Top Ten Reasons Why Saturday Is the Best Day of the Week


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1 You can relax

Saturday actually is my favorite day of the week! Ah, lazy Saturday - Wait, it's Sunday! Nooo! I have to wait another week for Saturday?! Whyyy?! - brendandog2003

Saturday is my birthday LOL that's why it's my fave day too - ChicaTheGamer

2 You have no school the next day

Its amazing!

It is a break. - Therandom

3 You usually have no family gatherings on Saturday

Uh, yes you do...

Family gathering are not bad, but that's what Sunday is for. - Therandom

4 There are usually parties on Saturday
5 You might be allowed to throw a party

Yah, of course! My birthdays on this day! - ChicaTheGamer

6 You can play video games

Like fortnite

7 You get a break from people at school
8 There is no school on Saturday
9 You can go on TheTopTens all day

I used to do this. Mainly because I first became addicted on the summer break. - PositronWildhawk

Um, I didn't do that. But good point. I'll think about it. - brendandog2003

On Sunday you have to get ready for Monday, and rest for the early bus. - Therandom

10 You can put things off until Sunday

No...I do my homework and study on Saturdays, too!

Me: ahh nothing beats a good Saturday!
The next morning
Me: wait? It's Sunday? Oh well... Better sleep until next Saturday

Suprisingly this works for me and I get a decent grade or a decent performence or whatever I'm doing. - Therandom

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11 You can be a hero
12 You can sleep in
13 You can go on holiday
14 Tv watching
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