Top Ten Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig Is Better Than Survivor

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1 Sanjay and Craig Is Funny and Survivor Isn't

A show doesn't need to be funny to be enjoyable. And Sanjay and Craig isn't even funny. It's just disgusting. - Gametoon

Simple fart=joke. Righttt, that's DEFINITELY funny(sarcasm). - Gametoon

WHO CREATED THIS LIST OF LIES?! And I don't think Survior is SUPPOSED to be funny. Is it classified as a comedy? If it isn't, then it doesn't have to be funny. Also, Sanjay and Craig isn't funny at all. The only reason I laugh at it is because of the novelty of its awfulness, which is also why I laugh at The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale.

It's not funny at all the jokes are all fart jokes and dumb stuff. Do they think all boys like are farts poop and butts. - SammySpore

2 Survivor Players Are Mean and Sanjay and Craig Are Nice

So? This is normal for a reality show. And those two are just disgusting and rude, not funny. - Gametoon

ARE YOU KIDDING? Sanjay and Craig aren't nice at all! Remember the Laugh Quake episode? They were both calling each other out on their horrible laughs (although it's true their laughs suck, but guess what? So does EVERYONE ELSE'S in this stupid show! ) Sanjay and Craig also get into fights and they annoy their neighbor Mr. Noodman (who's much more likable and sympathetic than the two morons he has to deal with).

The butt jokes are annoying and disgusting, every episode is about farting
Survivors: We need food to eat
Sanjay and Craig: Hey let's wonder in the woods talking about fart
Survivors: fart mans, let's kill em

Not true was just one episode. They are not annoying or mean or bothering they are just funny.

3 Craig Is Cool and Russell Hantz Is Not

Craig is disgusting. - Gametoon

Is cool the only thing you can come up with, idiot? - EpicJake

These 2 have nothing in common

Craig is not cool! if anything it's the exact opposite. - peashooter

4 Sanjay Is Hot Jeff Probst Is Not

Someone who farts all the time is hot? - Gametoon

You're kidding me, right? Why would their looks be used to see if a show is good or not? - Minecraftcrazy530

Really your saying a cartoon character is hot

Sanjay looks like a ugly guy without his own life

5 Survivor Is for Old People

What? I'm 14 and I love it. - Gametoon

Well, Sanjay and Craig is for STUPID PEOPLE! Whoever created this list must like stupidity and toilet humor.

Excuse me? I'm 12, and this is one of my favorite reality shows. - Minecraftcrazy530

This item offends me. Being 14, I love it and I'm a huge fan. - Turkeyasylum

6 More Kids Watch Sanjay and Craig

Just because it's for kids doesn't mean it's good. And this show would teach kids to fart all the time anyways. Innapropriate. - Gametoon

So? Survivor isn't a kids' show! Sanjay and Craig isn't appropriate for kids though. It's way too disgusting and stupid. This show could cause some serious brain cell damage.

The fart jokes are offensive and disgusting

Survivor isn't kid friendly which means its not good but lots of kids watch sanjay and craig so it's better and more good.

Some shows aren't for kids. Deal with it. And the amount of kids watching doesn't make it any better. - peashooter

7 Sanjay and Craig Is a Cartoon. Survivor Is Not

Just because it's a cartoon doesn't mean it's good. - Gametoon

And? Just because it's a cartoon means it's good? Well, then you must think Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, and Uncle Grandpa among other awful shows are good too.

Does it even matter? - EpicJake

Cartoons are better and survivor is not a cartoon so its not good.

There is some good shows that aren't cartoons. Ex: Every Witch Way, iCarly and Drake and Josh - Princesssmooth

8 Hector Is Funny and Sugar Is Not

HECTOR IS NOT FUNNY! Who laughs at someone who says "I eat boogers! "? Did a 5 year old create this list?

No I'm not 5 and hector is funny so don't be mean to him.

So you're 4? And you can't be mean to an animation with no emotions. You probably don't even know what emotions are. - peashooter

Hectors P.O.V.
Hector: let's go to booger land and eat breakfast and use it as a bed
Me: no way, this will be nuked and you will be included
Hector dies and everyone lives happily ever after

9 Better Plot

WHAT?! Survivor had one of the best plots of all time!

What show could have a worse plot than Sanjay and Craig? I don't think there's a show on EARTH with a worse plot.

Survivor has lots of funny stuff in it so it's better.

10 Survivor Is Bland

It's more interesting than Sanjay and Craig will ever be. - Gametoon

And you're telling me butts, barfing, boogers, poop, pee, and farts are interesting? Whoever created this must have an IQ of -92. Possibly lower.

WHAT A STUPID LIST SOMEONE HAS MADE? I mean even though I don't watch Survivor,I bet it's better than this stupid show.

Sanjay and craig is funny and survivor is boring

Maybe to a 2 year old like you. But most find sanjay and craig repetitive and annoying. - peashooter

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