My History on TheTopTens SINCE the Infinity War and Why I am an Anti-Rustler

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Well, well, well. Your infamous sith lord is here with another post about anti-rustling, and this certain situation has become more chaotic as time has went by, and this isn't the first time this type of argument has happened. So basically as you know I'm an anti-rustler, and considered by many, the leader of them, and I have been involved in a lot of wars. Four in total now, all of which I have been an anti-rustler, agianst the rustlers side. If you read the title I'll be explaining the main reasons I am an anti-rustler myself and all of my intentions during the wars I have been involved and why I've been siding with the opposition in the first place, and explaining all of my actions and why I did those during all of these wars. So this will basically be my history on TTT since the infinity war because this post is about why I am an anti-rustler in the first place.

TheTopTens: Infinity War
Ok so the first war I was ever involved in fully was the infinity war back in 2018. So this war basically took place a few weeks before the movie Avengers: Infinity War was released in theaters, when a certain user made a list, that didn't make a lot of people happy. Me myself thought it was a decent list, but a lot of users started to criticize the creator of the list, in a harsh manner. Due to the lots of harsh criticism recieved at once, the creator of the list, who will just be called S in this post so that I can be safe from suspension, happened to be quite sensitive to harsh criticism and he quickly felt offended, mostly by the rustlers and started doing controversial things that caused even more arguments with the rustlers and that's basically how it started. How did I get myself involved in this war? I mean I wasn't even involved here in the community yet and just sticked to list making and stuff, but this war did make me more involved in the community.

So remember S. This was back in the day when I was good friends with him. We messaged each other tons and he was among the first users to put me on a list of favourite users on his bio. This kinda made me go much nicer on him than on a lot of other users, as I didn't really want to get removed from there back then, so as you know, I was a hyper-pacifist back then, but didn't know S too much, so I just played the nice way. There was a random day though, when he messaged me about we needing to stand up agianst the rustlers. As a friend of S back then, I didn't want to disappoint him (I was too naive back then) but I myself had no idea what this was all about, which I think I should've had before I went and actually started sending a hate message towards somebody (can't believe I did it). S himself told me I should just tell his enemies were bs. I'm glad I went the nicer way when I sent the hate message and just tried to be calm at least, I regret this though.

However after this I found out about a few posts where all of this took place, and I kinda got a hang of what was going on. So basically there was a post series in which one of the posts seemingly made fun of one of the rustlers. Checking out the comment section I thought the rustlers seemed pretty "rustled" and overreacting, and they and S had a talk. Despite me being on S's side, I was mostly neutral to this war. As I said above, I was much of a pacifist and didn't want to get into pointless rivalries so I for the most part just tried to get the rustlers to calm down a bit, even if they actually were calm and it was S who needed to calm down but eh, I didn't want to disappoint S and I just tried to be calm. However this was the only part of the war I was ever involved in, as after this, I barely checked anything out and continued with my list spamming and stuff. I checked out posts by S every now and then about this conflict but I didn't get too much involved.

Later when I found out a post about S accepting defeat in this war and reading the post about why he has, I started to get a bit more of a hang of all of this. Oh and yes I forgot to mention that pretty much all of Gen-18 was on S's side and at this point were retired from the site because of rustling, anyways it's not too important here, so let's continue. However I was kinda disappointed that my ally had accepted defeat and pretty much all of Gen-18 were gone. I could kinda understand him, In order to understand why I felt disappointed and stuff about this, there's one important thing you'll need to know, is after the infinity war ended, Darthvadern's dark ages took place on TheTopTens. So this after this post I got to know more about the community, about rustlers and Gen-18, and normaly I would've agreed with him and regret supporting Gen-18 during the war, but I didn't. I am still glad I choosed to side with Gen-18, because even though that has caused me to get the hate I have now in a way, I have my reasons, which I've explained in the past but will do so agian because why not?

