Top 10 Reasons Why Rotten Tomatoes Sucks


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21 Their "Top 100 Movies Ever" List Is Terrible V 1 Comment
22 They Gave Fantastic Four a 9%

THANK YOU! See I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Fantastic Four isn't that bad. It's mediocre like Justin Bieber. - AlphaQ

V 1 Comment
23 Marvel fanboys suck V 1 Comment
24 They gave 2016 Ghostbusters a 73%

Okay, honestly, people were afraid to give that movie a low rating because of the idiot crew members calling people mysogynists. - DCfnaf

I Even Warned People To See The Secret Life Of Pets(A MUCH Better Movie) Instead Of This Garbage

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25 They Favor Disney Movies V 1 Comment
26 They give 7-25 words in their reviews

Tell me right now, How is that a bad thing? - NikBrusk

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27 They Gave The Last Airbender a 6% When It Should Have Got a 0% V 4 Comments
28 They Gave Twilight a 49% V 2 Comments
29 They Gave Song of The Sea a 99% When It Should Have Got a 100%

I swear to living God, HOW BUTTHURT CAN PEOPLE BE?! They are complaining that this movie had a 99% fresh rating instead of a perfect score. BOO HOO! A 99% is still a nearly perfect and dare I say rare score for a movie, but no! It doesn't have a 100% perfect rating, wah! This reminds me of another butthurt YouTuber, 03bgood. - NikBrusk

Actually I Completely Agree With You, 99% Is A Amazing Score, I May Not Like This Website, But What You Said Is Right - VideoGamefan5

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30 They gave Thor 2 a 66% which should have been much lower
31 They gave Star Wars Episode 7 a 92% which should have got much lower

This movie was mediocre. It only deserves a 60-70% rating

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32 They Gave Disaster Movie a 1% When It Should Have Got a 0%

1% Is Still Really Low, Though That Movie Has No Redeeming Qualities, but still, this item is pointless - VideoGamefan5

I hope to GOD someone added this just to troll. I don't know it was possible to be this buttthurt. - NikBrusk

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33 They Gave Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull A 77%
34 They Gave Home A 47%
35 They Gave The Angry Birds Movie A 42% V 1 Comment
36 They Gave Forrest Gump 72% Instead of a 95%

This is the critic consensus for forrest gump: Forrest Gump may be an overly sentimental film with a somewhat problematic message, but its sweetness and charm are usually enough to approximate true depth and grace.


37 Suicide Squad Got A 26%
38 The gave Snow Queen a 0%
39 They Gave 9 a 57%
40 They gave Queen Of The Damned 5 out of 10
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1. The ratings are biased
2. They give good movies bad scores
3. They give good scores to bad movies
1. Your own opinion matters more
1. The ratings are biased
2. The "Tomatometer" method is terrible
3. Audiences rate movies better than critics

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