Top 10 Reasons Why Samurai Jack is the Best Cartoon Network Show

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1 Samurai Jack Original Theme Song

Everyone remembers the catchy song from the original opening of "Samurai Jack." Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack. Back then, it meant something very artistic. - PrincipeAzul

2 Is a Dramedy Show

Despite all the seriousness, Samurai Jack hasn’t lost touch with its comedic roots. Most of Jack’s adventure at this point may be serious, but the show knows when to break away from him to give us a minute. Any scene focused on Aku the demon is hilarious. - PrincipeAzul

3 Better Death Scenes

Well this is only valid for the last season, since in the first seasons the villains were robots but in this one presents us to the daughters of Aku to which Jack attacks to kill and when to manage to take the life to one, his face of surprise is immense to see blood apparently was not a robot - PrincipeAzul

4 Beautiful Female Characters

Look at those babes Ashi, Princess Mira, Josephine and Spring - PrincipeAzul

5 Cinematic Episodes

Just think about it, the artists have improved over the past decade. Genndy Tartakovsky has since worked on story boarding for feature films such as Hotel Transylvania and directed more serious cartoons such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and look this show now. - PrincipeAzul

6 Experimental Artstyle

The first seasons were cartoonish and very colorful but the last season was more bloody and dark. - PrincipeAzul

7 Better Animal Characters

The show has many characters but we will be talking about the Wolf of the last season, This white wolf resembles Jack in a lot of ways. When we first see it, it’s getting hunted down by a pack of tigers, paralleling the way the Daughters of Aku are hunting down Jack. Both Jack and the wolf leave the fight barely alive and take refuge in a cave. There, they meet each other, both tainted from the blood they’ve drawn.
The wolf provides Jack with food, helps with his wounds and keeps him warm. Which was much needed, considering how much Jack has suffered so far. The dude deserved a good hug. However, this wolf is still grizzly and scary and will lash out when threatened, much in the same way Jack himself has become rougher over the years. The wolf leaves Jack after both of them have healed. - PrincipeAzul

8 The Show Have a Deep Psychological Meaning

Jack is haunted daily by the guilt of leaving his family and homeland to suffer. Plus, with no purpose or human connection, he is now a ronin, a masterless samurai, seen as a disgrace. In samurai code, if you lose your home or master, the only respectable action is suicide, since ronin status is worse than death, then you have to think about Hawkeye in Endgame - PrincipeAzul

9 More Mature Themes Than Other Shows

Jack has guns. In addition, Season Five depicts P.T.S.D. flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, stitching up wounds, starvation, child abuse, brainwashing, murder, and lots and lots of blood, and what other show have that? - PrincipeAzul

10 Better Villains

Aku, Daughters of Aku and In addition, in one episode they gives us Scaramouch, a flamboyant-yet-creepy musical themed robot working as an assassin for Aku - PrincipeAzul

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