So after this I got to know who the rustlers are and why the hatred towards Gen-18 was so big back in the day. So basically I had gotten to know that rustlers are the most admired of users here and when there were immature and hypersensitive users, the rustlers began rustling them as a type of criticism, and it either made the users "improve" or retire. This method I am not a fan of at all. Rustling is basically trolling users by using edgy humour a lot (and a few rustlers may cyberbully), which is barely helpful at all, but I believe there to be better ways to handle trolls and stuff. For once, ignoring the sensitive users is the best method, because they will be left alone and they can mature as time goes by without anyone trying to bother them. Either they will retire or leave for whatever reason, or they'll actually mature, and start realize they were immature and cringe. There is another way as well, which involves you criticizing them, in a NICE manner, not harsh. Harsh criticism is what caused the infinity war in the first place when it wasn't even needed and is only necessary if the criticized won't listen to you when you criticize them, or if the criticized did something very terrible.

But of course, there's one thing you'll be telling me in the comment section, which is "If somebody gets someone falsely suspended for nothing we must rustle them". Correction: We mustn't. There was an infamous moment on the site which a lot of you probably have already heard of when a user got suspended for making an elimination game post, and this is surely a tough subject. A rustler or a neutral user would say rustling is necessary at this point, I think really not (lower your guns). So as I know about this, the elimination game post was submitted right during the infinity war, when hypersensitive people were the most vulnerable, and by submitting the post at that point, the hypersensitive one thought it was a way to rustle him, so that's why he reported it. I don't entirely blame him here because the post should've been submitted maybe after the war, you should be careful about what you do, because it could lead you to suspension and add a terrible change. Am I saying the hypersensitive one was in the right? No, I am saying that both users did something wrong. The hypersensitive one shouldn't have reported the post, and the rustler shouldn't have submitted right during the infinity war when it seemed like it was a way to rustle the hypersensitive one. There. Alright that was the infinity war. What next controversy was I in?

Darthvadern's Dark Ages (May 2018 - November 2018)
Alright, my hypersensitive ages, which I fully regret. In a way this is kinda what caused my hatred towards the rustlers in the first place but anyways. So this actually did kinda start way before the actual war. So after the infinity war ended and S accepted defeat, I was alone the only anti-rustler left on the site. However I still wasn't fully involved in the community. Heck I didn't even know what rustling was until the war started. Anyway so from june to november it was pretty chill, however I acted surely quite hypersensitive. While I didn't do much with the rustlers, I frequently used tons of exclamation points in sentences and overreacted a lot about certain things.

So as a lot of you guys know, there has been this whole "Shawshank controversy" that took place a lot of months ago. So this was basically one big argument that was about if I had seen the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" or not. Funny enough, this controversy didn't start with the rustlers. It actually began way earlier, in 2017, when I was fully zootopia basher, when I made a list about movies I like that other people like as well, which when I think about it was one of the most pointless lists ever. As you know, I have a lot of unpopular opinions, especially when it comes to movies. So I kinda then felt like I wanted to show there are a lot of movies other people like that I like as well, and I put The Shawshank Redemption at number #1, because it's one of the most loved movies ever and I loved it as well so I put it at the highest spot. There was a certain user there who doubted I had seen the movie, which I can kinda understand because I was an immature pre-teen back then who bashed Zootopia as if it was the worst thing ever, and it would be doubtful that I had seen the movie, even though I actually have but whatever. So when I explained I saw it at the end of sixth grade, he doubted it even more. This, as an immature pre-teen, made me super angry, as this was back in the day when I was so hypersensitive I didn't want people to believe lies about me, so I actually sent a hate message towards this user.
Later another user found out about the list, and the comments on there. Not going to say who, but he did pull this "I haven't seen Shawshank" string as well. And as you know this was during my dark ages when I was quite hypersensitive. So he did troll me, and I got hypersensitive, so I used tons of exclamation points in the message thread he sent me. I didn't actually know he was a rustler back then, but I got to know it later on.

