave Rogue One an 84%

That movie kinda sucked anyways, but still - VideoGamefan5

It's Actually At 85% - JPK

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11 The consensuses don't always represent accurate opinions
12 They Gave Justin Bieber: Never Say Never A Good Review

That Movie Got 64%? It Should Have Gotten 0%, IMDb Gave It A 1.6/10, Which It Deserves That, How Did This Abomination Get A Fresh Score?!, This Is One Of The Worst Movies Ever, Whoever Was At Rotten Tomatoes, Probably Some Retarded Beliebers Who Hacked On Rotten Tomatoes, - VideoGamefan5

Just because it's a movie about Justin Bieber. I get it! - Neonco31

It got 1.6 on imdb. Really? - AlphaQ

64% isn't a good review, it means that 64% of critcs liked it - RecklessGreed

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13 They gave Sharknado an 82%

Probably Because It's Laughably Bad

Were they thinking right when they did this? - TwilightKitsune

It got a higher score than forrest gump!

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14 They gave Suicide Squad a 26%

That Movie Was Awesome! - VideoGamefan5

That movie is the bomb

This movie is overrated garbage

Nah not really. I would say overrated garbage is that crap Frozen and maybe TITanic - AlphaQ

I know I LOVED that movie! - MJfan119

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15 They gave Finding Dory A 95%

Yeah I didn't put this in the list even though I legitimately don't like this movie. I guess people saw something in it that I didn't see. - Mcgillacuddy

Oh come on! Finding dory deserves a 100% instead of a 94

That Reason Is Stupid


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16 The critics are always right

Critics can't be right or wrong. They have a god damn opinion. - DCfnaf


Not always. - BoredJeff02

17 The critics have a bad taste in movies

Some youtube critics are better than the ones that write in magazines!

Yeah, no. They have opinions. Who the hell are you guys to say they have "bad taste" in movies. There's no such thing. - DCfnaf

Kinda - JPK

Like These Corrupt A$$holes

Matt Goldberg(Corrupt)

Dann Gire(A Hypocrite Who Said Your A Bully For Liking The Secret Life Of Pets)

Matthew Lickona(Bullies Family Oriented Movies For No Reason,Even Zootopia)

Walter Chaw(Random Jerk)

These Reasons Are True

Why Can't We Only Have Good Critics Like Peter Travers,Richard Roeper,Chris Stuckmann,etc!?

18 They Gave Frozen A 89%

I hate the movie because there is no reason for Hans to betray Anna, also no reason for Elsa to leave castle. The films is like this in order to set up the Frozen environment

This movie sucks and is overrated - Neonco31

It's garbage though... - AlphaQ

I hate that movie.

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19 Past Reviews

These Are Annoying - JPK

20 DC fanboys hate it

Cause they cry over Suicide Squad getting a rightfully deserved score. - DCfnaf

This list shouldn't even exist - Triceratops

Isn't It Already Obvious

Oh I hate rotten tomatoes because of suicide squad-DC fanboy.
Oh come on! Suicide squad is trash! Watch marvel instead

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