Top Ten Reasons Why Sabrina Carpenter is Better Than Selena Gomez


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1 Sabrina's a better singer

Sabrina Carpenter is such an inspiration for others, her voice is MAGICAL. At 17 years old, her voice is AMAZING, she surprises me every day


THIS LIST SHOULD DIE jk, though I don't agree atall! - ProPanda

2 Sabrina has better songs
3 Selena is a bad person
4 Sabrina's a better actress
5 Sabrina's prettier

Sabrina is way prettier and Selena is so ugly

6 Selena is suck up

She had a catfight with Ariana Grande! They forced Justin Bieber to win either's heart. Sabrina Carpenter is inoffensive. >:( - The Ultimate Daredevil, an anti-Arianator

7 Sabrina doesn't curse

I think Selena Gomez curses because she is prissy (re: babyish, jealous of girls like Ariana Grande over BFs their age like Nick Merico, manipulative and hillbilly).

8 Sabrina's not annoying

Sabrina Carpeter is 17 years old. And you know what?! She sounds kinda older than Selena Gomez, a butthurt nobody dater that sounds like she is the same age as Sabrina Carpenter.

9 Less overrated
10 Sabrina is friendly

Selena Gomez is proven to be a male-dependent masochist in her Come & Get It music video, for crying out loud!

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11 She didn't date Justin Bieber

This one is hard to overcome.

I like them both but I personally don't like Justin Bieber.

Imagine Justin Bieber as a blue baseball helmet from Disney's Basebrawl who has completely black, round eyes and anime mouth like most Frigid Fire Animation Arms characters. His name is Vector. His best friends are Stephanie Hayes (played by Ariana Grande), her sidekick/lover played by Jennette McCurdy, her emo sidekick Kowalski Amaya (played by Zac Efron), Trace Chandelor (played by me) and the Basebrawl squad (which consists of a leaderly baseball bat named Greywood who is voiced by Shane Dawson, an enthusiastic baseball ball named Butt Base who is played by the Nostalgia Critic, a feisty baseball glove who is played by Peter Prihota and a baseball cap played by Kel Mitchell). - The Ultimate Daredevil

She treats her boyfriends like nobodies! She makes Charlie Puth, Nat Wolff, Nick Jonas and The Weeknd look like nobodies even though they are likeable for reasons. Nowadays, Selena Gomez could find ways to stay away from Justin Bieber. Still, we are a lot more comfortable with Sabrina Carpenter! Imagine if she had a love affair with Justin Bieber! She would be beat up! :O - The Ultimate Daredevil

12 Sabrina doesn't use as much CC
13 Selena's songs get repetitive
14 She does not depend on her boyfriends

Remember when Selena Gomez bared her butt for The Weeknd?! She has so many ex-boyfriends like Justin Bieber, Zedd, The Weeknd, Charlie Puth and etc!

15 Her morals aren't questionable
16 Sabrina Carpenter sounds more mature
17 She is much more clever
18 Selena Gomez is overrated
19 Sabrina's music videos are better

Sabrina fan #1!

20 She doesn't get jealous of other girls, especially over boyfriends
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