I remember for example the one list I made called "Top 10 Craziest Things That Some People Actually Like". So the list itself was kinda inspired by another list, but I put porn at number #1 despite there being much worse things than it. I mean I still hate porn but I think I overreacted about it. During 7th grade I had to go in a class where pervers where everyone they wouldn't stop whine about sex and porn and stuff to the point I started getting so annoyed by it, and even though it had already been a couple of months since I began eight grade, but those seventh grade perverts had most likely annoyed me to the point I started act as if porn was the worst thing. Eh, I've gotten to realize it isn't so anymore now. That doesn't mean I get annoyed by porn spammers.

Darthvadern vs. The Rustlers Pt. 1: The Phantom Menace
Probably the one war that actually did cause me to get in this rivalry agianst the rustlers. So this all started on a Saturday in early November of 2018. So I got a message about a certain rustler commenting a certain thing on a certain list (you know who probably), looking back at it, it might have to do with trying to get me rustled. So the very next day I messaged this guy about this, and made a post about it. The interesting thing is why I made the post. A lot of you probably think it had to do with my sensitivity, but actually not. So before this war, I generally thought flame wars were exciting and interesting, as I was part of the infinity war. What I didn't realize is how much pressure it payed. I was barely part of the infinity war and just thought it was exciting, so this post was actually made on purpose to start a new flame war, because I didn't know how annoying they were and just thought it would be exciting. However it certainly didn't end up well as this started my rivalry with the rustlers.

After this post, in the same day, I got invited to a BAND by a user, where I later got rustled a lot. This made me know more about rustlers and what they do, because back in the day I just thought rustlers were too harsh. I did learn that rustling involved actually "rustling" users at this point, and it actually caused me to hate them more and that was when I got sensitive though. The two things this war only did help was that I started using BAND, and that I got less hypersensitive. After this war things were pretty chill though as there weren't a lot of arguments anymore and not much happened. And this war barely lasted a week and had little importance either to the community. A few people consider this not to be war because of how short it was, but it kinda was. The only thing I don't understand is why I called it "TheTopTens Infinity War Part 2" back in the day because it wasn't even that big. This war really just set up the events for the upcoming wars. I do regret this one kinda though

Darthvadern vs. The Rustlers Pt. 2: The Cyberbullying War
Oh well this was surely a lot bigger than the first one though, and one that I do not regret much at all. This war mostly consisted of two events: The cyberbullying war, and the imfamous suspension. It actually started right in the beggining of 2019, at the very first day. I had made a post of how to make TheTopTens great agian. There I listed a lot of things that I thought cold help users improve the site. Unfortuanely a user started to comment about cyberbullying fo whatever reason, and I wanted to see where this would all going. So I replied tons of times about how it is real, but this just got the war started. It became massive and at the point, the main topic of the month on the site, but it got even more chaotic.

So for you who don't know, there was a certain rustler I'm not going to say the name of but you probably know who it is anyway, who had decided to come up with an alternate account for him, to troll me. He was suspended at the moment and he knew how much I hated him, so he took even further steps trying to rustle me. I had no idea it was him until he revealed it was him. Thing is, after the first vadern vs. the rustlers war, I began mature and became able to withstand efgy humour so there was no purpose in this. When he did reveal I was quite irritated, but at the same time I realize how lucky I was that I fell for it. Not only did he reveal he was this one certain user, but he used a racial slur in the message thread as well. And I could tell how he regretted it as he knew he was in danger. Did I show mercy? No, despite that he attempted to threaten me. This was one of the steps to make TheTopTens great agian, as I hate rustlers, and this was a way to eliminate at least one of them. I don't entirely regret it, even if I got loads of backslash of rustlers who did think I was alright before this. And this rustler was one I had seen their behaviour on BAND, and I could simply not spare him, so I clicked a bit with the mouse.

