Top 10 Reasons Why the Rustlers Deserve to Be Disbanded

Let's just say I feel safe and that I am safe to express my humble opinions on the rustlers that have thankfully perished a year ago. As a former associate of the cult myself, it was the only way to redeem myself and to gain protection. Most of all, to feel safe. I was scared and I was in despair around the end of 2018 toward the beginning of 2019. I know what the rustlers are like and I just have no choice but rely on them towards my redemption. Now, I have the full confidence to use my voice and they shall no longer dominate over me.

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1 They're corrupted

Regardless that I'm a cynic, corruption still exists upon the cult and it is indeed the main reason why I despise the rustlers. They corrupt the souls of innocent people by making them into bandwagoners, liars, hypocrites, backstabbers, deceivers, etc. They themselves committed corrupted deeds that are unspeakable. The most corrupted thing a rustler can do is violate into someone's account and completely sabotage their account in total destruction. I cannot name this rustler but he knows what he did was wrong. That's the sad thing, most users don't have a sense of morality and most of all a conscience. Instead, they are abiding on their own ignorant mindset and are following their own delusions of what they assume they're doing right (which it's not at all). There's also a person who shall not be named who impersonates other users to deceive and cause destruction and chaos. They are merely parasites.

They essentially claimed this site as a space to bring other people down. There is no point to that. There is one guy on this site, who shall not be named, who is honestly one of the WORST people I've ever seen on the internet. This person supports despicable acts, likes to ruin other users' reputations, and brainwashes people to follow this ideology. You know who you are.

Excellent list, very well explained. The rustlers tried to bring this site down with their antics and delusional minded microscopic sized brains.

I'm betting the rustler-people on Mike's server are now discussing and talking about how "immature" we are, as being wrong is the worst thing that could happen them (according to them)

2 They're harming the community than benefiting for the good.

Igniting flame wars for no apparent reason seems to be a perfect example for this item. They are simply delusional to think it will keep this website alive (or rather to this point of annihilation) and interesting when users are actually leaving the website (Leading to account deletions or not). Instead, the igniters are the ones that truly need to leave the website; they don't belong here. They will make the site more miserable with the users we miss and love and pointless chaos upon the website, disturbing our peace and belonging of this website. Instead, why not just go to a new website or social media platform to find a website or platform you like. Clearly this is not an ideal place for you to coexist with the other users if you have much desire to start something out of nowhere, leading to constant pointless drama.

Some of the rustlers I know have caused this website to become a less welcoming place due to causing flame wars, drama and they would constantly make some innocent users feel more bad about themselves, by either attacking them for bad reasons, impersonating them or even ruin other people's accounts. I know a few of these types of users that I refuse to name, that have done some of these things I mentioned, such as impersonating other users, ruining other people's reputations and I also heard an individual user ruined someone else's account. This taught me a very important lesson that you should never trust these types of people, unless you want to be brainwashed into becoming corrupt like them.

Rustlers are making the site a more toxic and less welcoming place.

3 They're a bad influence

I considered them to be a good influence before when one user single handedly dealt with hordes of hypersensitive users during the Gen 18 war, resulting his reputation to skyrocket and making this website a "better" place. Now that I think about it in hindsight, I think innocent users are extinguished in the process and most of these innocent users don't deserve the harsh maltreatment in any way. The Gen 18 war resulted most people leaving or deleting their accounts. I'm grateful to this day that I am one of the fortunate few survivors of that war, but I'm rather saddened by the other users I miss. However, without their existence, I would still be hypersensitive to this day and pretty much more and more hypersensitive users will reproduce on the website. That being said, we have to bear what the costs are and accept it by fixing one flaw in ourselves. Nevertheless, they are terrible to begin with and are disgraceful figures of the website.

4 They're not trustworthy

They constantly backstab people and constantly talk behind other peoples backs without any ounce of justification at all. This will greatly put yourself in a terrible position when you are new to the TTT website and gaining new friends. That could happen to you when you are new to the website (Though not likely, but would be terrible) or experienced. They mostly fake niceness and are two-faced for absolutely no good reason but for the sake of their sadistic satisfaction and irrationality. It's rather painful to go through the experience being around people who you trust the most when in reality they're nasty betrayers. Disloyalty is rather one of the worst elements that makes a man purely corrupted, They also screenshot other people for apparently no reason. So yeah, I would stay away from them if I were you.

Actually you aren't supposed to trust anybody, as a cynic you should know that

I thought you should know better yourself that they're different types of people out there. Just because distrust applies upon me, doesn't mean I have to distrust everybody as a cynic myself. If distrust is really required for everything, then I'm just a different type of cynic then. I'm not that miserable and lonely to distrust anything these days.

5 They can't take criticism

Whenever we try to talk to them to explain what their flaws are and why we have a problem with them, they instantly lash out or just keep being contradictory pretending to know they don't have any flaws that we have stated about them. Like I said, it's not worthy of a time to lecture them.

6 They use edginess and humor as an excuse

Let's just say whenever we confront them of how we are feeling because how they said or done something that upsets us (either direct or not) they just give us the annoying usual response "Relax, take a joke." or "You are overreacting." sort of stuff. Y'know saying that every time when you know in the slightest sense including us is wrong and upsetting and it's considered poor reasoning (biased) to defend yourself, making your credibility brittle. Instead, it makes you come across as an total ass and someone who is taken less seriously.

7 They attack people because of who they are

It's just like how this one person attacked me over last summer because he has a problem with my passion for theoretical physics when he was confusing it as pretentiousness most of the time. If you have a problem with it, then shut up and let me be. Ignoring should be pretty much easy for everybody. How can I make it much more simple for you to understand? Stop forcing your ignorance into one another when he has done nothing to you but easily offend you and upset you for petty reasons. Their differences will never change because it makes them who they are. Judging ones differences is barely criticism. It's bullying and harassment. It makes you a mouthbreather instead.

This is pretty much why most of the ex-rustlers still have a beef with me for some reason (particularly NAW and Mike)

People can like different things from you if they want.

8 They are hypocrites

They are rather one of the most delusional people and pretty much they can't be reasoned with their misdeeds confronted and talking about the misdeed of others. Just don't come across them trying to convince them, they tend to reflect on the contradictory side the most. You're wasting your time on them. They say something that seems promising, but at the next moment they just lie and keep breaking boundaries when they fail to keep themselves humble.

9 They're arrogant

Just stuck up people who are just self centered dead inside. Imagine thinking you are 100% right all the time and think that you can look down at us like a morally righteous condescending sandbag when you still can't take our criticism and you have committed misdeeds than we have ever done. You already lost your status to represent as peacekeepers and righteous people. At least stop fiddling with our lives and do something better with your lives.

The rustlers are truly defeated at this point.

10 They are toxic

This whole list explains why they are purely toxic. Endless flame wars and dramas, attacking other people with no justification, bandwagoning when you don't have an opinion of your own, breaking someone's trust, etc. They are rather one of the most delusional and the most toxic people I've stumbled upon the internet. Apparently, the most loyal of all still believe Cyberbullying isn't real.

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11 They're extremely egotistical
12 They use autism as an insult

I thought only one of them did

13 They act like they're always right when really they're not

No one is always right

14 They get whined about too much
15 They brainwash users
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