Top Ten Reasons Why RWBY is Better Than Winx Club

You may be thinking, "How are they similar?!" Well...
1) both are western/european cartoons inspired from Japanese anime
2) both have a group of girls in a group as the main characters
3) both take a place at a school to train young people to fight (In winx, fairies. In RWBY, hunters/ huntresses)

Except one is good and the other is bad.

The Top Ten Reasons Why RWBY is Better Than Winx Club

1 RWBY has better characters

Ha I agree with this but the only reason I'm commenting is... MLPFan, how can you hate Weiss? She's one of the best characters in the show. Sure, she starts out acting like a complete brat but develops into a strong, independent young woman. She's one of my favorite characters. Some of my other favorites are Yang, Pyrrha, and Qrow.

The only character I hate was Weiss, while In Winx Club, I hate pretty much everyone, except Diaspro. - MLPFan

2 Ruby Rose isn't a mary sue, Unlike Bloom

Bloom is one of the biggest mary sues I've ever seen. She's pretty, she had a tragic past, everyone loves her, and she gets everything which is unfair to everyone else.
While Ruby, well, I've only saw 2 episodes of RWBY, but even with the small amount of episodes I've saw, I can tell that It's way better than Winx. But Ruby wasn't a mary sue to me. She's good at sparing and combat because she was trained to use a scythe by her uncle at Signal Academy prior to her arrival at Beacon. That was explainable and made sense. People who received training at stuff like swordfighting are more likely to be better at it than those who didn't receive it. While Bloom, she's insanely powerful because the power came from herself and therefore she Is a mary sue. Not to mention, she takes credit for what her friends did and no one tried to give any appreciation to her group of "friends". - MLPFan

Ruby can easily kill bloom and Sky with crescent rose - MilkTae

Ruby Rose did make a few mistakes in the first 2 episodes, while Bloom is apparently so perfect, she has the best powers, the prettiest looks, the perfect boyfriend, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What a mary suesh b***h

3 RWBY has better character designs

I don't like the animation, but the character designs are beautiful. - RoseWeasley

I have an eye for character designs, and the designs in RWBY are a lot better than the ones in Winx. The designs in RWBY represented each character's personality really well and are in a color scheme that blends in a lot. The colors used are also good in the eye and they were designed appropiately (yes, Yang's outfit might show her cleavage, but It's still better than the Winx outfits that I'll discuss next).
While in Winx, the outfits literally change every time they get a new power. I could tolerate the insanely huge and common changes of the outfits if they were nicely designed, but nope.
To me, the designs in Winx look very ugly and they get uglier every season. The outfits are so midriff and they look like prostitutes instead of fairies. The amount of glitter is totally insane that It made me wanna vomit once. Can't they just stay with the original outfits?! - MLPFan

I love this list MLPfan ^W^ RWBY's character designs are pretty, but Winx club's designs of characters are just UGHHH! Too glittery and weird. Just as ugly as Barbie is.

4 It has better music

RWBY's introduction music was awesome, Winx Club music is just meh

I love music. So the present of good music is practically a must for me. RWBY's first intro sounded awesome and cool. The Winx openings didn't caught my attention, to be honest.

Compare this,

with these,

Now tell me, which one is better? - MLPFan

5 RWBY had more development and effort into story

The pacing was way better at RWBY, conflict was more well written, and the episodes were more interesting. The connections of each character seemed more lively and natural, too. While in Winx, the whole thing seemed forced and the story was pretty much lazily written. - MLPFan

RWBY may not be one of the best shows,but at least the creators try their best compared to Winx Club - MilkTae

6 RWBY's art style looks better

I dislike it, but it's 100000x better than Stinx Club. - RoseWeasley

I love RWBY's art style. It looked so clear and while it was in a 3D form like Regal Academy (another bad show created by the same producer (? ) Who created Winx), It looked so much better looking and mature. No one was anorexic looking or looked like they just caked their face with make up. Whereas in Winx, everyone was so thin to the point they look noodly, everyone looked like the had a lot of make up shoved to their faces, their eyes don't look cute, and they looked so ugly like, seriously. - MLPFan

RWBY's 3D art style is beautiful, Winx Club's art style? Ewww.

I LOVED the idea of combining/mixing 3D with anime!

7 The characters in RWBY are stronger

The fairies just shoot retarded rainbows.Team RWBY kills the Grimm in a more badass and brutal way - MilkTae

8 RWBY has better animation

It looked fast paced, but the battles were nicely animated and involve actual weapons (Woohoo! ) While In Winx, the animation was so weird. Even If they're walking, It just feels so awkward to watch because the animation is so weird. - MLPFan

9 The only good Winx character was Diaspro

And that's because the reason she was a jerk was because her fiance cheated on her and everyone treated her like trash for being mad at it (try to put yourself in her shoes first). If she didn't have a reason that could make people sympathize with her, she'd end up being as sucky as Weiss - MLPFan

10 RWBY has better fight scenes

The fight scenes in RWBY were so awesome and exciting. Winx Club's fight scenes were so BORINNNG as hell

The fights in RWBY had great animation and they managed to keep the fights fun and exciting. It doesn't go based from some linear crap. While in Winx, the fighting was so boring and predictable.
The Winx would shoot rainbows while screaming dumb sounding spell names (Dragon flame SHOULD be changed into Dragon fart), and then the bad guys will knock the winx down once and then they will rise, and continue to shoot rainbows and then they win and people fell to their feet at the sight of Bloom while ignoring everyone else.
Once they got up, the guys will come and help then out and they win.
Lame :v - MLPFan

The Contenders

11 The characters In Winx are annoying

Especially Bloom and Skye! I never wanted to punch my T.V. screen so bad when I saw a fictional character in my life! Urgh! - MLPFan

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