This got quite chaotic, and later, I made a list of top ten worst arguments by rustlers, and it got tons of backslash. It was criticism towards the rustlers though, as their immaturity shown on BAND had gotten me irritated so criticism was needed. It was meeted with a lot of responses, lists and posts. Some of them were good, some were weak. It got heated up quickly. Everyone knew that this could become the endgame of TheTopTens, so I made a post on why I reported this one certain rustler in the first place. Luckily this actually caused the war from preventing further damage as peace became a thing for a short period of time, but it's not like it caused me to get more fame, but rather infame.

And now we are in the present. In a very critical though. Because peace isn't a thing at the moment. We are technically in the Endgame already, and this has caused me to really get to know the rustlers more though, as they have now proven to be more immature than ever. This will be the part where I fully discuss why I am an anti-rustler in the first place. So this started a while ago on BAND, a certain BAND. So at this time there was a user I'm not going to say the name of but she had gained quite a few controversies. But at this time she was allowed back on BAND, where I said it was a good thing. Then out of sudden two rustlers decide to act unpleasent for no reason just because I said it was a good thing she came back. So, I just replied something back, and guess what happens, a new big argument. This time over a user. So as you know I have a lot of unpopular opinions when it comes to certain things, for example users as well. Ok so I'm kicked from the BAND so I can't entirely remember what happened next, but at one point we started to talk about a certain infamous user. I myself think he isn't that bad, but actually pretty good because he has improved a lot in my opinion, but the rustlers wouldn't stop whine about and complain about what he did and complain about how he hasn't improved, even though it's really subjective if he improved or not. And to think this is what lead to me getting kicked from this BAND kinda makes me yawn of stupidity because it's such a small reason to kick somebody for. But another rustler talked about how I got kicked from there because I was a "nonce" without actually saying why I am one in the first place. And the few reasons he did bring up weren't even powerful enough for somebody to improve. So there you have the first reason to why I am an anti-rustler. They kick people for having unpopular opinions and can't give actual criticism, they just rustle people instead with edgy humour and barely justify why a user is terrible. Just say that a user sucks because "they're annoying" and stuff. It's not a way to improve people. The guy will know that he is annoying but he won't know why he's annoying.

After this I really felt like needing to criticize rustlers, because they had gone way too far, so I made the list of biggest problems about rustlers. The rustlers hated it, two were neutral, and the rest liked it. But one thing for sure is that the rustlers clearly overreacted to all the criticism and tried to debunk it. One of the items is about how they will start arguments if somebody has a different opinion than them. Even though the rustlers claimed they respect opinions but I made an experiment a few days ago, in a confessions BAND. So I confessed that I think that there are two hated users are overhated users. And guess what happens? Everyone goes crazy and attacks me for it, to the point where they kicked me from the BAND. I don't regret it, because this gave me two more reasons to why I am agianst them. Like I said, they started a completely pointless argument because I confessed something controversial. And they proved to be hypocrites even though they try to deny that they aren't. Many users side with them because they hate hypersensitive people because they censor free speech and overreact over the smallest things and about how rustlers are fighting for free speech even though they showed here that they got mad over the smallest thing possible and kicked me for an opinion, which kinda proves rustlers are just as bad. I made a post about them and people are seriously overreacting about them. And the thing is, rustlers have shown to be just as bad if not worse, and siding with Gen-18 was because of this mainly. Literally kicking somebody from a BAND for stating something unpopular is censoring the freedom of speech as well.

Overreactors of sensitive people are they as well. They think hypersensitive = bad user. Not all hypersensitive people are SJW's that can't take jokes, but not being able to take jokes, there's nothing wrong with it. A few hypersensitive may be hypersensitive because they have some sort of mental illnes and they can't help it. They're not automatically a bad person because of it. Rustlers need to learn to accept hypersensitive people. Now of course, there are bad hypersensitive people as well, like those that claim they have the only right opinion and can't take criticism, but just ignore them. They'll probably start mature as time goes by. If they don't, well, ignore them anyway. It's as simple as that. No need to start pointless arguments.

