Top 10 Reasons Why Rotten Tomatoes Sucks


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41 They gave Iron Man 2 a 72%

It's 73% Now - JPK

42 They gave Thor 2 a 66% which should have been much lower
43 The Critics Are Too Harsh

That is really true. That's the reason the score are lower than expected. - AlphaQ

They are strict. I mean thy are very strict and stuff. - AlphaQ

44 They Gave Disaster Movie a 1% When It Should Have Got a 0%

1% Is Still Really Low, Though That Movie Has No Redeeming Qualities, but still, this item is pointless - VideoGamefan5

I hope to GOD someone added this just to troll. I don't know it was possible to be this buttthurt. - NikBrusk

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45 They Gave Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull A 77%
46 They Gave Daddy Day Camp a 1%

So...? 1% is an abysmal score anyways... - AlphaQ

47 They Gave Home Alone A Bad Review

Yes, home alone deserves a better score.

48 Approving publications for stupid reasons
49 Metacritic is better

Metacritic also rates albums and video games. So yea it isn't better - AlphaQ

50 They Gave Home A 47%
51 They Gave The Angry Birds Movie A 42% V 1 Comment
52 Titanic Got 88% Which Should Be Lower

What Titanic Is A Good Movie It deserves That Score - VideoGamefan5

Titanic is good actually - Neonco31

88% is too high for overrated atrocity garbage. - AlphaQ

53 The gave Snow Queen a 0%
54 They Gave 9 a 57%
55 They gave Queen Of The Damned 5 out of 10
56 They give animated movies higher scores than live action even if they don't deserve it
57 They Gave Hook A 29%

That Was A Good Movie
Not A Bad One

58 They Gave Home Alone a 55%

Home Alone is a Holiday classic that I watch every Christmas and they gave it

Critics Consensus: Home Alone is frequently funny and led by a terrific starring turn from Macaulay Culkin, but an uneven script and a premise stretched unreasonably thin make it hard to wholeheartedly recommend.

59 They Gave Plan 9 from Outer Space a 67%

Worst movie ever

60 They Gave Dragonball Evolution a 14%

Welp It kinda sucked - AlphaQ

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1. The ratings are biased
2. They give good movies bad scores
3. They give good scores to bad movies
1. Past Reviews
2. Bad scores hurt the image of good movies
3. People Spam The Ratings
1. The ratings are biased
2. The "Tomatometer" method is terrible
3. Audiences rate movies better than critics

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