10 Reasons Why Sakura Tricks Yuu Sucks

Heres a list on why yuu sonoda pisses me off. if you don't agree, please don't write anything as that will mean you are voting on my list making me more popular. just please vote and if you agree (y)!

The Top Ten 10 Reasons Why Sakura Tricks Yuu Sucks

1 Annoying
2 She's a Pervert

Yes this should be the first. She said she isn't lewd but why would she do stuff kiss haruka and grope her for fun? Doesn't she have her own? Oh ya she doesn't O. O - AliCatz615

She wanted to touch haruka and she kissed her chest. she also said she has a say in everything - PeyPeylist

Shes claims she isn't but I think she wanted to touch Harukas chest - AliCatz615

Ya ikr but I'm not sure if I can change it - PeyPeylist

3 She's Ugly

She wears these ugly flowers in her hair and it looks so ugly - PeyPeylist

Sakura is HOT! SO SHUT UP

4 Her Voice Sounds Like a Kid
5 She's Immature
6 She Falls Asleep In Class
7 Is In Love With Haruka Takayama
8 She's Stupid
9 She's Spoiled

Haruka has to like drop in and hive her everything - PeyPeylist

10 Is a Bitch

All out stupid and use less and writer gives her powers for no good reason.in simple words she is overrated and Favored because she was hen she on team 7.If the writer was fair to all the characters then she would be the weakest.For example if tsunade trained all the girls in kohona 11 then they would all be much better then her.And another thing she is mean and in the anime people compare her to kushina but kushina is way better and could easily wipe the floor with her even at her full strength after the war

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