And to think that rustlers are just as hypersensitive nowadays as well doesn't make the situation better. Not only did they literally kick me from a BAND because of an opinion, but they have kinda shown themselves to be so defensive that if you criticize them, they will go crazy and act tough as if they're always in the right and won't admit their flaws. Rustlers, you are not perfect, neither am I, but criticism is one of the only ways to get near-perfect. The thing that makes rustlers get away with things like this is their "sarcasm". As they claim to be sarcastic all the time. May you need to know that being sarcastic everytime, no one wil know if you're being an idiot for the sake of being one, or if you are taking the criticism in disguise. As I said rustlers like to be sarcastic, and they make edgy jokes almost at all times. If somebody doesn't like their jokes, they are labelled as "easly rustled" and "oversensitive". Not everyone likes these jokes, and there's nothing wrong with it. And to be fair, when you are using it constantly, it makes you look more oversensitive and immature than the reactors to be honest.

There's also another thing as I have a feeling that this is why lots of people support them or stay neutral to them, is because pretty much anyone who sides agianst them in any conflict are met with anger from rustlers, rustles, trolling, and hate. Just because somebody sides agianst them. It's no suprise that there's not a lot of users agianst them, and that the users who are agianst the rustlers get hate mostly for no reason. And it's literally a choice to support them or not. I'm not saying people can't support them, but the rustlers themselves need to learn to stop being arrogant. They're not perfect, neither is anyone.

So what did we learn here? We learned that a lot of rustlers like to be hypocritical, throw hissy fits over the smallest things possible, censor free speech, overreact to criticism, plus opinions, have huge arrogance and attack those who don't support or are neutral to them. Literally since this is the internet and nobody can damage myself, I decided that I wanted to change things. First in disguise and later it became obvious. You rustlers are also trying to get me eliminated from the site, because you think it will make the site great agian. There will always be anti-rustlers no matter what you're doing. I myself have realized that I can't eliminate the rustlers because of this because there will also always be rustlers. So I suggest you rustlers to stop being try-hards and respect people who don't like you. There's a reason I don't try to be arrogant and respect those who support you guys. I may have started off hypersensitive back in November 2018, but I've gotten to know the community and rustlers themselves much more now, and it's time for the cringelord to step up (Did it make you cringe? If so it was intentional). I can't get rustlers eliminated, but I can still fight for freedom of speech here and talk about why I am an anti-rustler, and what I like to call: sharing my kariosophy, which is the views on rustlers by anti-rustlers, specifically, the karians.

Remember that I said I'm not the only anti-rustler on here. At the moment there are a lot of anti-rustlers on this site, and the plus side is that they are totally different from the older wave of anti-rustlers from the infinity war. A few of us founded the anti-rustler alliance "The kaire" to differ ourselves from the infamous users of the infinity war days, so we came up with the name kaire, which is the label for current anti-rustlers. I asked a few karians about their thoughts on rustling as well to make this post a bit more democratic. Camaro, a more neutral anti-rustler said this:

"I'm mostly neutral, like, if a rustler turns into a cyberbully obviously i oppose that, but it’s ok as long as they don’t go too far or have a huge ego."
Another karian, Kat, even made a whole post about her opinion on rustlers, and I really suggest you checking it out as she brings up a lot of good points about rustlers. And know that these are only a few karians. There will always be karians and anti-rustlers, so trying to eliminate all of them is impossible. There will always be one left. Heck, when Gen-18 was banished it was thought that everyone were gone, but I was among the last left who hadn't gotten banished.

