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21 They gave 2016 Ghostbusters a 73%

Okay, honestly, people were afraid to give that movie a low rating because of the idiot crew members calling people mysogynists. - DCfnaf

I Even Warned People To See The Secret Life Of Pets(A MUCH Better Movie) Instead Of This Garbage

Down To 72%

Up To 74% - JPK

22 DC fanboys hate it

Cause they cry over Suicide Squad getting a rightfully deserved score. - DCfnaf

Isn't It Already Obvious

This list shouldn't even exist - Triceratops

Oh I hate rotten tomatoes because of suicide squad-DC fanboy.
Oh come on! Suicide squad is trash! Watch marvel instead

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23 They favor Disney movies

So true, The Scores they give to them are biased in the level of 9000

Rogue One - 85%
Moana - 95%
Finding Dory - 94%
Captain America: Civil War - 90%
The Jungle Book (2016) - 94%
Zootopia - 98%
Star Wars Force Awakens - 93%
The Good Dinosaur - 76%
Ant-Man - 81%
Inside Out - 98%
Tommorowland - 51%
Cinderella (2015) - 84%
Big Hero 6 - 89%
Maleficent - 53%
Frozen - 89%
Monsters University - 78%
Wreck-It Ralph - 85%
Brave - 78%
Cars 2 - 39%
Toy Story 3 - 99%

I think that's enough examples, now I MIGHT agree with most of those scores but RT Does it on purpose, I'm betting cars 3 will have OVER 90000000%, Because You Know?, RT Favors Disney - VideoGamefan5

24 They gave Rogue One an 84%

That movie kinda sucked anyways, but still - VideoGamefan5

It's Actually At 85% - JPK

25 They gave Transformers a 57%

That's A Great Movie, Rotten Tomatoes Just Gave It A Bad Review Beacause The Sequels Were Bad, Really? - VideoGamefan5

26 Their "Top 100 Movies Ever" list is terrible

IMDb'S Top 250 Is So Much Better!, This List Does Not Have:

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
The Dark Knight
Forrest Gump
The Shawshank Redemption
Star Wars: Episode V Empire Strikes Back
And Many More!

What Retard Does A Top 100 Movie List And Does Not Put At Least One Of Those Movies On The List? , - VideoGamefan5

27 They gave X-Men Apocalypse a 48%
28 They gave Fantastic Four a 9%

THANK YOU! See I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Fantastic Four isn't that bad. It's mediocre like Justin Bieber. - AlphaQ

They gave to fant4stic a 9% when it should be 50%

29 Marvel fanboys suck

Not All Marvel Fans Are Bad

30 They gave Star Wars Episode 7 a 92% which should have got much lower

This movie was mediocre. It only deserves a 60-70% rating

Wow, what an awful list - DCfnaf

31 The audience score is useless

This should be the biggest deciding factor. Movies are for all people, not just secluded, artsy, know-it-all critics.

At Least Anti-Bronies Didn't Spam Down The Audience Score For The MLP Movie - JPK

32 The critics only care about their own opinions
33 They give 7-25 words in their reviews

Only 7-25 words? Weird. - RalphBob

34 They gave Forrest Gump 72% instead of a 95%

70% now

This is the critic consensus for forrest gump: Forrest Gump may be an overly sentimental film with a somewhat problematic message, but its sweetness and charm are usually enough to approximate true depth and grace.


Bad News: Down To 71% - JPK

35 Suicide Squad got a 26%

Yeah it should have gotten 13%

36 They gave Hook a 29%

That's lower than The Room - 445956

That Was A Good Movie
Not A Bad One

37 They gave The Last Airbender a 6% when it should have got a 0%

DIFFERENT OPINIONS ever head of them?

So..? - AlphaQ

Lol - Neonco31

Lol - VideoGamefan5

38 They gave Twilight a 49%

Crap They Should Of Given It A 0% - VideoGamefan5


39 They gave Song of the Sea a 99% when it should have got a 100%

Haha! Just 1% miss is bad enough? - Neonco31

99% is a good score stop being butthurt! - AlphaQ

40 They gave Interstellar a 71%

Let me tell you, Interstellar deserves to get a much higher score than that. Switch the ratings of Gravity with this film, then it is perfect.

71% is a decent rating but Interstellar is a masterpiece and deserves at least a 90% score. I lost faith in RT when they rated bad movies like Ghostbusters and Gravity higher than masterpieces like Interstellar and Forrest Gump.

Interstellar Is Brilliant! - JPK

Rotten Tomatoes is a joke. This film is a 95/100 for me.

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1. The ratings are biased
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1. The ratings are biased
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1. The ratings are biased
2. The "Tomatometer" method is terrible
3. Audiences rate movies better than critics

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