So rustlers, you may think that you can be able to eliminate me and the kaire, but know that you aren't going to do any progress. You might have supporters for your behaviours, but you have a lot of enemies as well, because of your exact behaviours. You may not think so, as you got rid of the older wave anti-rustlers from the infinity war, but we are a new wave of anti-rustlers, the kaire. We aren't overreactors to criticism and hypersensitive about things. Of course, all people are sensitive to an extent, but we aren't the older wave. And karians will always exist, no matter how many of their members you banish. You may if rarely, eliminate all karians, but there will always be new ones. And when karians are still in power, more karians may come. I'm going to get more backslash because of this but I don't care. But know that you won't eliminate anti-rustlers and karians for good

What once Kitsada once said, the rustlers have become the rustled. This is your infamous sith lord darthvadern and I hope this helps 👍🏼


Now I still am a semi rustler but I see your point.This new wave of anti rustlers(The one you're leading) seems to be mature compared to the previous waves.Heck,they might as well be more mature than many rustlers considering some rustlers(As well as many people who weren't rustlers) got butthurt over Darth saying that 2 users who did some bad things are overhated. - DarkBoi-X

Great post, darth. A note to rustlers: the kaire will not be eliminated. You will. - visitor

Like all rustlers, PB, you are overconfident. Not smart. - visitor

@Camaro6 don't forget to put "hope this helps" - darthvadern

Vadern you admitted you are not going to win

Hope this helps 👍 - iliekpiez

lol - visitor

"kaire" uno this The Last Airbender or something? Grow up

Hope this helps 👍🏼 - Puga

I love how you say PeeledBannana is overconfident yet you act all confident about destroying the rustlers LMAO look who is overconfident here now. - DarkBoi-X

Infinity War was great - iliekpiez

Endgame will be better
Hope this helps👍 - visitor

You aren't going to get rid of the rustlers - iliekpiez

Ya never know, mate. - visitor

@CharismaticKat Why do you people think you’re gonna get rid of us like why would any of us leave a site because of a bunch of sensitive new users - PeeledBanana

Lol - visitor

Here’s something interesting, I was a visitor on this site when you were bashing on Zootopia. - RadioHead03

Well back then he started out as VGF5's apprentice at the time it felt like when the great zootopia controversy was actually a thing. - htoutlaws2012

Saw that too, it was pretty intense. - RadioHead03

You claim to be against bullying, yet you end your post with a quote from ModernSpongeBobSucks, who literally tried to bully Disney off this site twice - TwilightKitsune

Before his controversy he was seen as a decent user and this quote was from that era and I agreed with the quote so I had I there - darthvadern

I may not like MSBS because of what he did to you,but for Disney1994,well D1994 was being immature,hypersensitive and ungrateful so yeah - DarkBoi-X

And how were the rustlers "rustled" exactly - TwilightKitsune

And I oop- - BananaBrain

Twilight Kitsune, you were equally participating in bullying Disney1994.
Hypocritical much ? Tsk tsk. - RedBloh

Shambles - Puga

You do realize you were kicked from the BAND because you tried to use sensitivity as an excuse for kevin's and dapper's behavior.And Dapper wasn't even sensitive in the slightest. - DarkBoi-X

This sounds interesting. Better get some popcorn ready 🍿 - Randomator

Sorry too late. The controversy is already over since a few weeks ago - darthvadern

Oh god the sexual tension between the rustlers and the anti-rustlers - styLIShT

F - visitor

Bish what? - BananaBrain

what - BananaBrain

Karians bad - DenyYourMaker

who is s - visitor

I’m glad you aren’t karian anymore - Userguy44

Says the guy who said Puga is woat.
Two sides ? Sad. - RedBloh

Refresh your memory before you speak. I used to dislike Puga and the rustlers, but that was like 2 years ago. I don’t hate him anymore. It’s sad that you don’t realize time is passing by and my opinions have changed buddy. - Userguy44

Looking back I'd say this post ain't bad. I brought up good points and all. The worst thing is that it was all a waste of time due to rustlers' stiff minds. - darthvadern

Nah, you made good points. And your work was worth it. - RedBloh

Thanks ig but..., may I ask who you even are? You seem to know a lot about this community yet I never heard of your username. - darthvadern